RASD Board Meeting – Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 10:01am.

 Minutes from the 2/5/13 meeting at the SCLS were approved with changes on a motion by Grace O’Connor and seconded by Robert Cognato.

Members present: Cathi Nashak, Sara Bedell, Jo-Ann Carhart, Karen Cognato, Robert Cognato, , Joan Cook, Elma Lugo, Rose Marut, Cindy Miller, Grace O’Connor, Lissetty Thomas

President’s Report: Cathi Nashak was not able to attend the SCLA meeting on February 15.   Cathi did email Joanne Albano about the membership renewals and was told that it is still on hold.  Renewals will come from NYLA. She stated that if you want just an SCLA membership you should contact Regina McEneaney.  Cathi will find out what the fee is. There is a discount for joining SCLA and NYLA. Robert Cognato mentioned that you can now join online.  Jo-Ann Carhart stated that she received the check for the speaker event coming up on March 7th.

Treasurer’s report:  Megan Sala-James is on vacation. Cathi Nashak stated that there is nothing new to report.

Committee Reports

C.A.R.E:   No report

Electronic Resources: No report

Health Concerns: No Report

Historian:  Robert Cognato has received the file box and will maintain it with meeting minutes, Ramblings and a private historical collection.

LI History: No Report

Long Island Reads:  Grace O’Connor reported that the group is trying to meet in March but no date has been set. The hardcover books have not been received yet, but the audio and large print versions are available.  This is an issue for libraries that are hosting book discussions in April.  The author event will take place on May 19th at the Plainview/Old Bethpage Library.

M.O.S.A.I.C: Elma Lugo reported that at the February meeting, the group discussed updating the blog list of libraries that offer English conversation groups. She stated that she was going to contact Bobby Gonzalez, a motivational speaker for next year’s Long Island Library conference.   She also handed out a program flyer for their next meeting on March 12, 9:30 am (coffee) 10:00 at SCLS. Ed Roldan from Long Island Latino Teachers Association will discuss what his organization does and some of the programs they offer.

Lissety Thomas is working on a bus trip to the Queens Library to see the New Americans program. She said the trip would take place on a weekday and Fred Gitner is the contact at the Queens Public Library.

Elma reminded everyone that on May 14, the Long Island Language Advocate Coalition will present at the Annual Breakfast.  The group will discuss the resources they have for non-English speakers.  She also stated that Ann Marie Tognella and Loretta Piscatella on working on creating a flyer that will help market the Mosaic committee and that they are looking into using Constant Contact, an email, event, and social media marketing tool. Cathi Nashak stated that would be great to do for all the RASD committees.  Jo-Ann Carhart asked if the other committees could use the list of contacts that Rona uses. Lissetty Thomas will email Rona about using the list. Cathi  Nashak thought that it would could use it a couple of times a year to let members know what is going in between issues of Ramblings. Cathi thought it might be worthwhile to purchase an account. Joan Cook suggested using Facebook. Sara Bedell stated that she could post to the RASD facebook account news, events and programs.

Media: No Report

Member-At-Large: No Report. Sara Bedell did send Brian information about a restaurant called Carnival in Port Jefferson as a possible location for the RASD dinner. The restaurant can offer salad, entrée, pasta and dessert, coffee & tea for $25.00 per person.

Membership:  Joan Cook stated that membership applications are still on hold because of the NYLA merger.  She is ready to order the stylus as the give away for the LILC but needs to know how to go about paying for it.  Cathi Nashak suggested having the billing and shipping go to the Deer Park Library. The reimbursement form is now available at the SCLA website. Cathi stated that Joan should fill it out and give it to Megan to submit to NYLA and keep a copy for her records.  Joan passed around the design for the stylus and everyone liked it.  Joan also created a general information flyer about RASD for the table at the Long Island Library Conference. Joan also stated that she is willing to help create flyers for the other committees and a bookmark for the Readers Advisory committee. She also will create a flyer for the RASD sponsored program at the LILC.

OARS: Cindy Miller stated that the group met last month at West Islip Public Library and discussed museum passes and bus trips. The group will meet again on March 20th location to be announced.

PR/Marketing: Jo-Ann Carhart announced that on March 7, 9:30 am at SCLS, Jaci Clement will present part 2 of Marketing on a Shoestring. She also stated that Peter Ward sent her information on the program that he is putting together for the LILC. The program is called Partnering to Save Lives. The speakers are Valerie Lewis, Peter Ward, Joel Vetter, Department of Fire Resuce and Emergency Services of Suffolk County.  She also announced that Ken Miller, Copiague Library Director will talk about the services offered by FEMA. The group recently moved from Lindenhurst Public Library to Copiague Public Library.  Jo-Ann also announced that a planning meeting will take place on June 13 at the East Islip Public Library to discuss creating a PR award.

Programs: Rose Marut reported that she has spoke with Eileen McCarthy, Nassau County RASD about the new procedures for speaker’s fees with NYLA. She will contact presenter, Claudia Perry and ask for the exact amount for her transportation and then have RASD request a check for half that amount. Rose will notify Megan when the amount is known.  She also stated that LILC website lists the program but not a specific time and room assignment. She will keep everyone posted as soon as the details are known. Cathi Nashak stated that the conference committee is probably working on the schedule.

Ramblings:  No report. Cathi Nashak reminded everyone that the deadline for committee reports is March 9th.

Readers Advisory: Grace O’Connor reported that the next meeting will take place on April 25, 9:30 am at East Northport.  The topic will be Translated Books.  She has updated the blog but is not sure how many people use it. Lissetty Thomas suggested logging in as an administrator to see how many people have visited the site.

Web Page: Cathi Nashak stated that she emailed Jason the new RASD group picture. She also sent the minutes and bibliographies to be added.

New Business:  None

Old Business: Cathi Nashak stated that she spoke to Jessica Tymecki, LILC chair about having sign in sheets for RASD programs. Jessica is not sure whether NYLA would supply CE credits. She said that they would attempt to have sign in sheets for all programs at this year’s conference.   The next RASD meeting is April 2, 9:30 am (coffee) at SCLS. Cathi asked if someone would volunteer to take minutes since Karen Cognato will not be at the meeting. There will not be a meeting in May and the next meeting after that is on June 4, at East Hampton.  The next SCLA meeting is scheduled for March 15th. Cathi Nashak will ask someone who attended the last meeting for an update.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 11:25 by Jo-Ann Carhart, seconded by Cindy Miller.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Cognato

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