Established in 1939, SCLA is an association serving librarians, library staff, trustees, lifetime and honorary members in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York. Through the exchange of ideas, expertise and support through workshops, seminars, publications, conferences and electronic media this Association continues to take a leadership role for the community which it serves.

Mission Statement:
To provide quality information and activities for all areas of SCLA membership.
To maintain financial viability to support division, committee, and award activities.
To respond to the needs of the membership we represent.
To support and educate all the membership dedicated to this mission.
To be a premiere Suffolk County association offering a broad range of workshops to all in the association.

Through the provision of the SCLA charter, we will strive to be the premiere library association to the membership we serve. This will be achieved by providing competent, attentive, respectful, and efficient teams of support, professional and administrative personnel. Through continuous improvement of service, sharing of resources and the living of the Association’s values, this mission will be achieved.

D Devoted to those in the Association.
E Excellence in library service for staff, patrons and the community at large.
D Diverse workforce.
I Integrity.
C Continuous quality improvement and service.
A Attentive to the needs of our membership.
T Teamwork gets the job done.
I Improvement in community service which coexists with library service.
O Outstanding performance in all aspects of library work.
N Nature of culture that promotes honesty, integrity, exchange of ideas and professionalism in all of the membership.