Bringing Excellence in Service by Teens (B.E.S.T.) Award

The B.E.S.T. Award is given annually to honor a teen that has made a significant contribution to library services. The B.E.S.T. Award is sponsored jointly by the Young Adult Services Divisions of the Suffolk and Nassau County Library Associations. Visit the Suffolk YASD blog for further information and a list of winners.

Continuing Education Award for Library Support Staff

The SCLA Continuing Education Award for Library Support Staff is a minimum cash award made to a library employee who is pursuing academic or career-related coursework that will enhance and contribute to their  library duties, as well as benefit libraries. The award is supported by the Suffolk County Library Association and is activities, individual contributions and commemorative gifts. It is administered by the SCLA Scholarship Committee whose decisions are final. It is an annual award, but if the Committee finds no suitable candidate in a given year, no award will be made.

Apply for the 2022 SCLA Continuing Education Award for Library Support Staff here. (PDF)

Continuing Education Award for Library Support Staff Flyer 2022


2021: Brooke Peritore
2020: Tia Johnson
2019: Jane Coane
2017: Alana Jagnanan
2015: Brittany LaValle
2014: No award given
2013: Linda Guteres
2012: Danielle Mari
2011: Tory Young
2010: Sneha Singh
2009: Mary Christine Gilmore
2008: Deborah Antolini
2007: James Buckman
2006: Teresa Hatred
2005: Delphine Massell
2004: Sara Fiorenzo
2003: Jesse Reinard

Excellence in Library Service Award (ELSA)

The ELSA is designed to recognize dedication to public service demonstrated by any staff member of a public, school, special or academic library. We welcome nominations submitted by any employee of a Suffolk County library or any Suffolk County library patron. View the flyer for compete details (PDF).


2020 – No Winner
2019 – Martha Mikkleson – Patchogue-Medford
2018 – Mona Pierre-Louis – Brentwood
2017: Darlene Brush, Cutchogue-New Suffolk Library
2016 –  Laura Accardi – Patchogue-Medford
2015: Elizabeth Stokes, Riverhead Free Library
2014: Susan Caggiano, Southold Free Library
2013: Kelli Edwards, Brookhaven Free Library
2012: Lori Blend, North Shore Public Library
2011: Christine Keeley, West Babylon Public Library
2010: Karen Drummond, Babylon Public Library & Kevin McCoy, Suffolk County Community College
2009: Mary Anne Stevens, The Smithtown Library
2008: Laura Dickerson, Shelter Island Public Library
2007: Joseph Cortale, Floyd Memorial Library
2006: Arlene Schmidt, Smithtown Library
2005: Carolyn Agenjo, West Islip Public Library
2004: Eleanor Koller, Riverhead Free Library
2003: Pat Pankowski, Patchogue-Medford Library
2002: Carolyn Hasler, Huntington Public Library
2001: Frances Johannemann, Riverhead Free Library
2000: Jose Tolentino, Northport-East Northport Public Library

Library Directory Associates Award (LDA)

The LDA Award provides recognition to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to libraries on Long Island. By honoring the winner we honor all the people who contribute to the profession. For more information download this form (PDF).


2021 – Neely McCahey
2020 – Trina Reed
2019 – Matthew Bollerman
2018 – Ellen Firer
2017 – Peter K. Ward
2016 – Debbie Podolski
2015: Judith Willner
2014: Renee McGrath
2013: Sandra Feinberg
2012: Mary Westermann
2011: Tom Tarantowicz
2010: Joseph Eisner
2009: Jackie Thresher
2008: Florence Denny
2007: Donald Wilson
2006: Kenneth Weil
2005: Gerald Nichols
2004: Mamie Eng
2003: Irving Toliver
2002: Harriet Edwards
2001: Julie Klauber
2000: Herbert Biblio
1999: Myron Roochvarg
1998: Sean Fanelli
1997: Dorothy Puryear
1996: Albert E. Donor
1995: Arthur Friedman
1994: Helen Flowers
1993: Irving Adelman
1992: Paul Cirino
1991: Annett Bassett
1990: Joseph Whitten / Sara Courant
1989: Marion Waswo
1988: Mildred Love
1987: Madeline Hendrix
1986: Ruth A. Velleman
1985: Andrew Geddes
1984: Lucia DePonte
1983: Irene Turin
1982: A. Louis Morse
1981: Caren Donnelly Farkas
1980: Dinah Lindauer / Edith Reisner (posthumous)
1979: Wilfred Morin
1978: Eileen McArthur


The Suffolk County Library Association, serving Suffolk County libraries since 1939, offers an academic scholarship to assist an outstanding library school student in subsidizing the cost of their library school education, and to promote the profession by supporting an excellent student pursuing a Library or Information Science Master’s Degree in Suffolk County.

Apply here for the 2022 Suffolk County Library Association Scholarship. (PDF)

2022 Scholarship Award Supporting Librarian Students Flyer


2021: Eva Vizcarra
2020: Melissa Wilson
2019: Eric Frank
2018: Elizabeth Allen
2017: Nicole Basil
2015: Emily Warren
2014: Morgan O’Reilly
2013: Gilda Ramos
2012: Etsa Sue Goldin
2011: Lee Ann Finn
2010: Margaret “Peggy” Lopez
2009: Alexandria Lynn Hiam
2008: Kerry Anne Keegan
2007: Amy Jo Southworth
2006: Beth Chase Haney
2005: Linda Swanson
2004: Mary Lee Gaylor
2003: Jennifer Chivvis
2002: Serena Brooks
2001: William Salas
2000: Alison O’Reilly

Suffolk Library Marketing Award (SLMA)

The RASD PR & Marketing Committee is sponsoring the SLMA Award to encourage, promote and reward exceptional marketing in public and academic Suffolk County libraries. Applications can be found online at the RASD PR & Marketing Committee’s page( or downloaded at (


2016: John Jermain Memorial Library:
2015: Patchogue-Medford Library
2014: Amityville Public Library