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January 16

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, January 14, 2016

IN ATTENDANCE: Stephen Ingram, Jeri Cohen, Katherine Regina, Mellissa Hinton, Michele Cayea, Stefanie Gangone, Lissetty Thomas, Miranda Hatziangelou, Laura Panter, Jose Hernandez, Samantha Alberts, Lauren Bernat, Jackie Dunn, Julie DeLaney, Jennifer Rocco, Casey Fehn, Kevin McCoy, Nick Tanzi.

CALL TO ORDER: Jose Hernandez called the meeting to order at 10:04am. The December 2015 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Michele Cayea moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Jose Hernandez seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jeri Cohen opened the meeting by introducing Board Members. She then announced the positions which need to be filled: Secretary, PLDA Liaison, Member-at-Large, and the Civil Service Chair. Since Bob Johnson, former Member at Large had worked on the Welcome Packets and the Networking Night, volunteers will be needed to work on these objectives; Laura Panter and Michele Cayea offered to assist with Networking Night. Jeri Cohen will work to have the Welcome
Packets completed.

NYLA REPORT: No report.


DASL: No report.

RASD:  Stephen Ingram reported. Recruitment is underway for a new Member-at-Large.
Otherwise, the 2016 RASD Board is as follows:
Stephen Ingram                        President
Lauren Bernat                          Vice President
Megan Sala-James                   Past President
Katie McIntyre                         Secretary
Maureen Nicolazzi                   Treasurer
Jo-Ann Carhart                         PR/Marketing Chair
Sara Bedell-Spataro                 Media Co-Chair
Steven Spataro                         Media
Wendy Polhemus- Annibell     Membership
Robert Cognato                        Historian
—————–                           Member-at-Large
Nicole Berroyer                       C.A.R.E.
Ellen Druda                             Electronic Resources
Sal Filosa                                Health Concerns
Inez Foster                              Long Island History
Beth Gates                              Long Island Reads
Amber Sroka                          M.O.S.A.I.C.
Mike Buono                            New Adult Committee
Rose Marut                             Programs
Cindy Miller                           O.A.R.S.
Azuree Agnella                      Reader’s Advisory
Wonda Miller                         Webmaster

The January 5, 2016 RASD Board Meeting was primarily an informational meeting as the majority of committees have not yet met and are planning their agendas for the coming months. The Board is working to transition new board members into their positions, and assess strengths and weaknesses from last year to help share the load of work for our division. Meeting dates have been scheduled and posted to the SCLS calendar where applicable and to the RASD webpage calendar. Meeting minutes will also be posted to the webpage.

RASD will sponsor two programs at the Long Island Library Conference: Guerilla Outreach: 10 Tips for Connecting to Your Community with presenter David Vinjamuri and Forecast: It’s a Cloudy Day at Reference presented by Stephen Ingram and others (to be determined, Stephen is hoping to partner with Nassau’s RASD). The New Adult and OARS Committees of RASD will each sponsor a program at the 2016 Long Island Library Conference. More details will be available soon.

CATS:  No report.

SSD:  Miranda Hatziangelou reported. On January 13, 2016, the SSD Board members agreed to will opt out of any speakers/presenters for the LILC for 2016.  The Division will still have a table and a raffle, and look forward to attending.

The Roundtable meeting is planned tentatively for March 16, 2016 on the topic of Empowerment/Actualization. Details will be made available in February. The SSD Board hopes to see many familiar as well as new faces in attendance.

SSD also hopes to gain new members by hosting their meetings in differing libraries throughout the year; she asked Board Members to consider hosting an SSD meeting.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported. Donna Brown of Northport-East Northport Library is going to be our webmaster for 2016.  We are in the process of transferring over all of the responsibilities to the new board and everything is going smoothly so far.

The Suffolk/Nassau Joint YASD Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 4, from 9:30am-12 pm at SCLS.  A panel of librarians will be there to discuss successful programs they have run for the Tween age group at their library.  A question and answer session will follow.  Breakfast will be provided and CEU hours will be rewarded.


ANNUAL DINNER:  Michele Cayea reported. She will submit a summary report to Jennifer Rocco for the Winter 2016 Newsletter.

ARCHIVES: Beth Gates reported via email. The archives are up to date. Please send any materials you would like added to the archives to Beth Gates at Rogers Memorial Library for consideration. Beth is still searching for a replacement so that she may step down.

CIVIL SERVICE: Past President Laura Panter reported. A replacement for this position is needed. Laura Panter posted information regarding the Civil Service Workshop for Upper Level Exams. The workshop will be held on February 2, 2016 (snow date February 9) from 6:30-8:30pm at the Brentwood Public Library. Registration will be open through January 31, 2016; space is limited. SCLA Members will be free, $10 for non-members. The workshop will focus on the Librarian III, IV, Assistant Director and Director exams, and will feature a panel of Suffolk County Library Directors and a personnel analyst from Suffolk County Civil Service.



ELSA:  Kate Regina reported. The 2015 Excellence in Library Service Award was presented to this year’s winner, Ms. Liz Stokes, the head of Circulation at the Riverhead Free Library. She was presented with an engraved plaque as well as a $250 award check. Certificates were sent to the remaining nominees to honor them as well. The committee is planning for its April meeting. With the 2015 Award there was some confusion regarding the prize; moving forward, it will be a gift card, as it has usually been.

FANDOM OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Stefanie Gangone reported. The committee’s next meeting, From Marvel, to Doctor Who and Star Wars!: How to Bring the Fandom Community into your Library will be held at 10:00am (coffee and networking at 9:30am) on February 18 at SCLS. Speaker Ken Deep, showrunner for LIGeek and LIWho Conventions on Long Island will divulge how to reach out to the fandom community by having fandom related events, and by going to the events they attend to get ideas about what they like. Up for discussion will be the fandom education librarians can get from going to conventions, and how they can use the methods con showrunners use to bring these patrons into the library. The program will also cover a bit about running mini cons in the library and how to set one up, get volunteers and attract patrons. Ken will also talk about his experiences and how he got started.

LIGeek is on April 2 and 3.  Erick Gordy will be running the cosplay panels and workshops for the libraries and Maggie Utset will be doing children’s storytime.


LDA AWARD:  Paula Bornstein reported via email. She has yet to receive the LDA Award brochures from Marcia Olsen, the NCLA chairperson. They should arrive within the next couple of weeks. Paula will contact Stephen Ingram about posting the digital copy to the website as soon as it is available. Paula also sent in an article for the SCLA newsletter about the award.

LEGISLATIVE:    Samantha Alberts reported. The bus has been booked for Advocacy Day, which will be held on March 2, 2016. Information regarding the bus and Advocacy Day has been posted to the listserv and will be published in the SCLA Newsletter. As of today, the bus is half full. Samantha reminded all in attendance that the PLDA Bus which goes up the day before is open to all, not just directors! Unlike the day-trip bus, there is a fee to go on the PLDA bus and hotel accommodations will be needed. For those unable to attend Advocacy Day, Samantha urges all to send letters to their legislators; this is thought to be an important year for advocacy, and the hope is to restore library funding to the level it had been in 2008.

Samantha asked that the Board consider paying up to $150 for hats at the rally on Advocacy Day. Stephen Ingram moved to accept this motion. Casey Fehn seconded. None were opposed. Motion passed.

LONG ISLAND LIBRARY CONFERENCE:   Kelly Sheridan reported via email. The committee has booked all of the programs for the 2016 conference. There were 34 submissions from various outlets, but unfortunately the committee only had space for 24, so there are some unhappy organizations. Vendor tables are full with a total of 62 booths booked.


MEMBERSHIP: Lauren Bernat reported. Membership statistics are delayed for the month of January 2016; she will share these with Board members via email upon receiving them from Lois Powell of NYLA. Lauren is hopeful for an increase in membership after the large membership mailing performed by NYLA in late December 2015. Lauren would also like to ask Stephen Ingram to substitute the 2015 ‘How to Join’ on the website until a new Membership Chair can be found and trained.

Lauren participated in the brief NYLA Membership Committee conference call on Thursday, January 14, 2016. There will be a conference call meeting in February and an in-person meeting on March 1st in conjunction with Pre-Advocacy Day, which the new Membership Chair may attend if s/he is able to.

Also, Jeremy Johanesen has offered to print out copies of the RACK cards that Membership Committee members created in 2015; Lauren would like to ask the board how many copies would be considered sufficient for now. Each card has a standardized back that includes the NYLA logo and mission statement. The Board agreed to ask for 600 and see what NYLA says.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported. Newsletter reports are due today, please submit all planned events through April 2016.

NOMINATING:  No report.



STUDENT OUTREACH: Melissa Hinton reported. Melissa is following up with former Chair Lisa Kropp to continue the efforts from 2015; she will report more in February.


WEB PAGE:    Stephen Ingram reported. Michelle Rung has trained Stephen Ingram in the login procedures, and he began updating content of SCLA web pages.

Stephen noticed that there is an absence of the explanation for the acronym of SCLA on the site, so he added it to the homepage.

Stephen suggests that there be enhanced written content for the homepage, and add social media icons there. Stephen has also updated the SCLA Board and added descriptions of each Division based on their mission statements and placed them on each division’s page.

Stephen also began adding dates to SCLA gmail calendar, and set up forwarding email so if anyone emails sclacalendar@gmail.com he will receive them into his personal account. It is suggested that this should be a common procedure of committees and boards sending information to this address so it can operate independent of the committee chair.

Stephen also noticed that if one searches SCLA on any search engine that the SCLA pages are robot blocked; this should be addressed with NYLA’s webmaster. All email addresses for Board members will be posted to the webpage; please submit these to Stephen Ingram.


CLASC:  No report.

LILRC:  Herb Biblo reported. The 24th Annual Libraries of the Future was a significant success. LILRC staff noticed that several Library Board Members were in attendance; Herb thinks that this will be a new and positive trend to include and educate Board Members. Plans for the 25th Annual Conference are underway.

LILRC Staff found that moving their Annual Conference to June from November and requiring no registration fee greatly increased attendance. These tactics will be repeated for 2016.

Herb reiterated Samantha Albert’s request for attendance at Advocacy Day, stating that the 20% cut to New York State libraries in 2008 still has not been met, and hopes that with proper representation this can be restored in 2016.

LILRC plans to award Senator Flanagan and Jerry Nichols for their efforts on behalf of libraries at their 50th Annual Conference.

Accreditation for the LIU Palmer School of Library & Information Science has been restored.

LILRC has had a very positive response to their digital newsletter; a bonus feature is that there is now no longer a page limitation.

NCLA:  Jose Hernandez reported. The Long Island Pop Culture Committee will have its second annual LI Pop Con conference on April 14, 2016 at the Bourne Mansion on the Oakdale Campus of St. John’s University. Registration will begin on January 25. The keynote speaker will be Faith Erin Hicks.

The committee will also host a trip to the New York Historical Society on January 23, to see the exhibit Superheroes in Gotham.

PLDA:  No report.

SCLS:  No report.


Julie DeLaney reported. Planning for the 2016 NYLA Conference has started.  Program proposals have been submitted through NYLA.  Julie will be looking at all the program proposals to find options for SCLA to sponsor.  Julie will look for programs that cover topics that she feels will benefit the members of SCLA, as well as any that have been submitted by SCLA members.

Projected Budget for 2016:  about $2000. This will depend on speakers, as well as reimbursement for NYLA Conference Programmer and SCLA President/NYLA Council member. Julie will present budget and conference proposals at the February meeting.

The NYLA Programmers meeting will take place in February at the NYLA offices. At this meeting all programmers get together to discuss potential programs for the 2016 NYLA Conference that will take place November 2-5 in Saratoga Springs.

Lissetty Thomas reported. Lissetty will have options for the Long Island Library Conference giveaways at the February Board Meeting.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Please see attachment from Jackie Dunn.

OLD BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen will contact Jennifer Fowler and Robert Johnson about the Welcome Packets, and hopes to have them completed very soon. She is also in talks with NYLA regarding Organizational Memberships; she asks all Board members to bring in suggestions to the February Board Meeting on how to charge as per other examples of other organizations.

NEW BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen reported. Valerie Lewis has asked to change the library service to Suffolk County Jails to be inclusive of all underserved groups in the county; Jeri will ask for a more detailed description and title to be presented at the February meeting.

The meeting was adjourned by Jose Hernandez at 11:12am.

Respectfully submitted,
Lauren Bernat,
SCLA Interim Secretary

February 19, 2016

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, February 19, 2016 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Jeri Cohen, Peter P. Ward, Lissetty Thomas, Herb Biblo, Jennifer Rocco, Michele Cayea, Bruce Seger, Stephen Ingram, Martha Mikkleson, Teri Hatred, Lauren Bernat, Miranda Hatziangelou, Jose Hernandez, Samantha Alberts, Julie Delaney, Sara Fade, Nick Tanzi, Valerie Lewis.

CALL TO ORDER: Jose Hernandez called the meeting to order at 10:03 am. The January 2016 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Jeri Cohen moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Julie Delaney seconded the motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jeri Cohen reported. Welcome to our new board members, Member-at-Large Sara Fade and Secretary Rosemary Martilotta.

Sara Fade is in the process of updating new member packets. Please send suggestions for items to be included, what works in the member packets, and what does not.

Kevin McCoy reported that since we have joined with NYLA, the Committee Heads have not been receiving lists of new members who are interested in participating, so committee recruitment is down. The committees were listed on our old membership form, and the membership chair used to distribute the information. Jeri spoke to Jeremy, and a change is in the works for a web form, where an email will be sent to committee heads when someone indicates interest. A timeline for the project is unavailable; Jeri will need to follow up. The paper form needs updating, and committees need to be added to it. Jeri added a page listing the committees and contact information to the new member packet, to be discussed during old business. Jeri noted there needs to be a place to check off what committee you would like to join on the registration form; will follow up with Jeremy.

March 18 is our Bring a Friend Meeting. Bring someone you would like to see join, or become more active, and we will have pizza after the meeting.

NYLA REPORT:  Jeri Cohen reported. NYLA met on February 4 at the NYLA office in Guilderland, NY. The Council reviewed the Advancing Excellence portion of the NYLA Strategic Plan, and started discussion on the membership engagement portion. They ask that each division offer two suggestions on how to increase member involvement.

The 2016 Legislative Agenda was discussed. Emphasis this year is on library construction aid, expanded access to school libraries and librarians increasing state library aid proportionally with education funding. February 22 and 23 are Advocacy Day 101 sessions; offering attendees pointers on how to speak to Legislative figures and what to expect.

NYLA floated a proposal to the Queens Library to provide legislative representation on their particular issues at a fee. Queens has declined the proposal. Should a contract be signed in the future, the monies would be added to the NYLA budget to cover salaries. Mike Neppal is NYLA’s lobbyist, along with Jeremy Johanneson, they will resubmit the proposal.


DASL: Bruce Seger reported. DASL met February 18, 2016. An Academic Invitational is being planned, to be held on at the Suffolk County Community College on April 8. There will be three speakers minimum, a roundtable, and a lunch break. DASL is working on a joint conference with BOCES to discuss both public and academic library programs and ways to collaborate as well as a collection development conference in the future.

RASD:  Stephen Ingram reported. The last meeting was held at SCLS on February 5, 2016. Stephen attended the Heads of Reference meeting as a representative of RASD on January 21, 2016, and may be invited back.

Most committees have had their first meeting and are organizing their committee structure, finding co-chairs, planning for upcoming programs, and the library conference. Obtaining co-chairs for committees is a priority for the Division.

RASD celebrates their 35th Anniversary as a division this year. The first meeting was held on June 24, 1981. RASD has minutes from the first meeting to be presented at upcoming meeting.

The Annual Local History and Genealogy Program Showcase is set for April 21, 2016.

A trip to the Tesla Museum is set for June 9th.

Long Island Read is set for April 10, 2016 at Stony Brook University with Author Jodi Picoult. This is a ticketed event. Registration opens Tuesday, March 1, 2016. 200 early bird tickets have been purchased.

Stephen Ingram handed out a list of RASD committees spelled out to explain all the acronyms.

Annual M.O.S.A.I.C breakfast will be held on May 10, 2016.

Public Relations and Marketing reviewed the winners of the Suffolk Library marketing Award. Their extensive applications are available on the RASD website after the Head of Reference Meeting on January 21, 2016.

RASD programs for the Long Island Library Conference are:

-Guerilla Outreach: 10 tips for Connecting to your Community with David Vinjamuri.

-Forecast: It’s a Cloudy Day at Reference with Stephen Ingram and possible co-host from NCLA.

-Roger Leathers who will speak about Librarians Helping Veterans

-Janet Egan who will speak about Public Relations for the 50th Anniversary of the Bohemia Historical Society.

-Reimagining Library Design to Foster the Millenial Experience with Danny Tanzi and Pansy Chent.

CATS:  Nick Tanzi reported. CATS originally planned on an April tech services program designed around work flow, similar to LILRC; CATS does not want to compete. May do a program at the end of April based on the implications of brick and mortar Amazon stores. LILC: Makerspace on a budget has been approved.

CATS is releasing an electronic and paper newsletter, hoping to create a more active presence on social media.

SSD:  Miranda Hatziangelou reported. At the Board Meeting held February 17, 2016 at the Sachem Public Library, as discussed, SSD has begun to meet in various locations, hoping to encourage and facilitate participation by new members.

This February Sachem Public Library hosted the SSD Board Meeting, at the invitation of Ms. Laura Panter.  SSD received a tour of the library, and met many staff members and hopefully future SSD members.

In addition, on February 2, 2016, SCLA sponsored a Civil Service Workshop directed at higher level titles, at the Brentwood Public Library.  SSD members Celia Vollmer, Member-at-Large, Teri Hatred, Vice President, and Miranda Hatziangelou volunteered to assist, providing food and set-up, sign in, and recruitment of new SCLA members.  The evening was a success, with 42 in attendance.

March 16, 2016 at the Brentwood Public Library Auditorium, will be a presentation by Mr. Glenn Poveromo entitled “The Power of Visualization.”

“Imagine/Visualize/Believe”:  In keeping with the LILC theme, “Shaping the Future,” Mr. Poveromo will lead a session of meditation and positive thinking with the purpose of learning to imagine future goals in order to actualize them.  Lunch will be served from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, presentation to follow.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported via email. On February 4th 2016 the Joint Suffolk/Nassau YASD Meeting was held at SCLS. A panel of five speakers presented on the subject of Tween Programming. Attendees left with new ideas on how to engage this difficult age group. The program was a success with 63 people in attendance from both Suffolk and Nassau County libraries.

On March 10, 2016 the annual Fran Romer Book Talk Workshop will be held at the Brentwood Public Library. The theme of the workshop is “Diversity in YA Novels.” Corretta Scott King Award Honor Author Jason Reynolds will be the keynote speaker.

We are looking forward to having him.  Five different YA books with diverse characters or themes have been chosen for the break out book discussion groups and discussion leaders have been assigned.


ANNUAL DINNER:  Michele Cayea reported. Michele Cayea proposed to change the meeting date to the second Thursday, November 10, 2016. Many libraries are closed for Veteran’s Day on Friday, November 11, and the date is further from the Thanksgiving Holiday. Doing so should increase attendance. Board was favorable.

ARCHIVES: Beth Gates reported via email. The archives are up to date. Beth will be stepping down, and is still searching for someone to take over the archives. Archives need to be kept in a coherent order, position easy to maintain.

CIVIL SERVICE: Celia Ann Vollmer reported. There were 48 attendees at the February 2, 2016 Civil Service workshop “What You Need to Know” at the Brentwood Public Library, Cheryl Caniano, Analyst SCDCS presented the workshop. Directors Tom Tarantowicz and Neely McCahey answered questions from the attendees.

Thank you to Miranda Hatziangelou and Teri Hatred from the Support Staff Division who set up the program.

Inquiries were made with the Civil Service Committee regarding a workshop for the upcoming Library Assistant exam. Ms. Caniano is unable to provide a workshop for this exam. This exam has no requirement for training and experience.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Martha Mikkleson reported. Doctors without Borders sent a letter expressing gratitude for contribution to their organization. More to come.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported. All current attendance sheets have been entered into the database. Back years of the SCLS Annual Performers Showcase (2013-2014) are being added to the database. Numerous requests for Professional Development Hours lists have been filled to date.

ELSA:  No report.



LDA AWARD: No report.


Advocacy day 101 sessions are scheduled for Feb 22, 2016 at 2:00pm and February 23, 2016 at 10:00am. Sessions provided the opportunity to learn what to expect, and current issues to discuss.

LONG ISLAND LIBRARY CONFERENCE:  Lauren Bernat reported on behalf of Chair Kelly Sheridan. Early bird registration ends soon, please take advantage of the cheaper rates.

LONG RANGE PLANNING/MARKETING: Peter P. Ward has nothing to report at this time.

MEMBERSHIP: Rosemary Martilotta reported. Membership statistics from January 2016 are not yet available; they will be available by the upcoming March meeting. As of December 2015, SCLA has 441 members. If membership lists or mailing labels are needed please contact Rosemary. Stephen Ingram was kind enough to update the SCLA renewal cheat sheet with Rosemary’s contact information.

Julie picked up Rack Cards and displayed them. Better to request the cards when we are going to NYLA due to shipping costs. Let Jeri or Julie know.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported. The newsletter was sent out on February 1, 2016 to listserv. The next deadline will be in April, in preparation for the May newsletter.

NOMINATING:  Jose Hernandez reported. We have until April 30, 2016 for nominations for elections. Nominations can be made for yourself, or be e-nomination, by emailing Jose at jhernandez@pmlib.org; include nominee name, and position. Julie Delaney will not be running for Member-At-Large; please indicate the travel requirements in job description to allow for understanding of required time commitment.

SCHOLARSHIP: Teri Hatred reported. The SCLA Scholarship Fundraiser Raffle was a success collecting a total of $1092.00. Thank you to committee members: Sal Filosa, Linda Guterest, Ina Hargraves, Lisa Herskowitz, Lisa Jacobs, and Jan Miller; the raffle prize donors and the SCLA Board for support.

Teri is looking for a new direction for the Grand Prize in 2016: solar powered devices. The WAKA WAKA Company will, for each product bought, donate a Power Light to an underserved person in the third world, for example to enable children to study at night. WAKA WAKA Solar product examples circulated.

STATISTICAL SURVEY: Peter P. Ward reported. Report sent libraries who responded in previous years. This is the first report since 2012. There were 50 responses to the 2012 report, this year there 30 responses. The few previous years attempts via email receive no response, suggesting great improvement. Projections for the upcoming year are to increase the response rate to that of 2012, at 50. Reports were sent out via email, and posted to the website.

Upcoming project: to digitize past surveys.

STUDENT OUTREACH: Mellissa Hinton reported via email. The Committee now has three members. Mellissa Hinton will forward SCLA information to Palmer and St. John’s. Jo-Ann Carhart will forward information to Pratt and Queens College. Sue Ketcham will work on editing the drafts of the career brochures for public library support staff and academic libraries. Stephen Ingram has high resolution SCLA logo available in any format, he will send to Mellissa.

Motion to approve printing of the brochure:  “Careers in Public Libraries” for inclusion in recruitment packets (brochure distributed).

Motion to authorize expenditure of $XXX for printing. Jeri Cohen will print brochures.

Brochure not approved until updated. Suggestions: add reasons to join SCLA, include more graduate program information, include definition of what a Librarian’s job entails, and what other jobs are available in the library, add continuing education and civil service requirements.

SUFFOLK COUNTY JAILS LIBRARY SERVICE:  Valerie Lewis reported. The jail grant entails money given by the state to provide reading material to county jails. There are different levels of funding throughout the state, based on whether the jail is a State Correctional Facility or a County Jail. Jail grant money can only be used for educational purposes. Outreach services coordinated throughout the state are changing the focus of jail grants. The purpose is to change the jail grant committee name to encompass outreach services throughout the county. Other than the Library Director, the Outreach Coordinator is the only mandated role. Changing the name will better reflect what the group is working towards as far as Outreach Services, giving member libraries focus, and better understanding of outreach services role.

Jeri moved that we change the name to Suffolk County Library Access Committee. Took action to change name, passed.

Valerie passed out informational packet: SCLS Outreach Services Overview. There are additions not included on the handed out overview, Valerie can email to anyone not in attendance. This work is a quarterly overview, to show the work on an ongoing basis. Packet reflects the services focused on in 2015.

Also, Valerie provided an incomplete list of 2016 Outreach Services Programs. Outreach Services collaborating with Health Sciences Medical Library at Stony Brook University, providing information to libraries on leading medical collections to promote health literacy. There is a growing concern that our society is not getting adequate health resources. A head of the department of Health Services suggested that the primary group on Long Island is 65 and older. The rate of people being born is decreasing drastically, and young people graduating from college are moving off of Long Island to find work. As public libraries we need to provide adequate materials to these 65 and up individuals. We do not have adequate services for people with vision loss, disabilities, or health problems. We can collaborate so that our public libraries are reaching out in the best way they can. Outreach meetings will promote this. Also, coming up are Emergency Preparedness Meetings, and Active Shooting Scenario Workshop to parallel societal events. Valerie working with Suffolk County Police Department, Fire Department, and Department of Health to ensure we have necessary resources.

Valerie also sent around flyer on Assistive Technology and Resource Annual Fair at SCLS. Fair geared towards individuals with vision loss, and hearing loss. Primarily geared towards library staff and administration, to promote having materials available to people with disabilities. Emails will be sent out between now and May 20, 2016. Post flyers and hand out flyers to further promote the event. Public libraries are invited to host a half table, specific requirements for doing so, please take part if your library has resources that make programs accessible, etc. Valerie emailed the invitations to Directors first, and listserv’s next. This fair aims to show what libraries have available for people with particular needs.

Stephen Ingram asked for Valerie to write up a new Mission Statement.

WEB PAGE: Stephen Ingram reported. General updates to the SCLA Board, Facebook and flickr are on the front page (logos to come). Social media link is being changed to membership; there is currently no “membership” page. When you log into SCLA account, NYLA provides an information page on why you should join; SCLA will do the same.

Went through division meetings and pulled dates to put on the SCLA events page, please let him know if there are any dates you would like added. Stephen contacted NYLA and asked them to unblock the pages, now we are indexed search engines. This will pick up content more effectively, making us easily searchable.

Fixed membership flyer links.

Added social media links to the homepage, graphics to come.


CLASC:  No report.

LILRC:  Herb Biblo reported. Visitation schedule distributed for Advocacy Day, schedule will be distributed on the bus on Advocacy Day. Contact Samantha Alberts for schedule.

The Legislative Breakfast in Suffolk County is September 16, at the Longwood Public Library. LILRC and SCLA have co-sponsored the breakfast for about 25 years.

Continuing Education flyers have information regarding requirements for new public Librarians to get re-certified every five years. Herb noted LILRC does more co-sponsoring with other organizations, and that we are bringing in more people from outside of the Library profession to improve our profession. This was evident at the Annual Conference where the Department of Sociology Professor from Dowling College was very successful. Upcoming program regarding human resources has seen high registration (flyer distributed at January meeting); Continuing education is progressing.

March 22, 2016 Privacy Toolkit program planned with the Civil Liberties Union and ACRL. Program is focused on safeguarding patrons’ intellectual freedom from threats to privacy. The workshop will train librarians on knowing their rights regarding federal and local privacy law, and will introduce tools that can be installed on public computers to protect patrons from privacy threats.

Herb invites SCLA to become a co-sponsor of the 50th Anniversary Gala Meeting. The three honoraries are Senator Flanagan, Jerry Nichols, and Joe Price. To co-sponsor SCLA would pay for a page in the program booklet. The page cost is $400. Jeri Cohen will respond at a later date, once a Treasurer is in place at SCLA. The deadline is March14, 2016. Future vote by email.

NCLA: Jose Hernandez reported. NCLA met on February 14, 2016. On March 9, 2016, 10:00-11:30am, the NCLA mentoring committee is presenting a leadership meeting, Develop Your Leadership Potential. The program will be led by Jim Ryan, an author and speaker presenting his ideas on leadership, and hands on activity. The deadline for registration is February 29, 2016. The program is located at the Oceanside Library.

On March 8, 2016 there is a Civil Service 102 workshop at the Nassau County Library System. Registration ends March 1, 2016. Costs will be $5.00 for NCLA members\students and $15.00 dollars for non-members.

PLDA:  No report.

SCLS: Samantha Alberts reported. SCLS is working to streamline the information that they send out, for example: alerts from overdrive or circulation system. Individuals can unsubscribe, however, it is important to know what is going on in the library.

March 9, 2016 is the Annual Information Mingle. Librarians from the county come and do fifteen minute speed dating sessions, discussing the U.S. census, R.A. mystery, genealogy, and Copyright.

MEMBERS AT LARGE: Michele Cayea: no report.

Julie Delaney reported. Julie attended the NYLA Programmers meeting on February 2, 2016. Julie is proposing the following programs be presented by SCLA at the 2016 NYLA Conference:

-Building Relationships & Connecting with Parents (Kristen Todd-Wurm-Middle Country)

-I Can’t Even, Exploring New Adult Fiction (Jessica Oelcher & Danielle Minard –Longwood)

-NYLA Sustainability Initiative (Matt Bollerman & Rebekkah Smith Aldrich).

Julie further proposes that SCLA sponsor the Saturday morning breakfast with speaker Greg Lukianoff.  He will be speaking about Intellectual Freedom. Proposed budget for the NYLA Conference: $2000. This is a large opportunity for SCLA as many NYLA members will be in attendance. NYLA has encouraged more co-sponsorship, which does not require more funding or responsibility for SCLA, simply more exposure. Motion only needed if exceeding the $2000.00 budget line.

Lissetty Thomas reported. There are two options being looked at as giveaways for the LILC, either an umbrella, or a picture frame clock, either option will include the SCLA logo. Lissetty circulated images. The Treasurer has records of last year’s order; Treasurer Documentation needed. Julie Delaney noted last year SCLA ordered 500 items, under approximately $900.00.

Sara Fade reported. Sara is working on the member packet. For the upcoming meeting, Sara is working on networking night.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jackie Dunn reported via email. Treasurer Jackie Dunn regrets to inform that she is resigning as of 2/15/16 since she is moving out of state for a new library position.

The NYLA finance department urges that all incoming checks please be made out to “SCLA-NYLA,” not just “SCLA.” This is still frequently occurring.

Closing balance as of Jan 1 2016 is 21,362.55.

LILC trade show income is at 11,562.00.

SCLA fall dinner expenses were 8,281.58 and income for the event was 5,708.00. Balance not listed.

OLD BUSINESS:  No report.


Bruce Seger reported. DASL inquiring about not having a speaker at the LILC.

Question need for SCLA to be a part of NYLA, how is it effecting membership.

Casey Fehn Rack Card to be sent to Rogers Memorial.

Jose Hernandez adjourned the meeting at 11:39am.

March  18, 2016

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, March 18, 2016 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Jeri Cohen, Laura Panter, Isis Amador-Gonzalez, Kalpana Mehta, Sara Fade, Nick Tanzi, Miranda Hatziangelou, Alana Jagnanan, Lissetty Thomas, Stefanie Gangone, Jennifer Rocco, Michele Cayea, Jose Hernandez, Sue Goldberg, Casey Fehn, Martha Mikkleson, Julie Delaney, Samantha Alberts.

CALL TO ORDER: Jose Hernandez called the meeting to order at 10:00am. The January 2016 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Jeri Cohen moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Laura Panter seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jeri Cohen reported. Welcome to all at our annual Bring a Friend meeting. We will be ordering pizza for lunch and hope everyone will stay to join us. We have copies of the menu, please write what you want on the sheet that is being passed around.

Welcome to our new treasurer, Kalpana Mehta. We are glad she agreed to join the board. Jose has been bringing her up to speed on the position’s duties.

Thank you to Bruce Seger, who has volunteered to act as our archivist. Beth Gates is on maternity leave, and unavailable to show him where the files are, but Jose has agreed to help out with that as well.

I also want to welcome our new PLDA liaison, Sue Goldberg from the Elwood Public Library.

We have a new organization email address – scla1939@gmail.com. Our old address was through Suffolk web so it needed to be replaced. Steve will be putting the new address on our webpage, and we will start adding it to flyers and handouts.

There have been some complaints about the online registration and payment page from people signing up for the Long Island Library Conference. Apparently the page is very slow, and often drops. This is a NYLA webpage, and Jeremy has contacted their web host. He is also looking for a ‘workaround’ so libraries can register multiple people simultaneously, instead of having to do each person individually. Currently, a check may be the easiest way to do multiple registrations. Please let Jeri know of any issues, doing so will help out any problems.

LDA award nominations are due on Monday; there are some nomination forms by the door, along with our SCLA brochures for you to take if you need.

As we have discussed in the past, a large part of what encourages people to join the organization is the quality of our programs and continuing education workshops. Please remember when your division hosts a workshop to mention that they are being organized by SCLA. Have membership forms and handouts available. Encourage membership by making the program less expensive for members than for non-members so that they feel the membership fee is worth paying. Also, please remember to thank the hosting library. More members makes SCLA a stronger organization.


DASL: No report.

RASD:  Stephen Ingram reported. RASD is continuing to check and arrange meeting dates throughout the year.

RASD has a new member at large, Karen Cognato, who hit the ground running with suggestions for the Annual Dinner. There is interest in setting up online member payment for the RASD dinner. In order to sign up, speak to Michele Cayea, who has experience with online payment setup.

Many of our committees are in between meetings and planning for the future.

RASD is putting final touches on the Library Conference programs, making corrections to listing on the Library Conference website, and working with NCLA’s RASD to arrange the introductions to programs. Everyone is advised to double check program listing for the Library Conference website to check for any mistakes.

RASD is in need of volunteers for the library conference for all aspects.

CATS:  Nick Tanzi reported. The program One on One Tech Appointments was held at the Longwood Public Library on March 3, 2016. The Technology Information Forum (TIF) had 25 attendees for March. The presentation was by Chris DeCristofaro and Melanie Cardone regarding “One on One” technology sessions to assist patrons with specific questions or issues. There was also a tour of the new Longwood facility. April’s meeting will be held at the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton, date TBA.

On April 19, 2016 at 10:00am the Emma Clark Library will host a Device Lending program with a panel of speakers. Does your library lend tablets, MP3 players, eReaders, or other gadgets for use in-house or regular checkout? CATS (the Computer and Technical Services division of SCLA) is looking for speakers to talk about the devices their library is lending, loan rules, cataloging, security and overall experience. Presenters will be asked to give a short presentation, followed by a “show and tell” period where attendees can get an up close look. This program was posted on the listserv, looking for speakers for the event.

SSD:  Miranda Hatziangelou reported. “The Power of Visualization” presented by Mr. Glenn Poveromo was held on March 16, 2016 at the Brentwood Public Library. The luncheon was a success; all were able to have peaceful conversation over delicious Boar’s Head pinwheels, fresh fruit and veggies, sparkling seltzer and cupcakes. Despite low attendance, those in attendance left feeling energized to face new challenges.

Upcoming programs are as follows:

  • Wednesday, April 13, 2016 Monthly Board Meeting. Location is TBD, all are welcome to attend.

The following trainings will be held from 2pm-4pm in the SCLS Training Room, and run by Sharper Training Solutions. Classes fill up fast, please register ASAP.

  • Tuesday, April 12, 2016: Introduction to Microsoft Excel.
  • Monday, May 16, 2016: Introduction to OneDrive.
  • Tuesday, May 17, 2016: Intermediate Microsoft EXCEL.
  • Tuesday, September 20, 2016: Intermediate Microsoft EXCEL.
  • Tuesday, October 11, 2016: Advanced Microsoft EXCEL.

Upcoming October save the date cards, please look out for October programs. Sign up online on SCLS website for programs, there is no charge for programs. There may be a second OneDrive Introduction course offered because of high attendance.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported. The Fran Romer Annual Book Talk Workshop was held at the Brentwood Public Library on Thursday, March 10, 2016. The guest speaker was author Jason Reynolds. The Fran Romer Book Talk Workshop was a big success. Over 33 people attended the workshop about diversity in YA literature. YA author Jason Reynolds was the guest speaker; he shared his experiences about growing up, and not seeing himself represented in literature, and what he is doing to change that. Attendees broke into five different book discussion groups, each focusing on a different book with a diverse character or theme. Everyone left with a list of resources for diversifying their collection and hopefully with a greater awareness for how important a diverse collection is.

On May 11, 2016 YASD will hold a town hall style meeting at SCLS. Those that attend will be encouraged to ask any questions they may have, and let YASD know what they would like to see from the division going forward. Ideas for programs that people would like to see held are also encouraged.


ANNUAL DINNER:  Michele Cayea reported. Since the date of the Annual Dinner was moved to November 10, 2016 the venue may change to Danford’s in Port Jefferson. Michele knows people in the corporate department and will see if they can accommodate a group of our size. Danford’s will match the previous year’s prices for the Annual Dinner, or offer a better price. Michele is meeting with Danford’s in the next week to solidify some details.

ARCHIVES: No report.


COMMUNITY SERVICE: Martha Mikkleson reported. The “Doctors Without Borders” program was successful. Martha is looking for further suggestions. Jeri noted we generally run an event for the Annual Dinner, and at least one other event for the year. Martha noted that “Toys for Tots” is regularly run at the Annual Dinner. Laura Panter suggested looking into local shelters that help families of domestic violence. Jennifer Rocco suggested “Help Suffolk” located in Belport. Katherine Regina suggested the community service committee joining the 2nd Annual Suffolk County Veterans 5k, occurring in October of 2016.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported via email. All current attendance sheets have been entered into the database. The total number of Professional Development reports sent to date is 79; 32 were SCLA reports. Each of the SCLA requests also received an SCLS report. The remaining single SCLS report totaled 15.

ELSA:  Katherine Regina reported. In February, a meeting Pamphlet Printing at the Challenge Graphics in Deer Park was held. 1,500 2016 ELSA award pamphlets were printed and folded by Challenge Graphics to be later distributed by the committee to members and member libraries. Katherine has all printed pamphlets in her possession.

On Thursday, April 7, 2016 an Award Packets meeting will be held at SCLS in the Blue Room in the afternoon. The ELSA committee will be meeting to put together the award mailings for libraries and individual SCLA members which will be distributed through the system and post around mid-April. ELSA is hoping to get more Academic Libraries involved. Katherine wills submit to SCLA for reimbursement.

FANDOM OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Stefanie Gangone reported. January meeting at SCLS about Dr. Who was successful. This program intended to bring the fan based community to the library. There is a convention twice a year, which spreads awareness. Discussion and education about cosplay promotion in libraries.

Coming up April 2 and 3 is Long Island Geek. There is a large group of librarians to help with the event this year. The website is longislandgeek.com. Drones, and robots, and other library technology will be at the event. There will be 3D printing, charging station, and information about Suffolk County Libraries. There will be Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Star Wars, Dr. Who and other gaming programs. The event will be in Holbrook, exit 63 on the LIE.

There are 250 free tickets to the convention for kids, Stefanie has those to send to libraries. Professional passes for the weekend are available, at $10 each. With the professional pass, it is $10 for each family member. Email Stefanie for information, sgangone@copiaguelibrary.org.

Martha Mikkleson promoted a Game of Thrones program that is coming up in the future, will share with Fandom Outreach Committee.

INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM:  Kevin McCoy reported via email. On May 5, 2016, the program “Librarian as Censor: Are You Out of Step with the Library Bill of Rights?” with speakers Kevin McCoy and Frank McKenna will be held at the Long Island Library Conference. This Long Island Library Conference panel discussion is being cosponsored with NCLA’s Intellectual Freedom Committee. Self-censorship by librarians, whether performed consciously or unintentionally, can impede intellectual freedom and seriously impact user groups. Come here our panel discuss various aspects of this issue and respond to audience feedback.

On May 6, 2016 the Intellectual Freedom Committee Meeting will be held at the Suffolk Community College, Ammerman Campus in Selden. The committee has not met in a while and we are looking for new members. The main topics of this meeting will be organizing the Freedom of Speech Essay Contest and discussing possible topis for an Intellectual Freedom Program. If you are interested in attending, please contact Kevin McCoy at mccoykj@sunysuffolk.edu.

LDA AWARD:  Paula Bornstein reported. On March 21, 2016 information packets for LDA Award candidates are due. The information packets will be sent to Marcia, Olsen, the LDA Award chairperson for NCLA. Marcia will then send out copies of the packets to the three SCLA and three NCLA committee members. Committee members must have their decisions sent back to Marcia by April 11th.

LEGISLATIVE:   Samantha Alberts reported. Thank you to everyone who made Advocacy Day 2016 a success. Both the NYS Senate and the NYS Assembly have released information from their one house budget bills; both versions have the same numbers included for libraries:

State Library Aid: +$5Million over Governor’s Executive Budget ($96.6 million total)

State Library Construction Aid: +$10Million over Executive Budget ($24 million total)

MTA Tax Reimbursement: $1.3Million

Jeremy Johannesen sent out an email to the NYLA listserv which was forwarded on Wednesday of this week asking all people to send a second letter to their representatives.

Visit nyla.org and select the Advocacy tab and then select “contact your elected officials.” Sending a letter to representatives will be easy from there.

Bus attendance was 42, there were last minute cancellations. We may want to rethink the busing for next year to make sure we have fewer cancellations. We collected $70 for PLDA Golf Committee, which PLDA sent to the PAC.

Upcoming, September 16, 2016 is the Legislative Breakfast. Save the date of September 22, for the Annual PLDA Golf and Wine outing followed by the dinner. This is a great networking opportunity.



MEMBERSHIP: Rosemary Martilotta reported. Statistics for February 2016 are delayed; they will be available at the April meeting. As of January 2016, SCLA has 463 members. Please contact Rosemary for membership lists or mailing lists.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported. Submissions for the newsletter are due April 15.Please include any recent or past events, for example the Fran Romer Annual Book Talk, or Advocacy Day. Also, include any future dates of upcoming programs or events through July.

NOMINATING:  Jose Hernandez reported. There are a few individuals interested in becoming members-at-large. Please advocate for the member-at-large positions, Vice President Position, Treasurer and Secretary. Treasurer cannot run until 2017, as it is a two year position. We are getting closer to the vote, so please advocated. Remember, one member-at-large position coordinates the NYLA conference, and involves a lot of travel, and time commitment. However, it is a great position for networking, you become a part of the continuing education committee at NYLA and are able to choose programs for the NYLA conference.



STUDENT OUTREACH: Mellissa Hinton reported via web. Please review the Careers in Public Libraries SCLA brochure. Reviewed last month and the requested changes were made. Thank you to Sue Ketcham for updating.

Further changes to the brochure are:

-the inside flap, the “abroad” bullet seems to be cut off

-the size of the title should be smaller

-information on discount membership for students should be added

-the back of the brochure line breaks are off, combining too many lines together.

Jeri may make the edits, so the brochure can go to printing quickly.

For future brochures, there should be one for Academic Librarians, School Librarians and Support Staff to go along with the general careers one.


WEB PAGE: Stephen Ingram reported. The Board information was updated on the website. The updated brochures were added for the LDA and ELSA awards. Also a membership page was created which can be accessed directly at: scla.net/membership.html

This URL should be added to literature, and to the website.

The most current flyer is the “Why Join SCLA” flyer, and it is linked to the website.

Links on the bottom for membership registration and the NYLA webpage are available.

From Join on the homepage there is a direct connection to the join SCLA page.

Stephen is waiting for updates of the mission statement of the Suffolk County Library Access Committee.


CLASC:  No report.

LILRC:  Min Liu reported. At the February meeting, Herb Biblo asked for a sponsor of LILRC 50 Year Anniversary Gala on April 14, 2016. Min Liu would like a motion for either a $400 full page advertisement, or a $250 half page advertisement to be added to the program brochure. LILRC is a non-for-profit, so this will not be a conflict.

Jeri makes a motion that we allocate $250 for a half page advertisement in the LILRC 50 Year Anniversary program brochure. Laura Panter seconds the motion. Min Liu needs text from SCLA by the end of March to add to the advertisement.

The LILRC 50th Anniversary Gala is on Thursday, April 14, 2016. The gala will be at Carlyle on the Green, Bethpage State Park at 6:00pm. Guest speaker is Lawrence Leavy, and honorees are John Flanagan the NYS senator, Gerald Nichols director of Palmer Institute for Public Library Organization and Management, and Joseph Price of Price Agency Inc.

Upcoming LILRC workshops:

-Privacy Toolkit for Librarians on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at the Farmingdale Public Library from 10:00am-1:00pm.

-2nd Academic Libraries Invitational on Friday, April 8, 2016 from 9:30am-12:30pm ta the Suffolk County Community College.

-Mobile Makerspaces Carving Out Space for 3D Printing and Video Creation on Friday, April, 22, 2016 from 10:00am-12:00pm at the Brentwood Public Library.

Additional LILRC upcoming events:

-Disaster Health Information: The Basics on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 from 9:00am-12:00pm at the Farmingdale State College, Greenley Library.

-Business and Economic Data on Census.gov on Friday, May 20, 2016 from 10:00am-11:30am at the Farmingdale State College, Greenley Library.

NCLA:  Jose Hernandez reported. Reminder that the Pop Culture program is on April 7, from 9:30am-11:30am. Further, the NCLA Executive Board meeting is moved to April 1, because of a conflict on April 8 with PLA.

PLDA:  Susan Goldberg reported. Susan is happy to return to SCLA after a few years. PLDA would like to thank Samantha Alberts for the work she did with coordinating buses for Advocacy Day 2016. Thank you to SCLA for contributing to the baseball hats which were an effective form of marketing for libraries. A local Assemblyman was very excited about the hat.

The PLDA Long Island Conference program will be “Our Budget Vote Passed, Now What Do We Do?”

Sara Fade will speak more on the Friday, May 13 networking event. PLDA would like to incorporate more of a structure to networking night to create an easier flow of interaction. The program will be located at Patchogue Medford. Thank you to Patchogue Medford for contributing $500 towards the networking event.

SCLS: Samantha Alberts reported. SCLS is redoing the bathrooms behind the auditorium, others are available during construction.

SCLS is sponsoring a workshop series from April to May called the Re-Think it series, regarding staffing public service desks. There are currently three speakers lined up.

-April 18, 2016 at 9:30am Re-Think It: The Library Service Desk for a New Age with speaker Robyn Huff-Eibl, Head, Access and Information Services, University of Arizona Library. This program will be located at SCLS.

-May 2, 2016 at 9:30am Re-Think It: Getting Out from behind the Public Service Desk into Our Communities with speaker Emily Owen, Director, Canton Free Library. This program will be located at SCLS.

-May 24, 2016 at 9:30am Re-Think It: Using metrics and Planning to Enhance Services with Mike Firestone, Director, Bayport-Blue Point Library. This program will be located at the Patchogue-Medford Library.

Please register on the SCLS gateway website for the Re-Think It Series.

NYLA: Jeri Cohen reported. The NYLA Council met via conference call on Thursday, March 17, 2016.

NYLA has over 4000 members as of January.

A census of school Librarians is underway to determine how many schools have Librarians. They are also working on an economic impact study working off the State Education Department annual reports. The findings will be used as advocacy tools.

Focus groups are being scheduled to determine interests and needs of members and non-members. The goal is to have one in each region – the one on Long Island is not yet scheduled but will be coordinated through LILRC. They are specifically looking to bump up membership among Academic Librarians.

Between 800 and 900 people attended Library Advocacy Day. About 65% of the Legislators met with advocates. The Assembly is proposing an additional $5 million in state library aid and $10 million in library construction aid. Please continue to contact legislators.

The council voted to endorse the ALA Libraries Transform national advocacy plan. New York has its existing campaign “Libraries are Education” which has been successful, and council members are concerned that too many different slogans and taglines will be counterproductive. NYLA will endorse the ALA efforts, but continue its own in-state marketing on issues relevant locally. A resolution condemning discrimination is also under discussion.


Michele Cayea reported. Michele is meeting with Susan Goldberg of PLDA to assist with networking night.

Lissetty Thomas reported. Lissetty passed around possible free giveaways for the Long Island Library Conference. All voted on the options, the consensus is to use the picture frames as giveaways.

Sara Fade reported. Sara worked on a brochure combining the executive board and division sheet, and the volunteer for a committee flyer. The brochure can be included easily in the mailer now. Sara requested that all review the brochure, make changes, and hand back to her for further editing.

Julie Delaney reported. Program proposals are due to NYLA on March 31. Julie is working on the final details with presenters mentioned at the February meeting. The proposals will be sent for final approval at the end of March.

Julie asked to please respond to the survey put out by the continuing education committee. Doing so will help to reorganize the committee, and what their mission is for NYLA and what they will offer in the future. NYLA members received an email from Jeremy Johannesen with the survey, please fill it out by April 15.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jose Hernandez reported for Kalpana Mehta. For 2016 there are approximately $40,116 in revenue and $19422 in expenses. There are some expenses ahead of SCLA within the fiscal year. There are approximately $4000 in expenses that have been reimbursed from the LILC. The conference is about $60,000 dollars to run; SCLA makes a few thousand dollars in profit.

The opening balance on July 1, 2016 was 12,800.18. The closing balance on January 31, 2016 was $33,495.17.

$64,000 was spent on the LILC, SCLA made about $69,000 which was split in half with NCLA, and also the processing fee for NYLA which runs at about $3000-$4000 in expenses.

We are on track with the revenues for the scholarship funds. SCLA raised $1000 so far for the fund. We are slightly ahead of the last fiscal year as far as SCLA dues go, and more are anticipated to join, putting us in a better position.

In year 2014-2015 approximately $4479 in dues went directly to the operating fund. This does not count the division money that gets disbursed quarterly. Each division receives approximately 15%. This year we have received $4420.50 so far, and so are reaching last year’s total quickly as far as dues are concerned.

If any committees want to run a program, there is approximately $1000 allotted in the SCLA budget to co-sponsor. Please reach out to the Treasurer if you are interested in having SCLA co-sponsor a program.

The fall dinner has been allotted for.

The dues for institutional membership of SCLA at $45 a year have been paid.

SCLA has yet to pay any professional fees this year. For example, last year we paid for the domain for the website, this year we are saving money.

Legislation was under budget. We allotted about $5000 and spend only $4600. The hats have yet to be included, however the cost was minimal.

More money is expected to flow in for the LILC over the next couple of months.

Reimbursement requests should be sent through the system bag to the Brentwood Public Library for Kalpana. Please send the originals, and keep a hard copy for yourself.

NYLA’s charge for the LILC registration is approximately $3000.

Suggested to look into www.eventbrite.com for free credit processing payments, this a potential way to save additional money.

OLD BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen reported. Last month, Jeri mentioned that committees have not been receiving referrals of new members. Jeremy has located the original for our printable membership form, and we will make changes to add committees there. Please take a look at the current form and let Jeri know over the next week or so about any changes to be made so we can make all changes at one time. Steve is also planning to look at the membership webpage, looking for improvement.


Welcome to the friends brought to today’s meeting.

Meeting adjourned by Jeri Cohen at 11:21am, motion seconded by Stephen Ingram.

April 15, 2016

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, April 15, 2016 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Teri Hatred, Michele Cayea, Paula Bornstein, Lissetty Thomas, Nick Tanzi, Jen Rocco, Herb Biblo, Stephen Ingram, Jose Hernandez, Jeri Cohen, Sara Fade, Bruce Seger, Mellissa Hinton, Casey Fehn, Julie Delaney, Rosemary Martilotta.

CALL TO ORDER: ­Jose Hernandez called the meeting to order at 10:03 am. The March 2016 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Stephen Ingram moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Casey Fehn seconded the motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jeri Cohen reported.

Bowling Night is back.  Flyers.

Not much for me to report this month. Everyone has been gearing up for the LILC. I compiled a list of what has been happening in our divisions, all the great programs and meetings to submit to the NYLA e-bulletin which all have received.  It was really impressive. Thank you all for your time and effort.

Public Library brochures are printed for the Student Outreach Committee.

CATS have been promoting division membership to pick up their numbers.  Nick Tanzi will be collecting the dollar required for membership at meetings in order to increase membership in a quick, efficient way. One check can be sent to NYLA as long as the individual’s information who paid the dues are listed for Lois Powell to input the data.


DASL: Bruce Seger reported. The second Annual Academic Invitational occurred last week, 44 people responded, and 40 people were present. Two authors spoke: Sue DeMasi on From the Other Side of the Desk: The Librarian as a Patron at Archives and Special Libraries and Jerry Reminick on An Observation from the Bottom Shelf: Don’t Give Up! Jerry was a library professor at Suffolk, and has written 12 books, several about merchant marines, and several children’s and poetry books. Both speakers were very engaging, and participants in the program gave great feedback.

The next meeting for DASL is Thursday, April 21st at 12:30pm.

RASD:  Stephen Ingram reported. The last meeting was April 5, located at SCLS. NYLA has been getting us reimbursement checks in a timely manner. We seem to have a slate of nominees for our RASD board 2017.

C.A.R.E had their last meeting on March 17, 2016. They are working on an internship connection program for Suffolk County college students.

Health Concerns group is planning several meetings for the year on the following subjects: complementary and alternative medicines’, and consumer health and the health marketplace.

The Long Island History Committee’s Genealogy and Local History Program Showcase is on Thursday, April 21 at SCLS.

The MOSAIC Annual Breakfast will be Tuesday, May 10 from 9:30am-12:00pm at SCLS. MOSAIC is working with the Noticias newspaper to highlight multilingual programming opportunities in Nassau and Suffolk County.

Membership seems to be going well.

Prepping for Long Island Library Conference, following are four programs planned for the LILC:

  • Title: Reimagining Library Design to Foster the Millennial Experience NCLA & SCLA RASD
  • Title: Guerrilla Outreach: 10 Tips for Connecting to your Local Community SCLA OARS
  • Title: How Librarians can assist U.S. Military Vets and their Families NCLA & SCLA RASD
  • Title: Forecast: It’s a Cloudy Day at Reference

CATS:  Nick Tanzi reported. On April 7, 2016 CATS had their TIF meeting at the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton, the topic was libraries as a community center and what role the library plays in orchestrating that role. There were 18 people in attendance, and it ended up leading to open discussion.

On April 19, 2016 there is a program on device lending. The flyer is posted on the list serv, and the program is worth attending. Several devices that libraries are lending out will be looked at, considering how they are catalogued, what loan rules to use, what libraries have done with their devices, what works, and what does not. A couple speakers will be present: Eric Cohen of John Jermaine library will discuss geo caches, speaking specifically about GPS devices. There will be discussion on playaway launchpads. There will also be a presentation by Debbie Antolini on the Nexus 7, which continues to be a concern for libraries, and how they should use the device. Ruth Westfall will discuss the RFAD tag. Nick Tanzi will discuss lending chrome casts out to library patrons; if any libraries are using Hoopla it is now chrome cast compatible. The program will display an interesting mix of technology. Please increase awareness of the event.

In June CATS is planning to do a workshop based class on Minecraft. A lot of libraries either have or are considering having Minecraft available. There is going to be a Minecraft expert, a server set up, and a guided process with explanation. The tentative date is June 2nd, there will be a charge for non-members.

SSD:  Teri Hatred reported. The Introduction to Excel class on the 12th at SCLS was successful, 11 people attended. Angela instructed the class, and did a fantastic teaching job. SSD is hoping to see the participation rates increase as the class level increases. The upcoming class will be of the intermediate level for Excel. Look for more classes in October regarding Excel. One Drive introduction classes will be upcoming in May.

In October SSD is planning to have an all-day safety fair with active shooter training and how to partner with school districts in order to stay in the loop during lockdowns; this will increase community awareness. There will also be an upcoming program with information on food safety. Community Volunteer Groups will be at the event during lunch to do 5-7 minute short presentations on what they offer the community. SSD is hoping to make the safety fair an Annual event.

YASD:  Kristen Brewi of Brentwood Library has graciously agreed to be our Secretary for the remainder of the year because Dana Amdrosa had to step down.  We are happy to have her back on the Board.

On May 5, 2016 the program Common Core/Library Partnerships will be held at the Long Island Library Conference. YASD will be having Michael Hynes, the Superintendent of Patchogue Medford School District, speak of the challenges of Common Core and what Librarians can do to help.  He will also be speaking about effective partnerships libraries and schools can form to best assist both the teachers and the students in today’s learning environment.  YASD will have a booth set up with giveaways and a raffle.

On May 11, 2016 the YASD Town Hall Meeting held by the YASD Board will take place at SCLS. All are encouraged to attend to learn more about the 2016 YASD Board, to ask any questions that they might have, and to share their ideas for future programs.  We want everyone to be able to have a say in what YASD does, even if they are unable to commit the time to be on the board.

On Thursday June 16, at the Sachem Public Library, the YASD will be holding a joint meeting with the Community Service Roundtable of SCLS.  Laura Panter and Cara Perry will be giving a presentation on volunteer opportunities at the library.  Keep a look out for the flyer that will be sent out soon with more information.

The YASD is looking for volunteers to join the December Luncheon Committee.  They will help to come up with ideas, plan, and run the December YASD Luncheon.  If you know anyone that is interested in volunteering, please have them email Casey Fehn at Casey@myrml.org.


ANNUAL DINNER:  Michele Cayea reported. Michele had reported looking into having the annual dinner at Danford’s in Port Jefferson, however our group is too big for the venue. The Meadow Club in Port Jeff Station has a room that will accommodate our size, and they are willing to beat the price of Villa Lombardi’s, who hosted in 2015. The location is central to Suffolk County. Michele is moving forward and planning the event at the Meadow Club for the dinner in November. The consensus of the group is that the location is good; the room can fit up to 300 people so there is more than enough room.

ARCHIVES: Bruce Seger reported, no update, working on archiving.

CIVIL SERVICE: Jeri Cohen reported, looking for a new head of Civil Service, if anyone knows a person who is interested or available. The person in the position is usually no longer taking the exams, whether that is required or habitual is unknown.


CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported. Everything is up to date in the data base. EAP received certification to be a group to give Librarian’s CEU’s, simply send the data sheet to Teri.

ELSA:  No report.



LDA AWARD:  Paula Bornstein reported. On April 8, 2016 NCLA and SCLA committee members selected the LDA Award winner. Four people were nominated for this year’s award; two from Nassau County public libraries and two from Suffolk County public libraries. The LDA Library Award committee members selected the winner who comes from a Nassau County library. Following tradition, Marcia Olsen, this year’s chairperson, does not want the winner’s name released in advance.

On May 5, 2016 Arthur Friedman will present the LDA Award at the Long Island Library Conference. Award plaque will be presented to winner by Dr. Friedman during the conference luncheon.


LONG ISLAND LIBRARY CONFERENCE:   Kelly Sheridan reported via email. The Library Conference is scheduled on May 5, 2016 located at the Melville Marriott. All the planning is just about done and now we are just awaiting the day. We have over 60 vendors registered for the day. We have 24 programs throughout the day along with the keynote speaker, Tad Hills.


MEMBERSHIP: Rosemary Martilotta reported. As of March 2016 SCLA has 440 members.

The membership committee is currently looking into whether or not dues for additional sections and roundtables need to be increased as it has been nearly a decade since their last increase. Currently roundtables are $5.00 and additional sections are $7.00, this can be problematic for smaller sections or roundtables. Please contact me with any feedback on the issue.

Please keep in mind if you need mailing labels, contact rosemary@cnsfl.org, please leave a few days in of leeway.

NEWSLETTER: Jennifer Rocco reported. Please send a blurb, the deadline is technically today, April 15 for submissions, but she is willing to extend slightly. The newsletter is going to be sent out by the first week of May.

NOMINATING: Jose Hernandez reported. Jose is looking for a few nominee blurbs still, but has most of the nominations intact. The Treasurer position will be posted again for a two year plan, please encourage anyone who would be interested to run for the position.



STUDENT OUTREACH: Mellissa Hinton reported. Currently developing brochures focusing on academic and school libraries as well support staff. The goal is to have the documents drafted for approval at the June SCLA Board meeting. Thank you to Sue Ketcham, who is instrumental in recreating the brochures necessary for student groups: Academic libraries, Support staff, School libraries, and Special libraries. For the June meeting at SCLS, student outreach is hoping to have something for approval. The target is to have the brochures available in August, to be approved by July at the latest so they are available for student orientation.

Questions form Mellissa Hinton:

-Will SCLA provide folders for the distribution of the brochures, and if so what is the maximum to be spent? Advised to go to staples, get a receipt, and file a reimbursement form. Mellissa has contacted the schools for a number of how many students are expected in order to know the number of folders needed. According to Jose Hernandez, there is a miscellaneous budget of $800, and only $250 have been used so there is some leeway.

-Should there be a giveaway in these packets to recruit members? SCLA needs to vote for giveaways, in order to allocate money, bring back desired giveaway options.

-Are there other audiences to which these brochures should be distributed? Consider promoting certain ones to graduate students.

  • Teri Hatred feels that support staff brochures should be readily available throughout the libraries; may even want to send the brochures to guidance counselors, in PDF form
  • Julie Delaney suggests putting the PDF’s on the SCLA website so that individual libraries or organizations can print the brochures as needed. Stephen Ingram suggests putting the PDF under membership. This will save on printing and distribution efforts.
  • Nick Tanzi suggests to add the brochures to hiring orientation packets at libraries.

SUFFOLK COUNTY LIBRARY ACCESS COMMITTEE: No report. Stephen Ingram needs a new statement from the committee.

WEB PAGE:  Stephen Ingram reported. Stephen is looking to put the SCLA email somewhere accessible on the website. He wants a contact form, and is working on that. A link needs to be created and the form could be forwarded to our email.


CLASC: No report.

LILRC: Herb Biblo reported. April 14, 2016 was the 50th Anniversary Gala which was magnificent. There were 150 people in attendance that may be compared to the most successful annual program on libraries of the future, which usually reaches an attendance of 100 people. There were 3 awards given out: service to the community was given to Senator Flanagan who was unable to attend, Jerry Nichols from the Palmer school received an award, and Joe Price of the Price Agency received an award. Thank you for your support.

On Jun 21, there is an Annual Membership meeting and the character of the meeting has been changed since las year. There is no more registration fee, just register for the event in order to get a head count. Everyone is invited; it is an educational program for all. The membership part of the meeting is usually very brief. Encourage all from the public libraries to attend. The program was moved from November to June, which was a good move because more people attend in the nicer months. More publicity for the program will be upcoming announcing the program and expected speakers.

LILRC is co-sponsoring the legislative breakfast, this year it will be located at the Longwood Public Library which just opened up a new room; well suited for the program.

The Annual Conference of the Library of the Future will be on October 20, and 21.

If attending the Saratoga Springs event, LILRC will host the usual reception.

Next month there will be more details on upcoming events.

NCLA:  Jose Hernandez reported. On April 20, 2016 RASD is having a meeting on New Adults on Millennial’s and Beyond at the Oceanside Library. Mike Buono will speak on Millennial’s in the Library. Andrea Schneider will discuss New Adults and reaching out via Twitter. Judy Ryan will speak on who Millennial’s are and what progressive ideas they will bring to the library.

PLDA:  Julie Delaney reported. The PLDA Annual Golf Outing and Wine Tour is September 22, the event will be held at the Great Rock Golf Course.

SCLS: No report.

NYLA: There was no meeting this month, so no report. I will be in Albany on Monday, if anyone needs something picked up or dropped off at the NYLA offices.

MEMBERS AT LARGE:  Julie Delaney reported. Julie received program verifications and by the end of the month Julie will have them officially approved. The booklets will come out soon, simply looking for the last speaker for the conference. However, the booklets will be out from NYLA with the conference information and Julie will have the slots for the programs. The breakfast speaker on intellectual freedom will be sponsored.

Michele Cayea reported. Michele is working on networking night with Sara Fade.

Lissetty Thomas reported. Lissetty received the giveaways; they are glass picture frams with SCLA stamped on it for the desks. Lissetty sent out an email regarding filling in slots for the tables, and sent out a handout at the meeting to further fill the slots. The budget for the giveaway was $982 but only $683 was spent, and Lissetty is hoping to spend an additional $100 on a raffle prize. There was discussion regarding buying gift cards, however the consensus is to create raffle baskets. Michele Cayea suggests making a basket and putting gift cards in as a part of the gift. The other idea is to make a wine basket; Martha Mikkleson creates inexpensive painted wine glasses, which make a great gift. Include brochures in the basket on SCLA.

Sara Fade reported. Sara added suggestions to the welcome brochure and handed out an updated brochure. Sara is waiting on information for a Treasurer, and needs an updated blurb from the Suffolk County Access Committee.

Networking Night flyers are complete; they were distributed to the group. The event is May 13 at the Patchogue Medford Library from 6:00-8:00pm, and there is no fee. The plan is to have wraps and salads from Sequa Deli, and they will match last year’s price. The quote from the deli is $597 for 60 people including utensils, napkins, tablecloth, etc., and water and soda. The event is planned to have a quick game, and Joe Latini is going to perform music.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jose Hernandez reported. Kalpana Mehta stepped down due to too many commitments.

Compared to last year this time, the revenues have outpaced expenses by about $10,000. $31,000 trade show income has already been received, and there is give or take of a few thousand, but that is expected to come in.

LILC expenses have yet to be received. Around this time last year approximately $6000 in LILC expenses had come in, this year only $420 in expenses have come in at this time, so it is forthcoming. The income and expense report draft suggests approximately $4200 have come in, which is approximately in line with the year to date expense. LILC expenses are approximately $62,000, which is 50/50 with SCLA/NCLA. In the coming year they may change vendors for processing fees, maybe eventbrite, which processes at about 2%, NYLA charges approximately 8%, but that fee can be negotiated.

The net income for the year to date is approximately $30,000.

Currently about $35,000 in revenues, usually runs to about $72,000 by the end of the fiscal year. We are about half way there in terms of incoming revenues.

The attendance is approximately at $6000, and usually runs to about $30,000. A lot of expenses have yet to come in. The SCLA operating fund has run at a loss of about $2000 for the past 4-5 years that said the dues have been up about 400-500 dollars. LILC is generally where the money is made up.

We need to look into processing fees, and see what kind of profit NYLA is turning right now, and how we can get the processing fee down. It will ultimately save our organization a considerable amount of money. In the upcoming year we will have to weigh our options, and see if we will be benefitted by a cheaper company.

OLD BUSINESS: Jeri Cohen reported. I have continued to speak to Jeremy regarding adding the committees to our membership form to try and increase committee membership.  The stumbling block we have hit is that even if we add them, there is no apparatus to return the information to us.  Jeremy suggests that we send periodic email blasts to members with committee information, and look for interested people that way.  That is the method used by the NYLA Sections and Roundtables.

Finally, I have not managed to convince the U.S. Department of Commerce that we are not a Government Unit.  The representatives just request that we fill out the form anyway.  Completing the form is voluntary, for data purposes only.  I am not going to complete the form, since I do not want the requested personal information included in what they call “public records exempt from confidential treatment.”

NEW BUSINESS: Arthur Friedman noticed an error in the constitution, Article X, Section 1.  It says: By-laws may be adopted, amended, or rescinded by electronic majority vote of the members present and voting at any regular meeting of the Association.

While this is theoretically possible, the intention was not to have people who are present at a meeting vote electronically, and the rest of the sentence deals with electronic voting.

Technically, to make any changes to the constitution, we need to hold a vote of all members.  This is not a change, but a correction, so I would like to just draw a line through the word ‘electronic’ and add a note saying that an error has been corrected. The board approves the correction.

Meeting adjourned at 11:19am.


June 17, 2016

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, June 17, 2016 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Rosemary Martilotta, Jeri Cohen, Kate Regina, Stephen Ingram, Nick Tanzi, Jennifer Rocco, Jose Hernandez, Paula Bornstein, Michelle Cayea, Lissetty Thomas, Min Liu, Teri Hatred, Peter P. Ward.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: PLDA Luncheon on September 22, 2016. Registration is now open for wine tour, golf, and dinner.

CALL TO ORDER: Jose Hernandez called the meeting to order at10:02am. The April 2016 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Teri Hatred moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Jeri Cohen seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jeri Cohen reported. Thank you to all for helping with the Long Island Library Conference. SCLA sponsored 7 or 8 programs, and our libraries sponsored several others. Thank you also in helping with set up and staffing the organization tables, and all the support. The SCLA raffle basket of donated wines and wine glasses raised about $120.

In the two months since our last SCLA meeting, we also sponsored the PLDA/SCLA networking night event held at the Patchogue-Medford Library which was attended by about 35 people.

57 people attended the SCLA/NCLA Bowling fundraiser, arranged by Jackie Narkiewicz, and we raised money for both organizations scholarship funds.

The Election Slate is now open on the NYLA webpage. Please remember to vote and encourage your members to vote.


DASL: Bruce Seger reported. Bowling night SCLA vs. NCLA was a success, run by Jackie Narkiewicz. There were 57 people in attendance, and they raised money for scholarship funds.

The DASL meeting was held on June 16, 2016 with several members from Dowling College in attendance. These members shared details regarding the financial situation at Dowling. It is apparent that the school gave employees only one day notice of termination, along with other issues. There is a group coming in to potentially help offer jobs back to full time people, starting with no benefits, no tenure and a 25% pay cut, which will help alleviate the situation in the short term. They are discussing legal action, suggesting president and board members may have acted inappropriately.

DASL is planning an academic event for October, TBA.

DASL would like to understand why LILRC and DASL speakers were not included in the LILC this year, and the groups would like a formal explanation. Jeri Cohen announced there will be a meeting set up in July that will address this issue, date TBA, and work out any issues for the next Library Conference. Email any information you would like discussed to Jeri and she will include it on the agenda.

RASD: Stephen Ingram reported. The RASD Board meeting was held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016. The meeting was held at Suffolk County Community College for the Center on the Holocaust, Diversity, and Human Understanding. RASD meeting attendees were given a tour of their holdings and collections and spoke to them about circulation services they offer.

RASD attended Head of Reference meeting on May 23, 2016.

RASD had four programs running at the Long Island Library Conference, and all were well attended.

  • Guerilla Outreach: 10 tips for Connecting to your Community with David Vinjamuri
  • Forecast: It’s a Cloudy Day at Reference with Stephen Ingram and possible co-host from NCLA.
  • How Librarians can assist U.S. Military Vets and their Families
  • Reimagining Library Design to Foster the Millenial Experience with Danny Tanzi and Pansy Chent.

C.A.R.E.: Nicole Berroyer reported that Colleen Valdini, the Employment Development Manager from Services for the UnderServed spoke about their Supportive Services for Veteran Families program which includes housing and employment assistance.

Beginning next year the committee will be having 4 meetings instead of 5. The next meeting will be at SCLS on September 15, at 2:30 p.m.

Electronic Resources: The next committee meeting is June 9 at Half Hollow Hills Library in Dix Hills. David Jones will be talking about Niche Academy which is online video tutorials that can easily be put out onto your website. There can also be a coordinated order price. Andrea Richeson will be talking about Escape from the Teen Room. Samantha Alberts will be hosting a roundtable about Live-brary.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for September 8 at the Islip Public Library. The author of Digital Destiny will be speaking.

Health Concerns: Sal Filosa has been working with Valerie Lewis and the next committee meeting will be June 22 at SCLS at 10 a.m. Librarians from Stony Brook Univesrity Health Sciences will be there to speak about consumer health resources and health reference.

Historian: Robert Cognato is still trying to work on getting David Clements to come to the annual RASD dinner and possibly speak briefly before the presenter.

Long Island History: Inez Foster reported the Long Island History Committee had its annual trip on Thursday, June 9 to the Tesla Science Center in Shoreham. The tour began at 9:00am and they met on Randall Avenue entrance parking lot. The tour took approximately an hour and was followed by a short meeting. The next committee meeting will be in September, but the date has not yet been determined.

Long Island Reads: Beth Gates reported that the long Island Reads event held in April at Stony Brook was very successful. 380 people showed from Nassau and Suffolk County. The committee meeting was held June 15, 2016.

Media: Sara Spataro reported that the committee has a meeting scheduled on Friday, July 22 at SCLS, coffee at 9:30am, meeting starting at 10:00am. All are welcome to attend. There will be a presentation regarding recent trends for media collection development followed by a question and answer session.

Members-at-Large: The dinner will be at the Babylon Carriage House on September 28, 2016. The cost will be $40 or $45 per person at the door. Tickets will be available through the RASD website. The presenter will be Frank Sorentino who will be speaking about presidential power. We will also have David Clements speak about the formation of RASD.

Membership: Wendy Polhemus-Annibell reported that there are currently 196 members. The LILC raffle basket brought in $153. Next year we can probably include wine in the basket because many of the other tables’ baskets included wine, including the basket at the SCLA table.

M.O.S.A.I.C.: Amber Sroka reported that the M.O.S.A.I.C. breakfast went great, they  had about 30 attendees. Speakers were well received and the committee is thinking about having a trip sponsored by M.O.S.A.I.C. to see the Wang Center in conjunctions with one of their cultural events.

The committee had two publications in NoTicia! Last Wednesday every library in Suffolk received 5 copies of NoTicia to share with staff and the public. Please think about the best area to display this newspaper so the public can find it. If you need more copies, please let Amber know and she can connect you to a representative from NoTicia. Also, please consider contributing a book review to an upcoming issue. Books must be available in Spanish in several libraries in Suffolk and M.O.S.A.I.C. can help translate!

Longwood had their M.O.S.A.I.C. Fair, it seemed well received by the public.

This summer M.O.S.A.I.C.will be working on their publications in NoTicia and will be having subcommittee meetings. We are also looking to setup citizenship training with the Office of New Americans in August.

The next committee meeting will be Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 9:30am at SCLS.

New Adult Committee: Lissetty Thomas reported that the L.I. Library Conference program was very successful. The next committee meeting will be at the Sayville Library on June 20 and the focus will be on local performers.

O.A.R.S.: The committee hosted a speaker from the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) in Smithtown. The organization focuses on volunteer services, Medicare counseling, computer basics and more. The next committee meeting will take place on June 9 at the Connetquot Public Library.

PR and Marketing: Joan reported that the committee’s first program in their series: Successful Libraries in Uncertain Times was well attended with about 22 people. The next meeting: Engaging Library Users with Effective, User-Friendly Signage will be on June 16 at SCLS. There will be a committee roundtable discussion on July 7 at SCLS.

Programs: Rose Marut passed around the program evaluations for the Long Island Library Conference for Guerilla Outreach: 10 Tips for Connecting to your Local Community and Forecast: It’s a Cloudy Day in Reference. There were 75 attendees for Guerilla Outreach and 60 for Forecast which is very good! Thank you notes have been sent out.

Reader’s Advisory: Reader’s Advisory met on Thursday, April 28 at SCLS. The topic was Science Fiction. The reviews should be on the blog by the end of the month.

Webpage: Wonda has been posting items on the website as she sees them.

No meeting will be held in July.

CATS: Nick Tanzi reported. The Minecraft Playdate was held on June 2, 2016. CATS conducted a hands-on workshop at MMSCL’s Technology Center located in a Town of Brookhaven recreation center. Under the guidance of teen librarian Stacey Sansone, 18 participants learned how to play and facilitate a Minecraft program.

On June 9, 2016 Learn How to Podcast, an informational program was held at the Connetquot Library, and run by Chris DeCristofaro. At the regular monthly TIF meeting, the topic was learning how to podcast. 15 participants learned about equipment purchasing on a budget, podcast hosting and making life simpler with easy and effective web tools for publishing Podcasting equipment was made available for the audience to try out.

CATS is planning a gaming program, referring to video games, not board games, for September. The program is anticipated to be hands-on. A date will be announced.

The Annual meeting tentatively featuring Eric Cole, former Chief Technology Officer at McAfee is to be held on December 1st, more information to follow.

At LILC Makerspaces on a Budget was a success, attendance was high with standing room only. CATS is hoping to get a larger room for their program next year. The program discussed low cost activities or programs for makerspaces. $283 was raised in the raffle.

CATS is pushing membership, getting 6 new members at LILC, only to find out later that 2 of those new members were not a member of SCLA. Membership continues to be an issue as people do not always know their status, active or expired.

SSD:  Teri Hatred reported. SSD met at Bayshore Marina for their meeting on June 15, 2016; trying to have the meeting in different places to increase attendance. The annual meeting is October 12, 2016, it was going to be the same week that Valerie Lewis was having active shooter training; however it has moved up a week to promote attendance. There is going to be an agent from the FBI, a member from Homeland Security, a group called LISPAN which covers crisis prevention and communication with the local school district when a crisis occurs, and the Suffolk County Police are going to come. The police were going to discuss going into schools and teaching students how to deal with a lock in if there ever be a gun issue, however, legally there are concerns, which is supposed to be for the school to monitor and teach. The police program therefore is TBA.

Also, SSD is trying to get the Suffolk County Health Department to discuss food safety, in order to teach staff what we should be getting from programmers as far as their food handling license and criteria go.

SSD is looking for Peter King to come in to speak because he works in as a member of a Homeland Security committee.

SSD is looking for sponsorship for the event in order to save money. There will be volunteer groups to speak during lunch for 10 minutes each, and they will be tabling all day in order to provide further information.

The event can hold 150 people maximum, and SSD is hoping to make it an Annual Event.

Also, 2 excel courses are upcoming, intermediate excel in September, and advanced excel taught in October by Sharper Training Solutions.

YASD:  No report.


ANNUAL DINNER:  Michele Cayea reported. The Annual Dinner is set for November 10, from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at the Meadow Club. Michele requests a $500 check to serve as a deposit for the venue, the request was approved. Michelle is moving forward with booking the DJ, and solidifying the cost per person for dinner. There will be a save the date in the next SCLA newsletter. The date of the dinner is as set, despite other conflicting events.

ARCHIVES: Bruce Seger reported. Bruce reviewed the boxes of archives, and Jose familiarized Bruce with the holdings. The anticipation is that the information will start to be digitized in the end of the summer and into the fall.

CIVIL SERVICE: Jeri reported that a volunteer is needed for someone to take over Civil Service. Jeri is going to approach the PLDA committee to see if their Civil Service Chair will share information at the SCLA meetings. More information to follow.


CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported. All attendance sheets received to date have been entered into the database. The attendance sheets from the Long Island Library Conference have yet to be received and entered, hopefully arriving soon.

ELSA:  Kate Regina reported. On April 7, 2016 the ELSA Committee met in the SCLS Blue Room. The purpose of their meeting was to sort out and put together director packets and label individual pamphlets for all members and member libraries. College library packets were distributed the next day to those that attended a meeting at SCLS. Remaining packets were delivered. Extra award pamphlets were made available at the Long Island Library Conference as well as SCLA Networking Night at the Patchogue Medford Library.



LDA AWARD: Paula Bornstein reported. At the May 5, 2016 Long Island Library Conference the LDA Library Award was presented by Dr. Art Friedman. Dr. Friedman presented the 2016 LDA Library Award to Debbie Podolski, the Director of the Farmingdale Public Library. Ms. Podolski received many accolades for her contributions to her library, the Nassau Library System and its Civil Service Committee, the NLS ALIS Consortium, the Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, and more.

LEGISLATIVE: Samantha Alberts reported via email. Preparations for the Suffolk County Legislative Breakfast have begun; it will be hosted at the Longwood Public Library. We request about $800.00 for the shared expense for the breakfast. In addition, this year we are planning on another video to show like the one we produced a couple of years ago.

LONG ISLAND LIBRARY CONFERENCE: Kelly Sheridan reported via email. On May 5, 2016 the Long Island Library Conference was held at the Melville Marriott with Tad Hills as the keynote speaker. The conference was well attended with approximately 775 attendees. Unfortunately we are over budget of about $4,000. Numbers are not finalized yet, but once they are SCLA and NCLA will be cutting a check to NYLA of equal amounts. NYLA closes their books out on June 30th so we anticipate it being finalized before then.


-LILC is generally a profitable event, this year the event is $4000 short. This equates to approximately a $2000 budget cut. Many members are concerned as to why SCLA was unaware of this ahead of time.

-Jeremy at NYLA suggested the overage was approximately $3500 but numbers have not been finalized, either way it is a loss. SCLA was ill informed. The overage is due to either the contract with the Marriott, or over spending.

-The Conference Committee is responsible for the overage, not NYLA. In May, the month of the conference $57,000 of invoices came in to be paid. Suffolk managed this year.

-A meeting is going to be arranged in July to figure out exactly what happened that caused the increase in expenses. The committee used to run by itself, it had its own tax id number; SCLA took the independence from them. It is suggested that we need to tie the money back in order to prevent future overages.

-Jeri Cohen has predominantly heard from Jeremy as far as responses to questions SCLA has about the overages, not from the committee itself.

-The problem is that this overage will wipe out the SCLA budget.

-A suggestion is to use Eventbrite for the future to receive the money in order to avoid it going through NYLA, that way everything is accounted for every step of the way.

Additional questions are:

-Is there a set budget for the conference?

–      The conference has never had a budget, but it has been understood that the             costs need to be managed in order to make a profit off of the event.

– How can we prevent this in the future?

–      President of SCLA is going to have to sit on the committee moving            forward, or a member-at-large, or other representative.

–      Chair of committee is nominated, and needs to attend board meetings to     keep the board informed.

Stephen Ingram moves to approve up to $2000 to cover the overage. Jeri Cohen seconds that motion. Motion approved. Invoices will now be submitted to NYLA, and Jeri will follow up to ensure that the other $2000 be paid by NCLA.

Information will be forwarded regarding the meeting in July for any who would like to attend.


MEMBERSHIP: Rosemary Martilotta reported. As of May 2016, SCLA has 482 members, a nice increase of 40 plus members since the last report. The June 2016 statistics will be available next meeting.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported. Please email newsletter submissions to Jen by July 15 with any recap of events, meetings, etc., and any upcoming events or advertisements for August to November.

NOMINATING:  Jose Hernandez reported. Elections are up, please vote. Unfortunately there are still no candidates for Treasurer; Jose is going to therefore continue holding the position until year end.

SCHOLARSHIP: Teri Hatred reported. Teri attended the SCLA/PLDA Networking Night and distributed five SCLA Scholarship flyers to library students and one Continuing Education Award flyer to a staff member of the Amityville Public Library. Teri has received 5 application requests so far (3 from Networking Night) for the SCLA Scholarship. Rosemary is giving me the membership list in order to verify current SCLA Membership.  So far no applications have come in for the Continuing Education Award for Library Support Staff.  Please promote both awards in your libraries/associations and encourage colleagues who meet the requirements to apply.  An email has been sent to the listserv that can be used in promoting the awards with attachments containing the application flyers.

Teri inquired how to order the grand prize, needing a PO Box number from NYLA for ordering and receiving.

STATISTICAL SURVEY: Peter P. Ward reported. Recently, he has been working to digitize the old reports that he has, it is asked that those can be added to the website. Peter will be touching base with archives as well to share information.


SUFFOLK COUNTY LIBRARY ACCESS COMMITTEE:  Updated description still needed from Valerie Lewis.

WEB PAGE:  Stephen Ingram reported. Stephen is working on basic updating of website, and fixing broken links and updating brochures and flyers requested by members.


CLASC:  No report.

LILRC:  Min Liu reported for Herb Biblo. The Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future is scheduled for October 20th and 21st. Register.

The LILRC Annual Membership Meeting is next Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at the Farmingdale Public Library from 9:30am-12:30pm. The keynote speaker is David Vinjamuri, and he will discuss Social Media for Library Marketing and Branding.

There is a clerical position open at LILRC, hopefully hiring by the end of July.

LILRC may be able to hire another professional staff by August. Both positions are entry level, please look up if interested.

There are two upcoming continuing education events. Engaging Your Library Community Through Contagious Brand Advocacy on Friday, July 15, 2016 from 10:00am-11:30am at the Farmingdale Public Library, and Excavating the Emotional Pathways to Change in Libraries on Friday, July 29, 2016 from 10:00am-11:30am at the Farmingdale Public Library.

LILRC will be eliminating the $5 fee for continuing education events starting in July.

If you attend the Annual Meeting next Tuesday, you will be entered into a raffle to win the grand prize of a free ticket to The Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future.

LILRC will be renewing the database subscription for full text, EBSCO, Brittanica online, and etc.

Herb Biblo requests $250 each for two different upcoming programs. The money is needed for October, and so the request will be reproached in the next budget year.

NCLA:  No report. Myrna Valez is the new chair.

PLDA:  No report.

SCLS: No report.

NYLA: Jeri Cohen reported. NYLA Council met in Syracuse at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry on May 10.

-The proposed budget for the fiscal year 2016/17 was unanimously approved.

-A motion was made and approved to reaffirm the ALA Library Bill of Rights.

-The council approved an updated social media policy to ensure consistency among NYLA units. A taskforce will be created to investigate the establishment of a Communication Committee.

-The NYLA Council Election Slate was submitted and approved. Matt Bollerman (Hauppauge) is running for ALA Chapter Councilor.

A conference call was held on June 16:

-There was a Disaster Relief Fund Request from the Berne Public Library.

-ALA Resolution concerning the role of chapters.

-Update on the Communications Committee Task Force.

MEMBERS AT LARGE:  Michele Cayea reported. Michele helped Sara organize networking night on May 13, there were approximately 35 people in attendance. The weather impeded attendees, but there was still a decent showing. Teri Hatred was able to reach a few library students. Having music at the event served as a useful icebreaker for people walking in, making the environment more comfortable. Further, the trivia activity made the event run smoothly. The event offered great networking opportunities, all attendees were engaged. For the next event, the committee would like to increase attendance.

Julie DeLaney reported via email. The NYLA Conference brochure has been finalized and will be out shortly. Julie will be looking for room monitors for the SCLA sponsored programs; please contact her if interested.

The Continuing Education Committee is working on a calendar that will have all continuing education events around the state, including non-NYLA sponsored events. Once the calendar is finalized, Julie will share more information.

Lissetty Thomas, no report.

Sara Fade reported via email. Networking Night went well despite the terrible weather with approximately 40 attendees. The music and trivia games added a nice element to the evening as well. Sara would like to thank the Patchogue Medford Library for being so kind as to host the event.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jose Hernandez reported. See treasurer reports. Jose received unofficial numbers from Galina Letnikova at NYLA, the LILC went over it’s usually expenses, and the revenue was much less. The net income is under $11,000 for the fiscal year, not including the NCLA reimbursement or the final numbers.

Jose proposed the budget for 2016-17, noting it was smaller in terms of revenues and expenses, with everything being cut back; the budget is conservative to make up for this year’s loss.

The change in the cost of the LILC was based on the Marriot contract and poor spending. The Annual Dinner is going to have to cover itself for this year, raising the price, or consider getting sponsors for the event.

Suggestions for alterations to proposed budget, and increasing income:

-Expenses need to be upped to $54,000.

-Adjustment to scholarship monies, potentially cut them in half.

-Consider upping membership, fundraising, or retirement to increase funding.

Stephen Ingram moved to accept proposed budget with amendments to it. Bruce Seger seconded motion. Revision will be presented again next meeting.

OLD BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen reported. We still have no one volunteering to take over the civil service committee. There was a suggestion that we ask the PLDA civil service chair to share their information at our meetings, as Peter Ward did.


To increase membership, Rosemary Martilotta will be sending out membership list to division heads at the beginning of each month. From there we can push membership within our libraries, and any other outlets.

No meeting in July or August, the next meeting with be September 19th following the Legislative Breakfast at the Longwood Public Library. Rosemary will contact Longwood and make sure there is a room available following the breakfast.

September 16

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, September 16, 2016 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Jennifer Rocco, Michele Cayea, Kevin McCoy, Jeri Cohen, Stefanie Gangone, Teri Hatred, Stephen Ingram, Lissetty Thomas, Martha Mikkleson, Brian Adams, Laura Panter, Jose Hernandez, Nick Tanzi, Miranda Hatziangelou, Rosemary Martilotta.

CALL TO ORDER:               Jose Hernandez called the meeting to order at 10:12am. The June 2016 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Stephen Ingram moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Martha Mikkleson seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

No announcements today.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jeri Cohen reported. Mellissa Hinton is stepping down as Student Outreach Committee Chair. All the brochures are available and were given out at August school open houses. We will need to look for a replacement. We also still need a treasurer, and members for the Long Island Library Conference Committee.

Regarding Civil Service, we are trying to schedule a review session for the Librarian I test. Susan Golderg will contact Civil Service to try and set up a date.


DASL: No report.

RASD:  Stephen Ingram reported. RASD reached out to the NCLA/RASD President Judy Green for a possible joint SCLA meeting sometime this year.

Final details are being made for the Annual RASD dinner. There is now an online registration form on the NCLA page and flyers have been distributed to libraries and members. The dinner will be held on September 28th at the Babylon Carriage House.

C.A.R.E. will have a regular meeting September 15th.

Electronic Resources had a scheduled meeting September 8th with TIF at the Islip Public Library.

Health Concerns is preparing for their Health Concerns Breakfast on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

Historian reported Dave Clements has agree to speak briefly at the dinner about the founding of RASD.

Long Island Reads have narrowed next year’s author down to 3 titles.

Media had a meeting on July 22, 2016 and gave a presentation on the recent trends with media collections.

Membership: We currently have 176 members, 20 fewer than June.

M.O.S.A.I.C. reported that they have been very successful working with Noticia. People love the book reviews.

The New Adult Committee reported that they had a meeting on June 20, 2016. The guest speaker was Mary Kreutcher, Children’s librarian at the Patchogue-Medford Library. The next meeting will be on September 19, 2016 and the topic will be health insurance for the Millennials, guest speaker to be announced.

O.A.R.S. reported that there will be a general meeting for the committee on September 14, 2016.

PR and Marketing reported that the committee’s 3 program series: successful Libraries in Uncertain Times; Engaging Library Users with Effective, User-Friendly Signage and the committee roundtable discussion were all successful and well attended.

The committee has also been publicizing the SLMA award. The deadline for entries is September 15, 2016,

Programs reported that she had sent Marcia Olsen the summaries of all the evaluations from the RASD programs at the May 5, 2016 Long Island Library Conference, Guerilla Outreach: 10 Tips to Connect to your Local Community and Forecast: It’s a Cloudy Day at Reference.

Ramblings reported about putting together a Google Docs page that everyone would share. All the committees can provide a small write-up about what is going on.

Reader’s Advisory reported that the next committee meeting will meet on September 29, 2016. The annotation from April’s science fiction meeting has been added to the blog.

Webpage has been posting items on the website as she sees them. If you have any items that you would like posted on the RASD website, please send them to her at her new email: wmiller@johnjermain.org.

CATS:  Nick Tanzi reported. There have been a few past TIF meetings. On June 9, 2016 there was a podcasting program held at the Connetquot Library, attended by 25 people. This program spoke on the basics of software and equipment.

On September 8, 2016 a TIF electronic resources meeting was held in Islip. This meeting was a Skype Session with Form Labs covering 3D printing, done in a liquid bath where the design was pulled up from the platform to create a 3D object. This 3D printer is pricier, but the results are more detailed. There was also a 3D scanner, which was higher quality than what we have seen so far. There was also further discussion on the Cloud.

There was a tentative meeting on December 1, 2016, it is now tentative for Eric Cole to speak on the 7th of December regarding McAfee security.

CATS was looking into an electronic gaming meeting, but it was cancelled due to lack of speakers.

In the first half of November, CATS will have a tour of the Innovation Lab at Stony Brook University which is similar to a maker space.

SSD:  Miranda Hatziangelou reported. On September 14, 2016 the SSD Board meeting was held to discuss final plans regarding the Annual Meeting and the Safety Fair.

Upcoming, on Wednesday, October 5, 2016, the Annual Meeting and Safety Fair will be held at the Brentwood Public Library in the Auditorium with multiple agencies and community members as speakers. The details have been finalized on what SSD hopes to make an annual event. The SSD Safety Fair will be an all-day event featuring multiple and varied topics related to safety and your Library. Attendees can take an “a la cart” approach and participate in the portions that interest them. SSD members can attend the event free of charge with pre-registration; SCLA members who are not already SSD members can join SSD for $1, either prior to the Fair or at the door. Non-members will be charged a $10 fee. The event will begin at 9:30am with the Annual Board meeting, which all are encouraged to attend, and the first speaker for the Safety Fair will present at 10:00am. A light continental breakfast will be available all morning, followed by a light lunch at midday.

Board action needed and suggested wording of motion: SSD would like to request assistance from SCLA in the amount of $300 toward the cost of food which is anticipated to be $750 for both meals, contingent upon final registration numbers.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported. On Thursday, September 8, 2016 a Summer Recap Meeting was held at SCLS, and was a success. There were 20 people in attendance. Everyone who came to the program shared their experiences from over the summer, both positive and negative. It was a great way for Librarians to come together and see that we are not alone in our victories or our struggles.

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 “The Future of Library Services for and with Teens: A Call to Action” presentation will be held at SCLS with speaker Christopher Shumaker from YALSA. There will be a focus on what we need to do as libraries and librarians to assure that teens are being served sufficiently and successfully.

On November 9, 2016, a panel of speakers will present on Alternative Social Media for Marketing and Library Programming at SCLS. The discussion will cover different forms of social media that can be used for marketing in the library, and also for Library Programming. Some of the social media platforms up for discussion are YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

On Thursday, December 1, 2016 the YASD December Luncheon will be held at Outerbanks Restaurant in Riverhead, with speaker, Nova Ren Suma, a Young Adult author. The menu will consist of American cuisine and there will be exciting raffle prizes to be won.


ANNUAL DINNER:  Michele Cayea reported. Michele is happy to report that so far $2000 has been received in donations. Tabitha Johnson shared her techniques with Michele on finding donors. Michele went on the LILC website and saw who he exhibitors were to try and detect what companies, etc., were interested in libraries. Michele is hoping to get more money still. The venue is set, next Friday Michele is going to see the space and confirm the menu. The venue has yet to receive a $500 deposit, that still needs to be sent out. The DJ from last year is looking for a $200 deposit as well, Michele has a contract.

For costs, it is confirmed that we are sticking with $45 for members and students, and $55 for non-members and on-site registration, same as last year. Michele thinks we are going to break even with the dinner, and if that be the case it seems unnecessary to raise the cost. Michele will however, look into the budget to ensure that we will break even.

Stephen Ingram, please add a button on the main page of the SCLA website. Michele will be in contact with Jeremy to set up the registration form on the NYLA website, and will keep Stephen informed. Michele will be contacting Jeremy this week. Payments are accepted in the following ways: by credit card, a check made payable to NYLA-SCLA or by purchase order.

A flyer is being passed around to ensure that it is ready to be sent out. November 1, 2016 is the last day for registration, leaving room for the latecomers. The flyer is similar to the one from last year,

Jeri Cohen added that a thank you for the sponsorship will be posted on the program. Brainfuse donated $500, Sand Pebble donated $500, and BBS Architecture donated $1000 dollars; Michele hopes to find even more sponsors.

Checks were given to Jose to be put into the account.

Last year a Library Purchase Order was done by the Brookhaven Library, the check was to be sent to Galina at NYLA but was just received for this year despite being last year’s check. It came directly from the Brookhaven Free Library, written December 17, 2015, potentially stuck in the US Postal Service. This is a different fiscal year; we will submit the check and see if it goes through. Jen Rocco will inform her bookkeeper of the late check.

ARCHIVES: No report.

CIVIL SERVICE: Jeri Cohen reported in the President’s report. The Librarian I review course will be posted in the upcoming month.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Martha Mikkleson reported. Toys for Tots was contacted, Martha has yet to hear back. Habitat for Humanity Suffolk County is another organization Martha is reaching out to, to discuss running a 50/50 raffle to donate to the organization, and is waiting to hear back. Laura Panter suggested to buy the organization gift cards with the money earned from the 50/50 and make a gift card basket so that the money is being put to good use. If assigned to a specific family, Martha will take the gift card route, if not, a check will be written to Habitat for Humanity to make it easier on us.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported. All attendance sheets received to date, including the Long Island Library Conference, have been entered into the database.

ELSA:  Kate Regina reported via email. ELSA selected a winner for the ELSA Award, and they want to request that Jeremy gives a gift card and not a check in the amount of $250. Brian Adams suggested that a corporate sponsor should be found to avoid us having to fund awards. Laura Panter suggested Brainfuse as a funder, and potentially raise the amount of the award.

FANDOM OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Stefanie Gangone reported. Fandom Outreach is planning on October 14, 2016 at SCLS, the idea is to attract children to learn how to code through Minecraft and other thinks they enjoy. There will be a hands on computer lab. Computer Associates and other companies and corporations will be there to teach coding, specifically focusing on girls. There is a new focus on teaching kids to use technology more intrinsically from a young age. Newsday promoted the event quite a bit, hopefully increasing attendance. The Hyatt Regency Gym will be used this year, with a focus on library and technology, considering maker spaces, and time traveling books. Fandom Outreach is looking for volunteers if anyone is interested, or if you know of anyone else who is interested. If you know nothing about Dr. Who, that is not a problem, they simply need help to monitor and run the event based on how many kids are expected to be in attendance. This event will be Friday, November 11, 2016 for the panel, and November 12 and 13, 2016 for the workshops. Again, it will be at the Regency Hyatt in Hauppauge, on Veteran’s Day week, and so Fandom is expected a large turnout.

Last year the space was not large enough, so this year the event should flow better. The Library table will be set up next to the famous people, keeping it away from vendors will ensure people are not thinking that they have to buy anything at the table, and being next to the famous people will attract more people to the table.

The bad character from Dr. Who will be speaking which will give the event an entirely different angle. There will be another technology maker space, makey-makey, dash and dot, PS3, a book shelf, and more. The event is predominantly for kids, stopping the age at about young teen.

Stefanie will be attending Comicon, representing Suffolk County in a special meet and greet on Friday night. Stefanie is looking for Suffolk County pins to promote. Suggested to speak to Jackie or Martha regarding pins, and note that there are I Love Librarian hats available.

LI Geek will be April 22 and 23, 2016 again at the Hyatt Regency in Hauppauge. There is already a star coming from HBO, a show called Westwood. The group is always accepting members, so if you are interested in joining, please contact Stefanie.

Stefanie inquired about the budget for the upcoming year; Jose noted there is a $500 budget line.

INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM:  Kevin McCoy reported. Kevin passed out “The New York State Electronic Communications Privacy Act,” and the “StingRays and the Fourth Amendment” article. The StingRay article discusses StingRay technology which is essentially a mobile tower that allows your phone to report to the StingRay instead of a cell phone tower. This captures metadata, audiovisual, and more content. No one knew anything of StingRay until a subpoena was made during a court case asking how certain information had been acquired, and StingRay technology was the answer. The Privacy Act discusses NYS updating the state privacy law trying to align it with continual technological advancements. Articles were passed out to members.

LDA AWARD:  No report.

LEGISLATIVE:   Samantha Alberts reported via email. Thank you to all for attending the Legislative Breakfast this morning. Samantha will have final costs of the breakfast at the October meeting.

LONG ISLAND LIBRARY CONFERENCE:  Brian Adams reported. Brian is the new representative of the Long Island Library Conference. Elaine Cummings Young from Bellmore is the chair person, and Brian Adams is the treasurer.

Reach for the Stars is the theme for the upcoming 2017 LILC. The Conference is scheduled for May 4, 2017 at the Melville Marriot, same as last year. This was decided upon at the Wednesday, September 14, 2016 meeting.

There were ongoing meetings during the summer to discuss how to turn a profit next year. The fees are going to be raised for next years’ conference, for both vendors and registrants. The fees have been the same for 4 or 5 years, so it is time for an increase. There are stricter negotiations with the Marriott this year regarding charges, avoiding any unforeseen charges, hopefully allowing us to turn a profit. The key note speakers have yet to be decided upon and the committee is open for suggestions if you know any famous authors or speakers, of course preferring if they speak for free, however that is not always the case. The Conference meetings alternate between Nassau and Suffolk.

The next meeting will be at the Nassau Library System and that will switch back and forth. The committee is looking for new members. Suffolk representatives are needed for the following: exhibits, publicity, programs, speakers, and volunteer coordinator. If you are interested please contact Brian, or spread the word to others to increase involvement. We are encouraged to have a well-rounded committee considering both Nassau and Suffolk so that information is not lost from year to year with the changes of committee members. Contact Adamsbster@gmail.com for information on how often the committee meets, where they meet, and what the committee work entails.

Last year’s LILC cost issues were extraneous costs coming through that were not planned for, and losing money on each individual. For example, the Marriott charges $12.50 and $21.50 for the meals per person, totaling $34.00 just for the food alone per person, so right there the charges are too high for the cost to register. A few years ago, early bird registration was done, the first time running early bird registration got 10 people to register, the next year approximately 100 people registered, given the lower rates we lost money on registration. These issues were addressed over the summer meetings, and will be avoided.

September 28, 2016 there will be a meeting at the Marriott to go through the contract piece by piece to prevent this happening in the future. This year the committee is going to be more thorough.


MEMBERSHIP: Rosemary Martilotta reported. As of August, there are 399 SCLA members, July statistics totaled 460. The lapsed members have been contacted to rejoin SCLA. September statistics will be available by the October meeting.

NEWSLETTER:  No report.

NOMINATING:  No report.

SCHOLARSHIP:  Teri Hatred reported. On September 9, 2016 the Scholarship Awards and Raffle event was held. The deadline to receive completed applications for the SCLA Scholarship Award was on September 1, 2016. The Scholarship Committee received one completed application out of six possible entrants. The deadline for the Continuing Education Award for Library Support Staff is October 1, 2016 and the Scholarship Committee has received one completed application, with no other requests for applications thus far. Teri is disappointed more completed applications were not received, however those received so far are excellent choices for the awards.

Teri will be ordering the raffle books and envelopes next week.

All components for the “Give Back Backpack” Grand Prize have been received as well as theater certificates and a Long Island Game Farm certificate. All the items in the backpack, and the backpack itself, give back to the community in some way. Each item has a blurb attached, explaining its program.

Please reserve the raffle drum at the venue for that evening. Thank you.


STUDENT OUTREACH: Mellissa Hinton reported via email. Mellissa will be stepping down as Student Outreach Chair to assume a new position at Long Island University.

In regards to the packets for LIS students, the packets which included career information brochures and SCLA membership information were sent to various library schools in time for August orientation for new students as follows:

Palmer School: 34 packets

St. John’s University: 30 packets

Pratt Institute: 35 packets

Because the Queens College representative did not respond to Mellissa’s query, no packets were sent there.

In the future, packets should include a giveaway item.  None were included this round because it was unclear if the career information brochures would be ready in time for distribution in August.

As discussed at a meeting last spring, the PDFs of the brochures should be linked on the SCLA website so people can access them.

Susan Ketcham deserves credit for creating the career information brochures.


WEB PAGE:  Stephen Ingram reported. Everything is up to date, minutes and etc.


CLASC:  No report.

LILRC:  No report.

NCLA:  No report.

PLDA:  No report.

SCLS: No report.

NYLA: Jeri Cohen reported. NYLA met Thursday, September 15. The Council approved the awards to be given at the conference in November. In November, Todd Schlitt will take over as the NYLA Liaison.


Sara Fade, could not attend, no report.

Julie Delaney reported via email. All SCLA programs for the 2016 NYLA Conference are set. Registration for the Conference is still ongoing, as well as the pre-conference programs. Advance registration ends on September 30, 2016. We have room monitors for our programs, but are still in need of SCLA members to cover the booth at the trade show. If you are going to the conference and have some time, please contact Julie for available hours.

Lissetty Thomas, no report, will work with Michele on the dinner. Michele Cayea discussed in the past purchasing centerpieces instead of favors to save costs, this year no favors will save money. Limit the quantity of corsage and flowers to save. There are picture frames left, can use those as favors dependent on how many are left. Julie already has picture frames needed for NYLA. Michele will reach out to places for donations. Further, the donors are asking about corporate membership for SCLA, not currently something we have. They also want to attend the dinner, which may help with costs moving forward.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jose Hernandez reported. See attached treasurers report. Revenue and Expenses from August, balanced at $1500, and currently working withthis number. Jose will put in for the deposits for the Annual Dinner.

OLD BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen reported. Laura Panter and Jeri Cohen worked on a proposal for organizational membership. There are two levels: joint NYLA/SCLA organizational membership and SCLA only organizational membership. The board decided to continue with creating these membership levels, based on library budget. We will use a structure similar to the existing NYLA only organizational membership. Laura and I will revise the proposal to meet the board’s recommendations and set up a meeting with Kevin Verbesey to discuss bringing this to our library directors.

It was decided that we charge based on Library Budget, this includes SCLS, Organizations, and Academics, and makes our standards parallel NYLA’s.

We will see about making one more library budget line in between 3-10 million and 10 million, requesting a breakdown from 3-6 million, and 6-10 million to better encompass the budgets that we have on Long Island as opposed to what they have in upstate New York.

All are in favor of, using Library Budget, charging $35 per member, and adding a category to the budget line.

It should be understood that a library can buy more individual memberships beyond what is included in the organizational membership.

NEW BUSINESS:  Consideration of print-your-own membership cards. This card would have a start and end date of membership on it, so people could track their own membership, and include the different divisions a member is a part of. Miranda Hatziangelou is going to come up with a template for the upcoming meeting, with the help of Kelvin Carrion, an SSD member.

Jose Hernandez adjourned the meeting at 12:20pm.

October 21, 2016

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, October 21, 2016 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Rosemary Martilotta, Stephen Ingram, Jeri Cohen, Justine Berretta, Lissetty Thomas, Nick Tanzi, Samantha Alberts, Katherine Regina, Michele Cayea, Miranda Hatziangelou, Jennifer Rocco, Julie Delaney, Casey Fehn, Martha Mikkleson, Jose Hernandez, and Myrna Velez.

CALL TO ORDER: Jeri Cohen called the meeting to order at 10:03am. The September 2016 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Lissetty Thomas moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Stephen Ingram seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.


-Justine Berretta from the Copiague Library is joining us as the new Treasurer.

-NCLA Annual Dinner is on November 10, 2016.

-YASD Luncheon is on December 8, with speaker, Adam Silvera.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jeri Cohen reported. It is time to talk about the Transition Forms for outgoing officers, so your successors have an idea of what the position entails. Jeri will be sending an email with the forms. Please complete by the December meeting, and bring a hard copy to the meeting since we will be inviting the incoming officers. Send an electronic copy to Jose as our incoming President.


DASL: No report.

RASD:  Stephen Ingram reported. RASD President attended the Heads of Reference meeting on September 28th at SCLS. Though pressed for time, reviewed the upcoming dinner for RASD, SCLA, and the Health Concerns breakfast that were all occurring that night or in the next few weeks. Of major concern during the meeting was a coming decision to delete some of the shared reference databases. It seemed that this was of major concern to the Reference heads, who do not seem to be part of this decision-making process.

RASD had their annual meeting which was held at the Babylon Carriage House also on September 28th. We had retired Director David Clemens shared his recollections on the founding of the RASD division of SCLA some 35 years ago. He spent time reminding us of the history of RASD and the importance of Reference. We also had Professor of Political Science.,Frank M. Sorrentino, of St. Francis College  who talked about the importance of presidential power.  Special thanks to Karen Cognato for setting up the dinner and all who helped.

RASD held a meeting on October 6th at SCLS. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the SCLA conference 2016 deficit and upcoming programming for the SCLA conference 2017. Some of the meeting was a reflection upon the heads of reference meeting and the concerns of database reduction.

The health concerns breakfast is on October 25th on complementary and alternative medicine.  The Long Island Reads committee has Eric Larson as their pick for 2017.

CATS:  Nick Tanzi reported. On Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016 TIF met at Half Hollow Hills, discussing IOS 10, which opened to a discussion to what our red lines are to helping patrons, at what point do we draw the line with repair, and anti-virus, etc. 25 people attended.

A flyer was passed out regarding attending Stony Brook University Innovation Lab at 10:00am on Monday, November, 7, 2016. Parking will be in the Administrative Parking lot, and guides will lead attendees to Harriman Hall. Please spread the word of the event.

December 7, 2016 is the Annual Meeting, Eric Cole, a cyber security expert. Hacking, emails, etc., is a topic of interest, and as we go increasingly digital we have a responsibility to protect patron information. Currently, this is going to be a joint CATS/TIF meeting. There will be more information distributed on the list serv.

SSD:  Miranda Hatziangelou reported. The Annual Safety Fair was held at the Brentwood Public Library on October 5, 2016. Speakers included, Patrick M. Beckley, Regional Director NYS Division of Homeland Security; Byron McCray & Michael Rodriguez, School Safety Liasons; Police Officers Eiffel Ramirez, John Wright & Pete Rivera; Community Liason/COPE Anthony Pantaleno; Crisis Prevention Specialist w/ LISPAN Celia Ann Vollmer; Disaster Action Captain, Citizens’ Preparedness Corps Andrew M. McCaffery; Evacuation Coordinator, SC Comm. Emergency Response Team Ellen Edelstein; SCPD Civilian Acadamy Member and Spokesperson, and many more.

We were pleased to report that our much anticipated first Annual Safety Fair was a success. We were able to offer a wide variety of topics and speakers, and despite some setbacks, present an overall thorough informational on our topic of safety and the library/employee. In addition, we were able to provide over forty attendees both breakfast and lunch for under $200, thanks in part to the generous contributions of the Brentwood Public Library and members of the SSD Board. Thank you to all of our presenters, contributors and those who attended, we had a lot of fun.

On Friday, November 18, 2016 the Monthly Board Meeting will be held, location TBD. We will be discussing our final member slate for 2017 and asking for a special election, feedback from our Annual Safety Fair, as well as our upcoming annual luncheon in December.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported. On Thursday, October 13, 2016 Chris Shoemaker of YALSA presented at SCLS on YALSA’s Future Report. The report was based on a forum created to get people talking about Teen Services. The report discussed what small steps can be taken and also what larger ideas can be utilized in the future to be sure that Teens are being served both efficiently and effectively. There were 26 people in attendance and we got all positive feedback about the program.

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, the YASD will hold a meeting at SCLS revolving around using social media for programs to promote the library. Social media platforms to be discussed include Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.

On Thursday, December 1st the YASD will hold its annual December Luncheon at the Outerbanks Restaurant in Riverhead, beginning at noon. The speaker will be Nova Ren Suma, author of The Walls Around Us, 17 and Gone, Imaginary Girls and more. There will be a great selection of raffles and the winners of the Teen Librarian Awards will be announced. The 2017 YASD Board Members will be welcomed into the Board.


ANNUAL DINNER:  Michele Cayea reported. Michele went to the venue; the Meadow Club is very accommodating. There are two raffle drums, an easel, and a podium microphone, along with a space for the DJ. Michele received an additional $100 donation. Registration is doing well, currently there are 72 people signed up, we need to reach 100, but Michele would like to reach a 125 total. Martha Mikkleson will be helping with center pieces. Jeri and Lissetty each have a case of picture frames available for Michele and Julie will know after the NYLA conference. Donations currently total $2100.

ARCHIVES: No report.

CIVIL SERVICE: Jeri Cohen reported. The workshop at the Brentwood Library went very well. Two representatives from different departments spoke about the tests, the rules and the definitions of positions. 20 people attended.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Martha Mikkleson reported. We have the marines coming to the Annual Dinner for Toys for Tots, so please bring toys. Habitat Humanity will attend, and we will be having a 50/50 raffle this year for their benefit.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported. All attendance sheets received to date have been entered into the database.

ELSA:  Katherine Regina reported. ELSA announced the winner, have collected a gift card, and the plaque is complete. ELSA is prepared for the Annual Dinner. Katherine is looking for contact information for Michael Alloy, his information is lost due to the closing of Dowling, Bruce Seger may have the information.



LDA AWARD:  No report.

LEGISLATIVE:  Samantha Alberts reported. Thank you for the support for this year’s Legislative Breakfast. The final bill has been submitted, at a total of approximately 720 dollars. We would like to thank the Longwood Library and staff for a beautiful event. The attendance was over 80 at the Longwood Public Library Legislative Breakfast. The following Legislators attended: Thiele, Murray, Graf, Saladino, LaValle. The following Legislators sent aides: Flanagan, Croci, Boyle, Venditto. We are now looking towards the New Year. If anyone would like a copy of the video that was shown at the Breakfast, please contact Samantha.

We ask that you save the date, Wednesday, March 1, 2017 for Advocacy day. The committee would like to request $2500.00 for the bus and hospitality. SCLA does not currently have the money to support the bus; people will have to pay to use the bus. Samantha noted the cost of the charters is about $2000, individuals will have to pay; Samantha will get the figures for individual cost.

LONG ISLAND LIBRARY CONFERENCE:   Jeri Cohen reported. LILC sent an email to Jeri saying they were ready to sign a contract with the Marriott, needing $5000 for the deposit. Jeri responded noting that we do not have the money, and has yet to hear back from LILC. If the bill went to NYLA we would have heard because there is currently no money in the account to cover it, nor has Jeri or Jose signed anything.


MEMBERSHIP: Rosemary Martilotta reported. Statistics for October 2016 are delayed; they will be available at the upcoming meeting. As of October 2016, SCLA has 406 members. Please contact Rosemary for membership lists or mailing lists. Miranda Hatziangelou inquired for Tracy Musial regarding her membership, Tracy joined in late October, and was listed as not a member as of the joining date of this year, she did not get a year out of her membership. Membership expiration reminders go out quarterly along with NYLA’s plan.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported. Thank you to all who have submitted blurbs for the newsletter. There are several who have not submitted, Jen needs the information by Monday, October 24. This can encompass anything since the last newsletter, and anything upcoming until February. Jeri noted we need a help wanted for the student outreach chair.

NOMINATING:  No report.

SCHOLARSHIPTeri Hatred reported. On October 17, 2016 the Scholarship Awards and Raffle were discussed. The deadline to receive completed applications for the SCLA Continuing Education Award for Library Support Staff was on October 1, 2016. We received one completed application. The raffle books have been distributed and we are already receiving completed books and donations. Please let Teri know if the venue has a raffle drum available or if she needs to reserve one prior to the Annual Dinner.




WEB PAGE:  Stephen Ingram reported. Thank you to Julie Delaney for reminding the need for updating the newsletters on the website. Everything is up to date.


CLASC: No report.

LILRC:  No report.

NCLA:  No report.

PLDA:  No report.

SCLS: Samantha Alberts reported. Regarding electronic resources, SCLS is looking into the resources and what the core resources are. They would like to stress that if Reference staff has strong feelings about resources to please let their directors know, and have the information relayed to SCLS.

SCLS had a meeting at the Elwood Library on October 19, 2016, on October, 25 at 2:00pm SCLS will be at Lindenhurst, and on the 26th they will be at Westhampton. These meetings are set to discuss the live-brary updated site and resources.

On November 19th, Matthew from Library Journal will be discussing E-books at SCLS, all are welcome.

NYLA: Jeri Cohen reported. There is no October meeting, so there is no report. Todd Schlitt is taking over as NYLA liaison starting in November. We will both be at the NYLA Council meeting on November 2, 2016.


Sarah Fade cannot attend.

Lissetty Thomas will start working with Michele Cayea to prepare for the Annual Dinner, specifically help is needed in creating the center pieces.

Julie Delaney reported. Everything is all set for the upcoming NYLA Conference. SCLA Programs are: Building Relationships and Connecting with Parents, I Can’t Even, Exploring New Adult Fiction and NYLA Sustainability Initiative. SCLA Co-Sponsored Programs are: Dollar Store makerspace, Teen Led Libraries Beyond, Beer @ Your Library, Motivated Your Staff for Free, Making Your Library Accessible, Increasing Your Circulation and Show It Off. SCLA is also sponsoring the Saturday Morning Breakfast put on by the Information Freedom Roundtable. Our trade booth is taken care of. Julie has the ribbons, giveaways, membership applications, dinner flyers, program flyers, etc. but is in need of the banners and tablecloth. If there is anything else you think we should have at the table, including “display” type items, please contact Julie. We still need volunteers to man the tradeshow booth. See Julie if you are going to NYLA and can help out.

As of right now we are under the $2,000 budget, will confirm a few numbers with the Treasurer.

Samantha Alberts will assist with banner; it is on the lending library through SCLS.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jose Hernandez reported. Justine Berretta is taking over as the Treasurer. For divisions, do the divisions receive treasurer’s report? Please check with your division’s treasurer to make sure they are getting reports, there have been issues with who is receiving emails, so let Jose know if your treasurer is not receiving reports. Jose has the reports for divisions as of September. Stephen suggests that SCLA should ask for money from the divisions if we are still short on budget; if the divisions can help to kick start the conference at the very least that is a step in the right direction.

Julie Delaney suggested that NCLA place the deposit for the Annual Library Conference as their budget is healthier than ours.

Jeri will look at where each division stands financially and see where to ask for donations from.

OLD BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen reported. Jeri discussed our organizational membership proposal with Kevin Verbesey and he thinks it is a workable plan, and asked us to present to the directors at their December meeting.

Jeri then contacted Jeremy Johanneson to discuss adding the joint membership discussion to the agenda for the November NYLA council meeting. He thanks us for approving going forward with the joint membership, but insists that we, as a chapter of NYLA, cannot have our own stand-alone organizational membership. Both Laura and I have tried to convince him that as a chapter, we should not be treated as a section; we already have our own dues structure and membership roster separate from NYLA. He is basing this on Article III, Section II of the NYLA bylaws. We, of course, have our own bylaws which do not prohibit setting up new membership categories, although we would need his board and the membership’s approval.

We are a regional chapter of NYLA, SCLA has its own bylaws, and membership categories. It is possible that Jeremy has flaws in his logic. Stephen Ingram suggests writing a letter to NYLA, and has all the division heads to sign the petition. Thus, a division head meeting will be held to do so. Meanwhile, Jeri is going to ask to be taken off the agenda for the December meeting, this process will be a work in progress. Debbie Emerson is elected on the Board, and so she will need to be copied on all information; Stephen suggest we contact the whole Board, rather than just Jeremy. The Board changes over in November, and so we will wait until the next year to present this issue to the Board. We need to update our by-laws, and then ask for information from NYLA, if it does not exist, we re-negotiate.

Stephen Ingram reported to ask for RASD member-at-large regarding Annual Dinner, wants to know if there is a separate cash reserve for SCLA so that the member does not have to put out money for the Dinner. Jeri Cohen said that we do not have separate checking accounts. Samantha Alberts suggests using an entity, for example see if your library is willing to give the money and bill SCLA afterwards so that the individual is not financially responsible.

Miranda Hatziangelou has the example of the SCLA cards, they will be credit card sized. Kelvin created the card; we simply need someone on our end to manage.

NEW BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen reported. What we lost when we merged with NYLA and the secretary took over the membership duties; we lost the individual who manages only the membership. We should recreate that position. This would be a new board position, the membership committee chair. This would consist of getting the lists from the secretary regarding who is a new member, and who needs a reminder. A vote was taken, unanimous; we are going to create the position. Jeri will look into what needs to be changed in the by-laws and rules; it should just be an addition of a description of the position.

Meeting adjourned at 11:13am.

December 16

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, December 16, 2016

IN ATTENDANCE: Rosemary Martilotta, Jeri Cohen, Laura Panter, Stephen Ingram, Michele Cayea, Lissetty Thomas, Justine Berretta, Virginia Antonucci-Gibbons, Kate Regina, Paula Bornstein, Jennifer Rocco, Myrna Velez, Sara Fade, Casey Fehn, Kevin McCoy, Stefanie Gangone, Jose Hernandez

CALL TO ORDER:   Jose Hernandez called the meeting to order at 10:02 am. The October 2016 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Michele Cayea moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Jose Hernandez seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jeri Cohen reported.


– Welcome to the last meeting of 2016.  Thank you to last year’s board for all their help, and best of luck to the incoming board!

– Please enjoy breakfast.

– I want to remind everyone that the SCLS listservs will not be functioning as of January 1.  They are being replaced by discussion forms.  You will need to set up a call center account by emailing help@suffolknet.org.   The SCLA listservs, which run through NYLA are not affected by this change, nor is the LI-LIB listserv which runs through Suffolk Community College.

We have continued working with the LILC committee to get the best contract possible this year, and ensure that the conference is profitable going forward.  A conference call was held with the Committee Head, Elaine Cummings-Young, Committee Treasurer, Brian Adams, Jose Hernandez and Jeremy Johanessen of NYLA on where to negotiate and make this happen. Jose and I met with the incoming and outgoing presidents of PLDA.  We hope this will lead to a more robust relationship and better communication in the future. I have year-end financial statements for the last four years.  I didn’t want to make so many copies.  If you are interested, please email me and I will forward them. Thank you to all the divisions that transferred funds to the SCLA Miscellaneous fund to cover our shortfall.


DASL: Virginia Antonucci-Gibbons reported. DASL will be contributing $500 to SCLA. The annual luncheon was held at the Vanderbilt museum, and was a wonderful event with approximately 20 people in attendance. A tour followed the event, along with a light show.

RASD: Stephen Ingram reported. The last meeting was December 6th at the Deer Park Library for the November 10 SCLA dinner: the opening appetizer was a tomato slice mozzarella dish, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Just enough bite to get the palette interested. The main course was a chicken Marsala, presented with side vegetables and potatoes. The chicken was tender, easy to cut and presented nicely, vegetable and potatoes were nice compliments to the meal. Desert was a standard, sugary, cake. Almost a letdown. They should have finished stronger with a chocolate, or pastry in my opinion.  The incoming RASD board was announced as follows:

Lauren Bernat: President

Candace Hope: Vice President

Stephen Ingram: Past President

Katie McIntyre: Secretary

Maureen Nicolazzi: Treasurer

Stephen Ingram and Maureen Nicollazzi met on November 18 at the Patchogue-Medford Library with division heads and boards to discuss the SCLA deficit of funds for library conference. On November 21 RASD board members voted for transferring $1000 to the SCLA board. This was approved. On December 5 the transfer of $1000 from RASD was completed.

C.A.R.E.: Nicole reported that the last committee was on November 17. There was a speaker from the Small Business Development Center at Stony Brook who was excellent and provided a lot of good information. They asked if it’s possible to distribute information on our listserv.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 16 at SCLS. Coffee at 2:00pm and meeting at 2:30 pm.

Electronic Resources: Dave reported that the next Electronic Resources Committee meeting is Thursday, December 8 at the Emma Clark Memorial Library. The discussion will be “What is Virtual Reality and How Does It Fit in My Library?”

*Health Concerns:  Sal reported that there will be a meeting in early 2017 to discuss next year’s topic and to plan some other programs for the calendar year.

Historian: Robert reported that all information is currently up-to-date.

Long Island History: Inez reported that the Program Showcase is still planned for April 27, 2017 at SCLS from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm.

The annual trip will be to the Three Village Historical Society in early June.

Long Island Reads: Beth reported that the committee continues to plan for the April 23, 2017 author event with Erik Larson at CW Post. They are considering using a shuttle to help attendees get to the event location. Both the programming guide and book discussion guides have been distributed to the libraries.

January 11 will be the next committee meeting.

RASD Membership: Wendy reported that as of December 4 there are 176 members.

M.O.S.A.I.C.: Gilda reported that Shyconia Burden, a representative from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, is very willing to work with libraries and do presentations for free.

The next M.O.S.A.I.C. meeting will be January 17 at SCLS. A representative from L.I. Latino Magazine and T.V. will be at the meeting. The organization is very active in social media; this is a great way to reach out to the community.

Amber also reminded the group that it’s important for all libraries to try and submit a book review for Noticia. That way all libraries are represented and not just the same 3 or 4.

New Adult Committee: Lissetty reported that the last committee meeting in November had changed to a reorganization meeting. The next meeting will be at Patchogue-Medford Library on January 23. There will be speaker from Sachem Library discussing D.I.Y. ideas for new adults.

O.A.R.S: Cindy reported that their last committee meeting featured a speaker from the Arthritis Foundation and they are willing to come and talk to other libraries. Contact information will go out on the list serv.

The next committee meeting will be on December 7 at the West Islip Public Library and the topic will be about how to use Talking Books.

PR and Marketing: Jo-Ann reported that they presented the SLMA award to the winner at the SCLA dinner. The Directors received letters if their libraries had submitted an entry. Thank you notes went out to the judges. Joan has also updated the blog.

The next meeting will be on January 26 at the East Islip Public Library. This is a great meeting to attend as all the marketing strategies for the SLMA award will be discussed from those who entered.

Programs: Nassau RASD president, Cindy Nielsen, that their Board are supporting Nancy Dowd to present her program, “Are you Struggling to Promote your Online Resources?”

She would present ideas about marketing library online resources. Nancy is the co-author of ALA’s bestselling book, Bite-Sized Marketing and writes for Library Journal. She is past-chair of ALA Public Awareness Committee and has spoken on the topic of marketing throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. She has won many marketing awards in her previous position as Director of Marketing for the New Jersey State Library including the John Cotton Dana Award. She would speak for free; EBSCO would cover the costs for everything.

Ramblings: Wendy reported that the last issue went out on November 21. Please continue to submit your write-ups. Wendy also suggested adding a program resource list to Ramblings.

Reader’s Advisory: Azuree reported that the next meeting is Thursday, January 26 at SCLS. 9:30 am coffee/tea, 10:00 am meeting. The topic will be non-fiction.

Webpage: Wonda has been posting items on the website as she sees them. If you have any items that you would like posted on the RASD website please forward them to her. A suggestion was to include any professional development resources as well.

RASD upcoming meetings are scheduled on the following dates:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at SCLS in Bellport

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at SCLS in Bellport

Tuesday, March 3, 2017 at SCLS in Bellport

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at SCLS in Bellport

No May meeting: LI Library Conference on May 4, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2016 at Sag Harbor Public Library

No meeting in July

Tuesday, August 8, 2016 at SCLS

September: Annual Dinner & Meeting

Thursday, October 3, 2017 at SCLS in Bellport

Tuesday, November 14, 2016 at SCLS in Bellport

Tuesday, December 5, 2016 at SCLS in Bellport

If your library would like to host a meeting, please let Stephen know.

CATS: Steven Burg reported. Annual joint TIF/CATs meeting on December 7, 2016 with 64 attendees, it was a meeting about cyber-security. On the 7th the $500 transfer to SCLA was approved, and the paperwork went to Galina at NYLA on the 9th of December.

SSD:  Miranda Hatziangelou reported. On November 18, 2016 at SCLS, the SSD Board voted and approved to set aside $50 for SCLA. We will transfer the funds upon request, and apologize for the small amount.

On December 8, 2016 at the Harbor Crab in Patchogue, the Board Meeting & Annual Luncheon was held. SSD Board put out a call for nominations for Vice President/President Elect for a vacant Member-at-Large position.  In addition, Kelvin Carrion, SSD Member-at-Large and Web designer at the Brentwood Public Library has completed SSD Membership cards.  He has made two versions, one with hash marks indicating where to cut, one without; samples will circulate.

On January 20, 2017 the next Board Meeting will be held at SCLS.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported. On Wednesday, November 9, 2016 the YASD held a meeting focusing on how to use social media for marketing and library programs. We had librarians discuss different ways that they use social media in their libraries in successful ways. People presented on how they use Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram, and making YouTube videos with the teens.

On Thursday, December 1, 2016 the YASD held its annual December Luncheon. The luncheon was held at the Outerbanks Restaurant in Riverhead. We had a turnout of 40 people, which was our goal. Our speaker was YA author Nova Ren Suma. She spoke about how important the library was to her when she was growing up without much money as a place where she could go and be surrounded by all of her favorite authors and hoped that she too could one day be an author whose books are on library shelves. She also stressed the importance of libraries today in a world where things are constantly changing and teens need a safe place to be able to go and feel comfortable regardless of their skin tone, economic class, or sexual orientation. She was incredibly friendly and an excellent speaker. We held the “Teen Librarian Awards” and named four librarians of awards including Display of the Year, Best Community Service Program, Most Successful Program, and Most Creative Program. All who were nominated were deserving and it was excellent to see first-hand how hard working YA librarians are. This was the first year that the YASD had a December Luncheon Committee and it was a great help to the board and also a great success. We are looking forward to doing this again in the future.

The YASD will be holding a Town Hall style meeting on Thursday, January 12, 2016 at SCLS.  At this meeting people will get to know the 2017 YASD Board.  They will also have the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns with the board.  It is a great way for people to let us know what kind of programs they would like to see the YASD do this year and in the future.


ANNUAL DINNER: Michele Cayea reported. The dinner was very successful, the goal set was to have 125 people registered, and there were 130 in attendance. Donations worked out well, people were pleased with the venue. Thank you to all who helped with the event. The venue and extras were paid, but it looks like the Annual Dinner turned a profit for SCLA.

ARCHIVES: No report.



CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported. All attendance sheets received to date have been entered into the database.

ELSA:  Katherine Regina. Certificates have been sent out. Kate will be staying on for another year.

FANDOM OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Stefanie Gangone reported. On November 11, 2016 table at LI WHO where they handed out flyers about libraries who are having upcoming conventions, the overdrive media station, and a 3D printer. They were hiding the objects around the convention. There were QR code games that were hidden around the convention. Some panels were the future of libraries: it’s not your grandmother’s library anymore, STEAM, books that stand the test of time, debates on why a classic is not a classic anymore, and what the classics of the future will be, and the most successful is the dolek protection plan with Nick Briggs. This discussion was about protecting yourself from the dolek invasion.

Ribbons were passed out at the convention, which read “it was a book first”. The convention attendees want to receive all off the ribbons of the convention, and it works as a great promotional tool.

Tech camp, with robots Dash & Dot from the Copiague Library, coding, 3D printing, and a makey makey kit were also panels at the conference.

LI Geek will be at the Hyatt Regency this year on April 22-23.   Librarians that would like to help, run panels, work tables, etc are needed. Working on a panel called Battle of the Houses, playing off of the Hogwarts schools in Harry Potter. There will be another QR scavenger hunt. There will be a meeting in early 2017 to discuss what they plan to do for the future.


LDA AWARD:  Paula Bornstein reported. On May 4, 2017 the Presentation of the LDA Library Award will be announced at the Long Island Conference by Art Friedman. Canvassing for candidates for the 2017 LDA Library Award will begin in January 2017. SCLA is responsible for conducting the search and managing the selection this year. I left a voice mail for Art Friedman asking who the new NCLA chairperson will be since Marcia Olsen has retired. Once I find out whom it is I will contact him/her to set things up. I would like to prepare the brochure, have it printed, and mailed out by the end of January. Also, the electronic copy of the brochure will need to be updated on our webpage. The tentative date for entries to be submitted is March 20th, with the election results in from the committee members in by April 17th.

Board action needed, expenditure of approximately $400 for printing of LDA Library Award brochures.

LEGISLATIVE: Samantha Alberts reported via email. We remind everyone that Advocacy day is Wednesday, March 1, 2017. The committee would like to request $2025.00 for the bus.  The Legislative Committee is actively requesting donations for hospitality that day. Not requesting food this year.

Stephen made a motion to donate the money to advocacy day, Laura Panter seconded.

LONG ISLAND LIBRARY CONFERENCE: Brian Adams reported via email. The Long Island Library Conference Committee last met on Monday December 12th, at the Suffolk Cooperative Library System.

We are proud to announce that library media specialist Kimberly-Celeste “K.C.” Boyd, MA, MEd, MLIS, will be giving the keynote address for the 2017 conference. Please visit the Long Island Library Conference 2017 website – libconference.org for her complete, and very interesting, bio.

Program submissions are underway and a few programs have already been submitted. Please remind your divisions and committees to get your programs submissions in soon. There are 24 programming slots to fill (8 rooms X 3 sessions = 24), and as always, we try to present a variety of programs of interest to all attendees.

All registration rates, both vendors and attendees, have been raised slightly this year. Modifications have also been made in the food offerings.

Vendor registration opens imminently; attendee registration will begin very, very soon. There is an early bird registration period which we hope people will take full advantage of. Under consideration this year is the idea of corporate sponsorship. Please visit our website often:libconference.org for the latest information.

On another note, to correct reports regarding the $5000 deposit for the Marriott: As has been done in past years, NYLA puts out the money for the Marriott deposit and collects the funds back when registration monies begin to come in for the Conference.  These funds begin to be received after January 1st when registration commences. It is not a case of SCLA or NCLA putting out the funds.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at adamsbster@gmail.com

SCLA would like a listing of the meeting dates for the upcoming year and there is a need to implement a liaison to attend the meetings. Division heads will attend the meetings. Suggested that the committee create minutes for the SCLA website.


MEMBERSHIP: Rosemary Martilotta reported. As of November 2016, SCLA has 429 members.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported. Jennifer would like to ask the group a few survey questions from the NYLA Communications Committee.

-Who is responsible for the social media account? Stephen Ingram runs the webpage, but no current social media outlets. Facebook not open for non-admins to post.

-No Facebook group, etc.

-SCLA web content is done by Stephen, no part in NYLA web content

-Communications is run by Jennifer Rocco

-How do we share information with our membership, listserv, email distribution, newsletter. Very little printed information.

-Communication options through NYLA – member email list, go to meeting used for NYLA meetings

-SCLA list serv run through NYLA

-URL= SCLA.net

-Our board communicates through the NYLA email list, and regular email

-Simpler online registration, and modernization and update of their website would better our communications

NOMINATING: No report.

SCHOLARSHIP: Teri Hatred reported via email. The SCLA Awards were handed out at the dinner on November 10, 2016 to Kaitlin Brand (SCLA Scholarship Award) and Aurora Maravalli (Support Staff Award). Raffle sales were down this year. However, only $399.55 was spent from the allotted budget of $1000.00 and raffle sales totaled $670.00 resulting in a profit of $270.45.

Due to my position as President for the Support Staff Division in 2017, I will be stepping down as Chairperson of the Scholarship committee.  I have let my committee members know and hopefully one of them will volunteer as Chair.

This is a great benefit for our membership and it’s been a pleasure enabling membership to pursue their education and careers.




WEB PAGE:   Stephen Ingram reported. The webpage has been updated to make it very clear how to join SCLA, offering the printout and the online sign up sheet; hopefully this will make access to joining SCLA easier. Stephen needs dates for the upcoming SCLA meetings, and the division meetings to add to the website.


CLASC: No report.

LILRC: Virginia Antonucci-Gibbons reported. LILRC is working on the calendar for next year. There will be some digitization workshops coming up in February and March, the programs are listed on the web page. The division has begun working on the libraries of the future. The archives meeting with be on October 6, but the venue has not been set, however, it will be in Nassau, as they rotate from year to year between Nassau and Suffolk. All other workshops are listed on the homepage. Virginia will be retiring as of April of this year, but will stay on SCLA.

NCLA:  No report.

PLDA: Sue Goldberg reported. Thank you to Jeri for an interesting year, and congratulations on your Presidency, and good luck to Jose on his new year. PLDA is working on their speaker for the LILC. Jamie Papandrea is President, Kelly Harris is the Vice President, Jenn Fowler is Secretary, and Roger Powell is the Treasurer for the upcoming year.

SCLS: No report.

NYLA: No report.

MEMBERS AT LARGE:  Julie Delaney reported via email. The 2016 NYLA Conference, held November 2-5, in Saratoga Springs was the most successful conference to date. The three NYLA sponsored programs were well attended. The Intellectual Freedom breakfast that SCLA co-sponsored was well attended and the speaker was well received.  Building Relationships and Connecting with Parents had 100 attendees; Sustainability Initiative had 119 attendees; Exploring Fiction for Emerging Adults had 40 attendees. Program evaluations were sent to our presenters, as well as the SCLA president.  Julie sent thank you letters to our presenters.

The total expenses for the 2016 Conference were $1616.77, $387.23 under budget.

The Trade Show booth giveaways were a big hit and a lot of connections were made at the booth.  Many NYLA members outside of Long Island do not know who SCLA is, so it is a great way to get our name out there.

Programming for the 2017 NYLA Conference is underway.  The theme for next year’s conference is Choose Your Own Adventure.  The conference will be in Saratoga Springs from, November 8th-11th, 2017.  I have typed up my transition statement along with a timeline for the incoming member-at-large.  I will also send the incoming person a USB drive with all my documents from 2015 & 2016.

Michele Cayea reported. Thank you to Jeri Cohen and Laura Panter for a successful year.

Lissetty Thomas, no report.

Sara Fade, no report. Start with updating the Welcome to SCLA Board pamphlet.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Justine Beretta confirmed the $1000 transfer from RASD with Galina, and she will check on the CATS, DASL, and YASD transfer.

OLD BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen reported. All outgoing board members should have their transition forms completed for the incoming officers so they know what to expect this year regarding duties and ongoing projects.  If you have not yet done so, please email the forms to Jose.

NEW BUSINESS:  Jeri Cohen reported. Good luck to the incoming board!

Upcoming SCLA 2017 meeting dates:

January 20th, 2017

February 17th, 2017

March 17th, 2017

April 21st, 2017

No May meeting

June 16th, 2017

No meeting in July

August 18th, 2017

September 15th, 2017

October 20th, 2017

No meeting in November (annual dinner)

December 15th, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 11:02am.