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Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, January 20, 2017 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Kristen Todd-Wurm, Jeri Cohen, Stephen Ingram, Lissetty Thomas, Justine Berretta, Jennifer Rocco, Myrna Velez, Casey Fehn, Jose Hernandez, Emily Warren, Lauren Bernat, Brian Adams, Chris DeCristofaro, Steve Alcade, Todd Schlitt, Virginia Antonucci-Gibbons, Samantha Alberts, Teri Hatred, Min Liu

CALL TO ORDER:   Kristen Todd-Wurm called the meeting to order at 10:02 am. The December 2016 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Jose Hernandez moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Kirsten Todd-Wurm seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Jose Hernandez thanked everyone for the first meeting of the year.

Housekeeping: Jose Hernandez reiterated to all that the SCLS listservs are all down as of January 1. He asked that all sign up for the NYLA listserv or the LI-Lib listserv to receive information about library events.

Jose Hernandez is encouraging all programs to be posted to the SCLA Events on our page. Please e-mail Jose if there is something you want to be posted. At the moment this is ad-hoc with regards to what we post; we don’t have a Social Media policy in place. Jose would like to explore this further as New Business.

Jose Hernandez shared a draft of a letter which could go with the business cards. He thanked Kelvin Carrion from the Brentwood Public library for making the business cards. Jose thanked the divisions for transferring funds to the General Fund. As of yesterday Jose approved the quarterly transfer of dues to each division, which is $400 to each division and $500 to SSD, plus dues proportionate to each member’s primary division. The treasurer’s report may reflect that change.

Jose encouraged everyone to attend advocacy day, taking place on March 1st.  Jose reiterated how important it is to be present and have our lawmakers understand how important libraries are to education.

We have vacancies for two chairs: The Scholarship Committee and Jose received the resignation of Joanne Albano from the Long Range Planning Committee earlier this month. Please contact Kristen Todd-Wurm for more information about these two committee vacancies.

For those who have never sat on a Board or worked in a nonprofit before, Jose briefly explained what it is. A nonprofit uses surplus revenue to further achieve its purpose, rather than distribute surplus revenue to shareholders or board members as profit or dividend. It doesn’t mean that we are not allowed to make a profit.

Running a nonprofit is one of the most challenging things anyone ever has to do, because no one can do it on their own. Seeing this diverse set of talented people Jose is confident that we can have a successful year.


DASL: No report.

RASD: Lauren Bernat reported.

The 2017 RASD Board welcomed Vice President Candace Hope at the meeting on Tuesday, January 10.

Long Island Reads: Long Island Reads has arranged for a bus to take residents of Suffolk County to the 2017 event on Sunday, April 23 at Recital Hall on the C.W. Post Campus in Brookville. Registration begins on March 15.

Long Island History: The Long Island History Committee will be hosting their history programmer’s showcase on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at SCLS.

New Adult Committee: The New Adult Committee will be having a meeting on Monday, January 23 at the Patchogue-Medford Library. The speaker will be Andrew Mihopulos, who will be talking about how to build new programs and engage the DIY community in the library.

RASD Webmaster Wonda Miller has updated the RASD website to include a general resource page, featuring links to professional development, local publications and organizations.

CATS: Chris DeCristofaro reported.

The Board had its first meeting of the year with new board members and officers on January 11, 2017.  We discussed programming for the upcoming year, established a digital archive with Google, preparing the quarterly newsletter, how to communicate now that the listserv is gone.  There was also discussion of both the LILC and NYLA conferences and the types of CATS sponsored presentations that are planned.

The next CATS Board Meeting will be on February 15, 2017 at SCLS.

TIF: Chris DeCristofaro reported.

TIF held a Round Table discussion on January 5 at the Islip Public Library, for participants to discuss their biggest technology successes of 2016.  We had 24 participants that discussed successes such as adding new technology, new calendaring systems, access points, print solutions for patrons, phone system and copying upgrades just to name a few.

The next TIF meeting is scheduled for February 2, 2017 at the Longwood Public Library.  Barbara, a representative from B&N is tentatively scheduled to present on all they can do to provide maker space electronics and materials to help libraries grow.

SSD:  Teri Hatred reported.

The Support Staff Division will be meeting today at 2p.m. We have submitted a topic for the LILC but have not heard if we have a spot on the program roster. We needto let our presenter know if they need to hold the date for us. We requested a morning slot. Brian Adams responded that e-mails will be going out confirming spots. SSD is planning to coordinate our Joint Annual Roundtable with our NCLA counterparts. We want to do more cross county events. More details to come.

SSD will be hosting another Safety Fair in October – details are still being worked out. Last year’s Safety Fair was a success and SSD is hoping to make it an annual event. Many of the same presenters and vendors are coming back.  We would like to make it an annual event.

SSD may need to have a vote for two open positions: Vice President/President Elect and Member-at-Large. Teri Hatred asked if Jeremy Johannsen from NYLA had to be contacted. Teri was told that a special election might need to be held.  Jeri Cohen advised Teri to check the bylaws.  It may be possible to assign interims.  Contact Jose Hernandez if not able to assign and a special election is needed.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported.

On Thursday, January 12, the YASD held a Town Hall meeting at SCLS to hear from YA Librarians about what programs they would like to see happen in the coming year.  Despite there being only 8 people in attendance other than the YASD Board, they brought up a lot of very good program ideas and we were able to use them to plan out the entire year with programs.

Upcoming Programs:

 On Thursday, February 2, 2017, the Suffolk and Nassau County YASDs will be holding their annual Joint YASD Meeting at SCLS from 10 am- noon.  The meeting will be focusing on ways to build your career.  There will be a panel of librarians that will be speaking about how they used experience as an adjunct professor, a book reviewer, presenting at conferences, and joining committees to boost their careers.  This is a great meeting for anyone who works in the library that would like tips on building their career.

On Thursday, March 9, from 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. the YASD will be holding the annual Fran Romer Booktalk Workshop.  This year the theme for the workshop is “Stories Retold” and the guest speaker is going to be YA Author of The Grimm Legacy Series, Polly Shulman.  We are currently looking for book discussion leaders, so if anyone is interested, please contact Michelle Cayea of the Patchogue Medford Library. This workshop will be at the Brentwood Public Library.


ANNUAL DINNER: Lissetty Thomas reported. She will be requesting the report from the last annual dinner.

ARCHIVES: No report.

CIVIL SERVICE:   Kristen Todd-Wurm was asked by a CLASC liaison to speak to the SCLS Board about a proposal that CLASC has been working on.  The proposal is for a process to award librarians taking Librarian 1 and Librarian II tests up to 5 points for membership and involvement in professional organizations.  The librarian tests would continue to be the standard tests by Suffolk Civil Service but organization membership could be a way for test takers to be granted additional points and also gain organization experience.

CLASC is seeking feedback from SCLA and possible partnership.  When the proposal is finalized, the next step would be to meet with PLDA for support of the proposal.

Kristen will send an email with proposal to SCLA Board for feedback.


CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported.

All attendance sheets received to date have been entered into database.

ELSA:   No report.



LDA AWARD:  Paula Bornstein reported via email.  Paula confirmed that Marcia Olsen who retired from the Levittown Public Library will continue to be the NCLA LDA chairperson for 2017.

Paula will be receiving a set of mailing labels to send out the brochures through the SCLS system bags.

Brian Adams raised the question of why is there a cost of $400 for printing LDA brochures since the award is from a publishing company.  He asked why doesn’t LDA pay for it.  At next meeting Paula may be able to address this question. Jeri Cohen added that there may not be a need to print anything with online access to information.

LEGISLATIVE: Samantha Alberts reported.

Samantha thanked the Board and Divisions for providing the funds for the bus on Advocacy Day. Sign-ups for the bus continue to come in. The sign-up forms went out on SCLA list serv.

This year the arrival time will be earlier in order to ensure that appointments are not missed. Please contact Samantha if you still want to go.

Kevin Verbesey sent an email about advocacy for libraries. The budget cuts the Governor has proposed have large implications to libraries. There is a NYLA Online Advocacy Center that library supporters can use to send letters to legislators. We need to advocate for libraries. Come on the bus or send a letter to legislators.


The conference committee met on December 12th at SCLS and most recently, on January 17th at the Melville Marriott.

At the January meeting, we reviewed and finalized the programs for the 2017 Conference – all 24 slots. The full program listing should be posted to the website very soon. Please look for it at www.libconference.org.

As usual, preference has been given to the sponsoring groups within our organizations, after all, they are the ones who produce the programs for us all.

We try to have programs for all the Conference’s participants:

Adult, Teen, Children’s, Academic and Special, Support Staff, School, Administrators, and Technology.

It is a slightly daunting task; there are certain predictions that must be made as to what programs will draw more attendees and, of course, we all know that the venue has a few smaller sized rooms.

We hope that everyone will be satisfied.

Registration is underway for Vendor booths. Ad sales for the program is also underway. There are 63 vendor slots available and 22 have been taken as of Tuesday.

Corporate sponsorship letters will be e-mailed very shortly. Vendors that can’t attend may want to sponsor this event.  It is the first year we are doing this. Brian is optimistic.  We have never had corporate sponsorship before.

Early bird registration for attendees began January 1st and ends March 3rd. Registration continues after March 3, but at slightly higher rates.

There is a discount on Conference Registration for members of SCLA and NCLA, this is, and has always been, a perk and an inducement to being a member of SCLA and NCLA.

As has been done in the past, all Registration goes through NYLA.

We hope that you will all attend; if you have any dealings with vendors please ask that they consider taking a booth or an ad, or consider becoming a corporate sponsor.

Please also encourage all your colleagues to attend.

Our next meeting will be on February 14th at 10am at the Great Neck Public Library. All are welcome to attend.

Any questions? Please contact Elaine Cummings-Young, Chairperson at

ecummingsyoung@bellmorelibrary.org or Brian Adams, Treasurer at


We would also like to remind everyone that the conference is a joint collaboration between the Nassau County Library Association and the Suffolk County Library Association. We need positive support from us all in order to ensure that the 2017 Long Island Library Conference is a success.

Steve Ingram suggested that there be links on LILC page for SCLA and NCLA for users to join the associations. Brian advised to send the links and logos to get those on the page.


MEMBERSHIP: Myrna Velez reported. As of December 2016, SCLA has 435 members.

The NYLA membership committee had a conference call on January 17, 2017.  A member survey is being considered in order to understand more clearly what member expectations are from membership.  The goal is to improve member retention.

Jeri Cohen is working on getting a membership chair. Jeri reported that cards will have membership dates expirations.

Brian Adams requested a membership report for March – April for LILC.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported.  Please have all newsletter submission blurbs emailed to Jennifer Rocco no later than Monday, January 23 – send to jrocco@brookhavenfreelibrary.org

The newsletter is a good way to advertise committee meetings. A picture of the Executive Board was taken to include in the newsletter.

NOMINATING: Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.  We are looking for people who want to run for the 2018 Executive Board.  Interested individuals should contact Kristen.

SCHOLARSHIP: No report. no chair


STUDENT OUTREACH: No report. No chair.


WEB PAGE:   Stephen Ingram reported.

Updated SCLA website, checking all links, getting input from members on changes to wording on site.

Board members and minutes have been updated.

Dates have been added to the SCLA calendar. Please send any events/board meetings to sclacalendar@gmail.com.

Dates of SCLA events will be posted every month to the listserv.

Posting information to Facebook page.


CLASC: CLASC has been working on a proposal for extra credit for Librarian I and Librarian II test.  See comments from Kirsten Todd-Wurm above in Civil Service Committee Report.

LILRC: Virginia Antonucci-Gibbons reported. Upcoming in February:

Regional Technology and Media Committee Meeting on February 7, Farmingdale Public Library.

“How to Develop a Digital Project,” February 9, at Harborfields Public Library.

“Meta-data for Digitization,” February 22, at Harborfields Public Library

Min Liu reported that the LILRC newsletter is digitally available and no longer is being mailed.

All LILRC events can be found on LILRC’s web site.

The LILRC Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future, is scheduled for 10/26-27, 2017, at the Carlyle on the Green, Bethpage State Park.

The LILRC Annual Membership Meeting will be on June 20, 2017.  The place is to be determined.

On March 10 LILRC Technical Services Open Forum will have a presentation on weeding with speakers from Adelphi and Hofstra Universities.

Jose suggested that we put LILRC on Facebook page. Min will ask Kristina.

NCLA:  No report.

PLDA: No report.

SCLS: Samantha Alberts reported.   Donations are needed for hospitality on Advocacy Day.

There will be an Advocacy 101 class on Feb 14 and February 23 at SCLS.  This program provides information on legislative issues and lobbying etiquette for Advocacy Day participants.

On March 21 the Harvard Family Research Project will be at SCLS to present a program on family engagement in libraries.

On April 25 and 26, we will have the Community Tool Box Workshop at SCLS. This is a free online resource for building healthy communities and providing information on community social change.

NYLA: Todd Schlitt reported. The NYLA Council Meeting will be February 2 at the NYLA office.


Lissetty Thomas, waiting for welcome package then will work on annual dinner.

Sara Fade. No report.

Steve Alcalde is ranking proposals and waiting for them to be returned.

Emily Warren – interested in working with Lissetty Thomas on annual dinner.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Justine Berretta reported.  Justine prepared and distributed SCLA Income Statement showing a closing balance as of 12/31/2016 of $7,642.59.

Brian Adams asked when will he receive the LILC funds because the Marriot is waiting.  Jose Hernandez will speak to Jeremy Johannesen about receiving funds for deposit.


Jeri Cohen reported.  Jeri has format from Kelvin Carrion for the membership cards.  We will print cards and Jeri believes cards will be sent monthly.

Jose crafted a welcome letter to membership. It will be sent with membership cards.  Sara is working on board members welcome package to include with cards.


Jose handed out a social media policy sample. Table for discussion for next meeting.

Steve Ingram suggested that having one Facebook page for SCLA and Divisions is a good idea because Division pages aren’t used as much.  We could give access to divisions to post on one Facebook page. It is something to think and discuss with your boards.

Meeting adjourned at 12 pm. 

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, February 17, 2017 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Kristen Todd-Wurm, Jeri Cohen, Stephen Ingram, Lissetty Thomas, Justine Berretta, Jennifer Rocco, Myrna Velez,  Jose Hernandez, Lauren Bernat, Brian Adams,  Virginia Antonucci-Gibbons, Samantha Alberts, Teri Hatred, Stephen Burg, Stefanie Gangone, Sara Fade, Sue Goldberg, Paula Bornstein, Bruce Seger

CALL TO ORDER:   Kristen Todd-Wurm called the meeting to order at 10:02 am. The January 2017 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Jose Hernandez moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Kirsten Todd-Wurm seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.


Jose Hernandez has a cousin who loves all the programs that we do. He was talking to her last week and she has two kids. Her kids are home schooled. He asked her what she does to teach them and keep them occupied. She told him that her favorite place to go is the library. At the library, she gets there as soon as the library opens to sign her kids up to programs. She goes to programs 3-4 times a week. She loves it because it allows her kids to interact with other children. They go on field trips with museum passes. They have read hundreds of books, that could’ve easily cost them thousands of dollars if she bought them all. She gets especially excited for book fairs, when she can gift books to her friend’s children. Jose told her about all the other programs she could be a part of, even if she wasn’t a member of that library and also that libraries are always striving to hear from the communities they serve to make things better. Her happiness made Jose very happy and very proud to lead this organization.

Jose wanted to thank the North Babylon Public Library’s children’s department on her behalf. Thank you for being a part of her life, and the life of her family.

Jose spoke to Michael Spikes, who is the Technical Director for Stony Brook’s Center for News Literacy. They talked about the ways that Stony Brook and the public libraries could create opportunities for learning about News Literacy within our public libraries. Mr. Spikes is a major advocate for News Literacy and was very receptive to working together. He is actually creating a news literacy curriculum in Chicago so he is unavailable, but Jon Anzalone is his colleague and would be willing to receive librarians at Stony Brook to sit in on a class and further our projects with the Suffolk County Library Association.

Regarding the LDA Directory: Jose spoke to Arthur Friedman about the Directory and why each member of NCLA receives a copy. Andrew Ippolito, former member of NCLA, was the person who compiled the Directory in the past. In 1994, Mr. Ippolito offered NCLA and SCLA the right to purchase at a discounted rate for all of its members – SCLA declined and NCLA accepted. Since then, LDA publishers left the editing of the directory to NCLA. If there was interest, Mr. Friedman would give Jose a rate if SCLA would be interested in giving members a copy with their membership. Brian Adams is interested in knowing the cost as it might be something that could be given out at conferences.

Jose purchased a Facebook ad to increase brand awareness for our SCLA Facebook page. In the future we could promote our programs and services through the page to attract people outside of libraries to attend.


DASL: Bruce Seger reported.

DASL has been working with LILRC and Nassau ASLD on planning an Academic Libraries Invitational for April 28 at Suffolk County Community College.  Last year there was a good turnout with 40-50 participants.

Bruce reported that the academic makerspace project has been brought to two of the Suffolk County Community College campuses.  There has also been a video production program with students to produce 60 seconds videos with positive results.

RASD: Lauren Bernat reported.

RASD is pleased to announce that the Division will be sponsoring 6 programs at the 2017 LILC. Please review the flyer and visit our webpage for the full program descriptions. http://scla.net/rasd-main/

The Division has agreed to move the Annual Dinner to the first week of October so as not to compete with those who would like to attend the PLDA Golf Outing, Winery Tour and Dinner. We have also changed it from a dinner to a luncheon, planned for Tuesday, October 3, 2017 from 12-3pm. This will be an annual meeting with a speaker; CEU credits will be awarded. More information to follow.

In order to not clog up the calendar, we have also moved the Health Concerns Breakfast, with a tentative date of Tuesday, November 14, 2017. This will begin with an RASD Board Meeting and will continue with health related speakers. More information to follow.

The RASD PR & Marketing Committee and the Electronic Resources Committee are hoping to have a joint meeting, on the topic of how to hold a Technology/Database/Electronic Resources/Educational Resources Fair at your library. The committee is looking for libraries who have already done one or are planning to do so, and if they would like to share their successes and failures at a meeting. It is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 30th. Those interested in participating as a speaker should contact Jo-Ann Carhart, Co-Chair of the RASD PR & Marketing Committee or contact Lauren.

CATS: Steven Burg reported.

In its February 15, 2017 meeting the CATS Board discussed programming for the calendar year including a technical services program and possibly a Raspberry Pi program.  Additionally, the CATS Board discussed deadlines for the CATS Newsletter and decided on March 30th as the deadline.  They are hoping to have a newsletter out in April.  The CATS Board is continuing to find additional ways to communicate with people who are involved in CATS with Google Groups.  The CATS Board is waiting for authorization from Google to start a Group.  CATS is also considering another tour of the Innovation Lab at Stony Brook University.

The next CATS Board meeting is March 15, 2017 at SCLS.

TIF: Steven Burg reported.

On Feb 2, 2017 TIF held a meeting at Longwood Public Library, on the topic

Using Facebook & YouTube, with speakers: Chris DeCristofaro and Alison Mirabella of the Niche Academy.

The program was well attended. Thanks to Lisa Jacobs, Alison Mirabella and Mary Miller for hosting and facilitating the meeting. The entire meeting was Facebook Live Streamed and can be found on the TIF Facebook page. Chris demonstrated Facebook Live, YouTube Streaming video and discussed the benefits of using either service to stream a class or presentation at the library. It was mentioned that consent should be given by the performer or presenter prior to the performance. Alison Mirabella did a detailed demonstration of Niche Academy. After a short break, we continued with a round table discussion of new and exciting things happening at our libraries.

On March 2, 2017, at 10 am, TIF will be meeting at Emma S. Clark Memorial Library for a demonstration by Barnes & Noble on the products sold for makerspaces.

Barbara Turney, B&N Representative, will give a detailed demonstration of all the products both on the NYS contract list and not on the list that are available for libraries to purchase to further making and makerspaces.

SSD:  Teri Hatred reported.

The Support Staff Division will be meeting today at 2p.m. SSD will be presenting at the LILC. Our topic will be “Erase Racism.”

SSD will not be able to coordinate our Annual Roundtable with our NCLA counterparts. NCLA SSD is already with their Roundtable so we will try to get together for another program later on this year.

SSD would like to have some “fun” programs for our membership such as a psychic or paint night. SSD would like to donate all proceeds to the SCLA Scholarship Fund. Jose and Jeri agreed that it would be okay.

SSD will be updating their website with a new logo. Kelvin Carrion is designing the logo.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported by e-mail.

On Thursday, February 2, Suffolk and Nassau YASDs had their annual joint meeting.  The topic of the meeting was ways to build your career.  There were 8 speakers who spoke about their experiences as adjunct professors, book reviewers, committee members, conference presenters, and YALSA content expert.  It was a well-attended meeting and we received positive feedback afterwards about how the meeting was informative and inspiring. Everyone was able to take away helpful hints and ideas to improve their job skills.

On Thursday, March 9, from 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. the YASD will be holding the annual Fran Romer Booktalk Workshop at the Brentwood Public Library.  This year the theme for the workshop is “Stories Retold” and the guest speaker is going to be YA Author of The Grimm Legacy Series, Polly Shulman.  This is a great opportunity to have one on one time with a popular YA author and we encourage everyone to attend.  Please pass this on to any YA or Children’s librarians you may know.


ANNUAL DINNER: Lissetty Thomas reported. She has the transition report for the Annual Dinner and is reviewing its timeline

ARCHIVES: Bruce Seger reported. Bruce has been looking at collection and anticipates it being completed in 6 months.

CIVIL SERVICE:   Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.

In the last SCLA Board meeting a proposal created by CLASC was discussed.  This proposal is for revision of the Librarian 1 and Librarian II tests which would grant up to five points on civil service tests for membership and involvement in professional organizations.  CLASC is trying to get feedback on the proposal in order to prepare to present to Civil Service.  CLASC is looking for feedback from digital service and adult librarians so that this proposal would not be coming from children’s librarians only.

Sue Goldberg recommended that the point system be simplified as the currently proposed system is a little complex.  In addition, she said the proposal should require the test applicant to include proof of organization membership and involvement as Civil Service is not likely to take on more work in their process.  Sue explained that Library Directors would need to get behind this proposal before it could be presented to Civil Service.

Kristen discussed how organization membership would develop librarians’ careers and boost organizations as well.  In addition, poor test takers who are good librarians with experience would benefit from this proposed test change.

Lauren Bernat commented that there needs to be clarification on the point system so that test takers are not receiving duplicate points for the same organization membership.

Steve Ingram suggested simplifying scoring to 5 and 2 points only.

Kirsten will go back and ask CLASC to simplify proposal.


CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported.

All attendance sheets received to date have been entered into database.

ELSA:   No report.

FANDOM OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Stefanie Gangone reported.

The committee has been busy preparing for Long Island Geek Convention which will be held April 22-23, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Long Island.

Our 2017 featured guests include Miltos Yerolemou (Game of Thrones) and Robert Mukes (WestWorld), Richard Kahan (Outlander, 4400), and Felix Silla (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Addams Family, Star Trek, Return of the Jedi).

We have all sorts of programs including 3d printing, Harry Potter scavenger hunt, crafts, Jedi training, tech camp, Battle of the Houses.

We are looking for volunteers.  Like us on Facebook.


LDA AWARD:  Paula Bornstein

LDA Library Award brochures were distributed to SCLA members through the SCLS system bags. NCLA committee chair distributed brochures to their members.

Nomination packets are due on March 29, 2017. They are to be distributed to SCLA and NCLA committees.

Paula is requesting reimbursement of $335.75 for the cost of printing 2,500 LDA Library Award brochures. She will send the form to the SCLA Treasurer. This year SCLA is paying for the plaque and brochure. Next year is Nassau County’s turn.

LEGISLATIVE: Samantha Alberts reported.

The bus for Advocacy Day is full. Thanks to Teasurer Justine Berretta for preparing the check in a timely fashion to pay the company.  Individuals who were not able to get on the bus may be able to get on the Nassau County bus.  Samantha will contact those individuals on the waitlist.

An itinerary has been prepared for Advocacy Day. The program Advocacy 101 is being offered at SCLS to help prepare participants.

PLDA will have snacks to share and individuals have volunteered to bring things.  Jose offered to bring bagels.


The committee last met this past Monday February 13 at the newly renovated and reopened Great Neck Public Library. Committee member Tracy Geiser gave us a tour after the meeting concluded.

Both websites (the Library Conference and NYLA portion) have been vastly improved, the LILC’s with the addition of the newer SCLA logo. A request has been made that the A of SCLA be put in line with the other letters. Please take a look.

“Programs at a glance” is up and the full program should be loaded soon.

Registration is underway. We have 36 vendor booths so far (out of 65) and have over 100 attendees registered so far. Early bird registration ends March 3rd so please register to take advantage of lower rates. Lower registration rates are a benefit of membership in SCLA.

We continue to sell ad space in the program and have also been courting several corporate sponsors.

The bags are in! This year they are quite nice, and guaranteed not to shred. Janway donated 500 dollars towards them.

We are looking for volunteers for the conference day – as room monitors, guides and at the registration table. Volunteers get free admission to the conference and free lunch. All interested parties email Brian Adams at adamsbster@gmail.com

Associations please remember to fill out a form to reserve your table in the Associations area. The form is on the website, (libconference.org) Nassau associations and divisions use these tables as a way to raise money by selling raffle tickets.

Day of registration fee is a $80, so please make sure to register in advance.

Arriving early to the conference is the best way to get a parking space within a reasonable distance.

Brian has submitted two reimbursement forms to the SCLA Treasurer: one for the key note speaker for $500.00 and one for the Janway bags for$922.31.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, March 13th, 10am at the Sachem Public Library, anyone is welcome to attend. Come see how we work and consider joining the conference committee next year!

We hope to see you all there.


MEMBERSHIP: Myrna Velez reported. As of January 2017, SCLA has 439 members. If anyone needs labels for communications or division reports, contact Myrna.

NEWSLETTER:  No report.

NOMINATING: Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.  Kirsten is looking for people to put the Nomination slate together.  Please ask colleagues if they are interested in running. The deadline is April 31.

SCHOLARSHIP: No report. No chair


STUDENT OUTREACH: No report. No chair.


WEB PAGE:   Stephen Ingram reported.

Continued to add calendar information to the SCLA calendar and posting of information at the beginning of the month to the listservs.

Created link to Long Island Library Conference of scla.net website.

Worked with Jose and Jeri on a SLCA flyer.

Steven Ingram demonstrated the events page of scla.net.  Please send programs to him.

Jose Hernandez suggested bringing back the blog.  Presently information can be in multiple places and as a brand it is not effective.  Jeri Cohen agreed that it would be a good idea.  Sue Goldberg advised that information has to be current and someone should be assigned to work on it regularly. Right now every committee and division is running its own blog.  Steve Ingram added that if committees and division added information to the SCLA blog it would have current news regularly.

Jose Hernandez said we will continue to discuss this.


CLASC: No report.

LILRC: Virginia Antonucci-Gibbons reported.

The LILRC Annual meeting will be on June 20, 2017 in Farmingdale. Everyone is welcome.

The Archive Conference will be on October 13 in Mill Neck. The theme will be the Year 1917.  It is 100 years later and we are still talking about the same issues: immigration, women’s rights.

NCLA:  No report.

PLDA: No report.

SCLS: Samantha Alberts reported.  LibraryAware has a newsletter product that could be used for the SCLA newsletter and it can also post to Facebook and do email blasts.  She is trying to set it up.  Divisions could also use this product for their newsletters.

There are two upcoming workshops:

March 21- The Harvard Family Research Project is presenting a program on family engagement in public libraries. Registration is open.  Professional development hours are available.

On April 25 and 26 we will present the Community Tool Box Workshop. This 2 day workshop has limited space.

NYLA: Todd Schlitt reported by email.

Todd Schlitt attended the NYLA Council Meeting on February 2 at the NYLA Office

A long discussion was had on whether or not to endorse the ALA response to the current Administration because of the language used in that response I personally was hesitant to vote in favor of endorsement for fear of blow back from the many, many Republicans that support libraries on Long Island in Albany. So we decided to come up with a response by NYLA that will basically say that New York libraries will continue to do what we have always done and be inclusive to all patrons while not using any aggressive language towards the Administration. NYLA President Barbara Stripling and President-Elect Time Burke will draft a resolution and we will vote on it during the March 16th meeting.

Todd forwarded also a draft of the NYLA meeting which included here (to Jose and Board).


Lissetty Thomas reported. Lissetty has the information about last year’s Dinner and will pass it on to Emily Warren.

Sara Fade reported. Sara is updating brochures.  She is waiting on biography information.  By next meeting it should be ready for proofing.

Steve Alcalde reported by email.  Email received after meeting is below:

The following are the programs SCLA will be sponsoring at NYLA this year:

Librarians Mending Fences in a Divided Country
Though this program could be subtitled “How to Librarian in the Age of Trump,” it is not meant to carry a particular political slant.  Rather, the intent is to highlight the ways that a variety of librarians have begun to address the pressing issues in our communities that have become evident over the most recent election cycle.  Through a discussion of services and programs, presenters will illustrate how they have mindfully shaped some of their professional activities toward addressing the anxieties of the archetypical “protest voter,” the resultant fears of more moderate community members, and the overarching issues of media and digital literacy.  About a year out from the divisive election, progress may be assessed and next steps identified. Speaker(s): Alex Andrasik, Penn Yan Public Library, aandrasik@pypl.org
Target Cross Type Questions Answered: My patrons are anxious and frightened.  How can I get started addressing the many varied social concerns of my service population, and how can I help make an impact in the face of an increasingly chaotic political scene? My patrons are un‐ or misinformed on a range of debates that will prove crucial to shaping our society in the future.  How can I help them to get constructively engaged in things that matter civically? What has and hasn’t worked for other librarians in my position in terms of making communities more safe, more free, and more diversity‐friendly over the past year?
Submitted by: Katherine Moss, mossk@mail.strose.edu

Podcasting Without Breaking the Budget
Podcasting is a fun way to educate and inform but can be a daunting task if you don’t know about the equipment, setup and web hosting.  This program will walk the attendees through the process from inception through recording and posting.  The presentation will also recommend services and equipment that will not break the budget!  Learn from The Library Pros creator, Chris DeCristofaro.

Speaker(s): Chris DeCristofaro, Sachem Public Library, chris.decistofaro@sachemlibrary.org Robert Johnson Emma S. Clark Memorial Library adrienne.furness@libraryweb.org
Notes: Podcasting is something that many people listen to. Many people think that they could create their own podcast if they only knew how it was done. This program will demonstrate how that can be done without a large expense.  The presenter is currently the Target Public Questions Answered How can I take the idea of a podcast and turn it into a reality using technology already in the building and with a minor investment? How tech savvy do I need to be in order to get a podcast from an audio file to the web? Can I use existing technology that the library currently owns?
Submitted by: Sally Snow

Academic Libraries & Pop Culture
A panel of experts discuss the role of pop culture in academic libraries. Learn from their experiences bringing pop culture to their institutions. Panelists will explore the relationship between pop culture and academia through discussion topics such as developing graphic novel collections, issues with censorship, working with faculty in the classroom, and developing outreach initiatives. Learn why pop culture DOES belong in academia, and discover what you can do to bring it into your library!
Speaker(s): Claudia McGivney, Stony Brook University Libraries, claudia.mcgivney@stonybrook.edu Laura Costello Stony Brook University Libraries
Target Academic Questions Answered: What place does pop culture have in academic libraries? How can I use pop culture programs and resources to serve my academic community? What challenges can I anticipate, and how can I overcome them?
Submitted by: Callan Bignoli, Public Library of Brookline

I still have to compile the list of programs we’ll be co-sponsoring, but I’ll get that out to everyone as soon as I can.

Emily Warren –not present. No report.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Justine Berretta reported.

On January 30, 2017, the deposit to Marriott was sent and should have been received by now.

The SCLA closing balance as of January 31, 2017 is $13,871. 87.

Justine has received two reimbursement requests for the LI Conference for the Key Note speaker and the purchase of tote bags.


Lauren Bernat suggested that there should be SCLA Board members who attend LI Conference meetings to learn about its planning. The next meeting is on March 13 at 9:30 am.  Lissetty Thomas volunteered to attend.


Jose Hernandez asked that discussions be had with all committees and divisions on streamlining communications.

Meeting adjourned at 12:02pm.

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, March 17, 2017 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Kristen Todd-Wurm, Jeri Cohen, Stephen Ingram, Lissetty Thomas, Justine Berretta, Jennifer Rocco, Myrna Velez,  Jose Hernandez, Lauren Bernat, Brian Adams, Samantha Alberts, Sara Fade, Sue Goldberg, Peter Ward, Katherine Regina, Emily Guerrero, Chris DeCristofaro, Rebecca Goldstein

CALL TO ORDER:   Kristen Todd-Wurm called the meeting to order at 10:02 am. The February 2017 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Lissetty Thomas moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Jeri Cohen seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.


Jose Hernandez spoke with Jeremy Johannesen, of NYLA, who asked for support in creating an organizational management structure where NYLA organizational memberships could be bought by libraries, increasing NYLA membership. Libraries could then opt-in for SCLA memberships, which would be sold for a flat 35 dollars. This would only take place if 20 libraries opted-in.

We discussed creating a separate webpage for SCLA because we lacked a central area for information. Jeremy suggested that we post programs on the NYLA CE Calendar, to let the entire state know when our programs are taking place. While it wouldn’t necessarily solve the problem of programs in case they were canceled due to inclement weather, it does provide our programs with more exposure for the state. For example, one of the library directors in our county gave a program to the entire state through NYLA but under the technical capabilities of another library system.

Our experiment with the SCLA page was a success, as we were able to get likes from more members. During national Libraries Week, we will be running a campaign to make our new friends more aware and engaged with SCLA.

Jose thanked all our library employees who took the time and got up early to attend advocacy day. The budget is still in negotiation, so he urged everyone to send a letter of appreciation to their local representative to keep libraries in their minds and hearts.


DASL: No report.

RASD: Lauren Bernat reported.

RASD’s Spring 2017 edition of the Ramblings Newsletter is to be published by April 1.

Long Island Reads will hold its annual event on Sunday, April 23 at Recital Hall on the C.W. Post Campus in Brookville, featuring author Erik Larson. Tickets to the event with bus accommodations are available now. Regular tickets will be available to all on April 1 and are free.

RASD is pleased to announce that the Media Committee has a new Chair: Tim Sicurella of the Sayville Public Library. The Committee’s first meeting will be held at 10:00am on Tuesday, April 18 at SCLS. The meeting will cover trends in circulation, issues in shelving different formats and new formats in libraries, and Virtual Reality in the Library. All are welcome to attend.

The History Programmers Showcase will be held at SCLS on Thursday, April 27 from 9:30am-Noon.

The Reader’s Advisory Committee will also meet on Thursday, April 27; the topic will be humor in fiction and nonfiction.

MOSAIC’s Annual Breakfast will be held on Tuesday, June 6 at the Middle County Public Library.

CATS: Chris DeCristofaro reported.

The CATS Board Meeting on March 15, 2017 at SCLS, was cancelled because of snow.  The Raspberry Pi program that was scheduled for April 7th has been postponed. We have a newsletter coming out in April.

The next CATS Board meeting is April 12, 2017 at SCLS.

TIF: Chris DeCristofaro reported.

The TIF meeting on March 2, 2017 was originally scheduled to be at Emma S. Clark but because the space was needed for tax counseling, the location was moved to the Sachem Public Library.  The speaker was Barbara Tierney from Barnes and Noble demonstrating products that are available and on the NYS List that can help libraries start or develop making projects or a new space.  Afterwards, there was a tour of Sachem’s Studio maker spaces.

The next TIF meeting will be on April 6, 2017 at the Connetquot Public Library.  It will feature a speaker from the Merrick Library, Carol Ann Tack.  Carol Ann Tack runs a very successful book club that integrates technology to help her bring the authors of the books directly to the book club participants.  She will discuss how technology is used in her meetings, which usually number over 100 participants per book club meeting.

SSD:  Teri Hatred reported by e-mail.

The Support Staff Division met on February 17, 2017.  The Annual Roundtable will be held on April 13, 2017 at SCLS from 2-4pm.  The Roundtable will be in a speed dating format with four topics: the SCLS Demo area, the SCLS Lending Library, PALS, and Outreach.  Light refreshments will be available.  Participants will move from topic to topic for 20 minute presentations.

SSD is thrilled with its morning slot and room assignment for this year’s LILC.  Our topic “Erase Racism” is timely and we anticipate a good turnout.  We will be raffling off a basket and giving away erasers so please stop by our table.

SSD hosted a successful, free In-Service Book Repair Workshop on March 8, 2017 at the Brentwood Public Library.  We had 10 participants and received emails thanking us for such an informative workshop.

We need a current SSD membership list for emails and flyers.  Myrna will send the list.

YASD:  Rebecca Goldstein reported.

On Thursday, March 9 the YASD held the annual Fran Romer Book talk Workshop at the Brentwood Public Library.  The theme of the workshop was “Stories Retold.”  YA Author Polly Shulman was there to discuss with us her experiences as an author and what inspires her to write the stories that she does.  After she spoke, attendees were broken into 5 different groups and discussion leaders led book talk discussions about the books.  There was a lunch and raffles to follow.  We had a great turnout of about 30 people.  We are very thankful to Brentwood Library to allowing us to use their space every year.

The YASD is going to be assisting SCLS with Authors Unlimited 6 by completely running the morning activities portion of the event on April 22, 2017 at St. Joseph’s College. “Minute to Win It” style games will be set up for teens and their families to play as they wait for the Author Panel to begin.  This is a free event that is open to teens and their families.  Community service hours will be awarded to all teens who attend.

On Thursday, June 8, at SCLS, the YASD will be hosting a panel of YA librarians to discuss the best methods for building a strong Battle of Books team, sharing tips for running Battle of the Books meetings, and sharing how they make Battle fun not just for the teens, but for the librarians too.


ANNUAL DINNER: Lissetty Thomas reported. Lissetty has spoken with the representative from the Meadow Club. The Meadow Club has agreed to match last year’s price.  Lissetty is also checking into the Mediterranean Manor in Patchogue and the Brentwood Country Club.  The tentative dates for the dinner are Thursday, November 9 and Friday, November 10.

ARCHIVES: No report.

CIVIL SERVICE:   Kristen Todd-Wurm reported. Kristen has discussed with Sue Goldberg the need for the library directors to review the Civil Service Librarian test proposal.  PLDA will meet next week.


CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported by e-mail.

All attendance sheets received to date have been entered into database.  I haven’t received any sheets since February 16, 2017.  I’ve sent out a reminder to the Divisions to forward me their attendance sheets with sample attendance sheets attached.

ELSA:  Kate Regina reported.  After discussing with Jose Hernandez and considering the cost of the ELSA pamphlet, it was decided that the nomination form will be sent through the listserv.  The cost should be directed toward the award.  We will print forms to have at the library conference however.


The committee is preparing for the Long Island Geek Convention on April 22-23, 2017.  There will be various types of programs including trivia contests and Battle of the Houses.  The committee is also working on their panel discussion for the Long Island Conference, Books to Fandom: How to Make Fandom Come to Life.


LDA AWARD:  No report



The Long Island Conference Committee was scheduled to meet on Tuesday, March 13th, but this meeting was postponed due to the storm. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 21st at the Sachem Public Library at 10 am. All are welcome to attend.

As of a few days ago we have 55 tables reserved by Vendors, and approximately 10 ads sold – for a total of 34,499.00.

We have 10 more tables to sell to reach the total number of tables available.

We have approximately 400 registrants so far (last year the total was 599). Registration invoicing is currently approximately 9590.00

On the last day of early bird registration we had 134 people register.

We are pleased that so many people this year took advantage of early bird registration, but we make more money on non-early bird registration, so we are pleased that early bird period is over.

PC Nametag provides the registration supplies; the order was placed and has come in already. So we are already for Registration.

We hope that many of you have filled out your Association table reservation form. Please remember that the people that man your table must be registered.

We next meet on Tuesday, April 4th at 1pm at the Melville Marriott for our “walk through” meeting.


MEMBERSHIP: Myrna Velez reported. As of February 2017, SCLA has 432 members. Jeri suggested that we should start to send reminders to people whose membership has expired.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported.

Jennifer asked the board members to send her any items to include in the newsletter.  Photos would make the newsletter more interesting also.  Brian Adams suggested adding a trivia question contest.

NOMINATING: Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.  Kristen has sent out emails asking for individuals interested in running for SCLA positons.  She has two people interested in running for the Board.  The deadline is April 30.

Brian Adams suggested using the Long Island Library Conference as a recruiting place.

SCHOLARSHIP: Kristen Todd-Wurm announced that Ally Mercado will take over the Scholarship Committee. She will be at our April meeting.

STATISTICAL SURVEY Peter Ward reported.  Peter is reviewing possible new questions to add to the statistical report.  Jose brought up the need to understand better the part time population in libraries.  In order to learn more about this group, Jose asked Emily Warren and Lissetty Thomas to write questions for the part-time librarian survey.



WEB PAGE:   Stephen Ingram reported.

The webpage is being updated. Steve has changed the Long Island Library Conference link to reflect the closing of early bird registration.

Steve continues to update the program schedule on the SCLA calendar page. Please submit new programs or meetings to include on the monthly post of programs.

Steve has talked with Louis at SCLS about upgrading the SCLA website and returning to a blog. This will not be an issue.


CLASC: No report.

LILRC: No report

NCLA:  No report.

PLDA: Sue Goldberg will talk about Civil Service Librarian Test proposal at next week’s PLDA meeting.

SCLS:  Samantha Alberts reported.

On March 21 we will have the Harvard Family Research Project present a program on  ways to enhance family engagement in libraries.

We are offering a 2 day workshop on the Community Took Box, an on-line resource that can aid in creating healthier communities and further social change, on April 25 and 26.

NYLA:  Todd Schlitt reported by email.  Todd had a conference call yesterday, March 16, with NYLA and will provide a full report for the April SCLA meeting.


Lissetty Thomas reported. In honor of Library Week, Lissetty will use our Facebook page for a trivia contest.  Emily and Lissetty will come up with questions.

Sara Fade reported. Sara will be getting brochures out.  Sara has also been working on a venue for Networking Night.  Jeri suggested finding a venue that would not charge for use and individuals would pay for their own food/drinks.

Steve Alcalde No report.

Emily Warren reported.  Emily is reviewing ideas for fundraising activities.  She was thinking of a fun run/walk.  Sue Goldberg suggested doing a raffle at Networking Night.

 TREASURER’S REPORT: Justine Berretta reported.

The SCLA closing balance as of February 28, 2017 was $30,511.25. There is $454.03 in pending reimbursement requests as of March 17, plus the transfers from the SCLA fund to the divisions for a transfer total of $2,000 making the current SCLA balance $28,057.22. 



Meeting adjourned at  11:29 am.

Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, April 21, 2017 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Kristen Todd-Wurm, Jeri Cohen, Stephen Ingram, Lissetty Thomas, Jennifer Rocco, Myrna Velez,  Jose Hernandez, Lauren Bernat, Brian Adams, Sue Goldberg, Chris DeCristofaro, Kate Regina, Steve Alcalde, Ally Mercado, Teri Hatred, Min Liu, Paula Bernstein, Casey Fein, Todd Schlitt

CALL TO ORDER:   Kristen Todd-Wurm called the meeting to order at 10:07 am. The March 2017 minutes were reviewed and corrected. Lissetty Thomas moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Kristen Todd-Wurm seconded this motion. None were opposed. Motion passed.

ANNOUCEMENT: Jose Hernandez will be presenting retiring member Virginia Antonucci-Gibbons with a Certificate of Appreciation for her work with SCLA.


Jose Hernandez reported that SCLA will be creating its own website and migrating away from the SCLA/NYLA page. The reasons are simple: SCLA is a robust organization with a variety of programs that lack a cohesive program plan. Rather than trying to work within NYLA to change their website, we will take control of our own page for events and services. The Division Presidents will have access to edit, add or change events. Division Presidents could also delegate the process to other members of division, as they see fit.

Jose reported that our Facebook page engagement for National Libraries Week showed that our posts were seen by more people and this should continue going forward.

Jose is interested in proposing a joint measure with CLASC to cross honor programs. What Jose wants to do is allow part-timers to feel free to join CLASC or SCLA without having to pay a higher non-member rate for one or another program.

Steve Ingram suggested that a CLASC member be present for discussion of this proposal.  Jose will be going to the CLASC meeting.  Jose motioned to accept a Memorandum of Agreement today in order to support a proposal of cross honoring programs.  Kristen Todd-Wurm moved to accept and Teri Hatred seconded this motion.

Jose reached out to Irma Solis, the head of the Suffolk Chapter of the ACLU who spoke to him about organizing events related to civil liberties. She commented that in the wake of the elections, many people have started groups and are looking for spaces to hold meetings. While they are not formal organizations, she expressed a desire to have SCLA express support for any organization who wishes to hold a meeting, in support of free speech. With SCLA approval, Jose would like a motion to pass a Memorandum of Understanding to join the ACLU of Suffolk to have libraries review their meeting room policies and change them to facilitate the organization of meetings, regardless of a formal or informal status.

Sue Goldberg mentioned that the PLDA had already discussed this issue and Kevin Verbesey recently sent an e-mail in support of freedom of information.  Individual libraries have their own meeting room policies.  Library lawyers and boards would need to review and approve changes to meeting room policies.


DASL: Kristen Todd-Wurm reported for Bruce Seger. DASL is sponsoring the Third Academic Libraries Invitational on April 28, 2017 at the Suffolk County Community College Brentwood Campus.

RASD: Lauren Bernat reported.

Please note that RASD’s webpage has moved: http://scla.net/rasd/

The History and Genealogy Program Showcase is still planned for April 27, 2017 at SCLS from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm.

The Long Island Reads committee is in the final countdown to the author event on Sunday, April 23. The Suffolk County bus is sold out and has a wait list. If patrons are looking to get tickets, which are free, please refer them to longislandreads2017.eventbrite.com.

The MOSAIC committee’s annual breakfast meeting will be held on June 6 at the Middle Country Public Library.  The meeting topic will be the need for availability of books in multiple languages.

Reader’s Advisory’s next committee meeting will be on April 27 at SCLS and the topic will be humor in fiction and nonfiction.

The Division hopes that you will attend one or more of the sponsored programs at the Long Island Library Conference. Also, stop by our booth for a snazzy giveaway!

Finally, please save the date for our Annual Luncheon: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 from 12-3pm at Painters Restaurant in Brookhaven. The speaker will be Antonia Petrash, who will speak about Long Island participants in the Women’s Suffrage movement.

CATS: Chris DeCristofaro reported. On April 12, 2017 the CATS board met and discussed a visit to the Stony Brook University Innovation Lab again. Stony Brook is giving more space and new branding to the space, so we would like to coordinate a tour once more.

Nick Tanzi is working to help re-launch the Maker Steam Round Table (MSRT) at NYLA with assistance from members upstate. We discussed helping promote MSRT. MSRT will have a table at LILC.

The Spring newsletter from CATS will be released in May. Approval was given to purchase a chromebook for CATS to raffle off at LILC. The board considered potential programming topics for the fall. Chris has reached out to see what CATS and TIF cando to offer CEU’s for their meetings.

TIF: Chris DeCristofaro reported.

At the TIF Board meeting on April 6, 2017, at the Connetquot Library, guest speaker Carol Ann Tack, a librarian from the Merrick Library came to speak about her book clubs. Carol Ann has been extremely successful attracting participants for her book club meetings. She averages 50-60 people per book discussion. She has been very successful having authors of the books they discuss join the meeting either in person or over Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. She also integrates historical references, articles and newsreels to further educate participants. If the work is fiction, she will find other digital means to help promote and facilitate the discussion.

Additionally, Jesse Rienard, the Information Professional at Connetquot demonstrated a new way to “lock down” iPads using Apple server software. Although he was not completely familiar with all of the functionality of the software, he offered a demo in Connetquot’s server room. He would update the group as he learns the software’s benefits.

The next TIF meeting will be on May 11, 2017 at the Half Hollow Hills Community Library. It will be a Joint Nassau/Suffolk IT meeting with speaker, James Hutter, President NCLA, along with a round table discussion and networking opportunity.

SSD:  Teri Hatred reported.

The 2017 Annual Roundtable was held on April 13, 2017 at SCLS from 2-4 pm. The Roundtable was in a speed dating format with four topics: the SCLS Demo area, the SCLS Lending Library, PALS, and Outreach. Light refreshments were served and we had a good turn-out. SSD would like to thank the SCLS staff for their time and great presentations: Aurora Maravalli, Rachel Bouchard, Roger Reyes and Ruth Westfall.

Just a reminder of the SSD program at LILC: Understanding & Coping with Racism in a Racially Charged Environment – Ms. Elaine Gross of ERASE Racism, a non-profit organization based on Long Island, will present strategies for coping with instances of racism, both at work and in our private lives. Ms. Gross will address the presence of structural racism and the biases that we are all sometimes guilty of without even realizing.

Elaine Gross, MSW, President and Founder of ERASE Racism, is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Long Island Business News, and a frequent presenter on this topic. Most recently, Ms. Gross has been appointed by the Governor and is currently serving on The Long Island Regional Economic Development Council, and has served on the LI Regional Planning Council, the Advisory Committee of the LI Index of the Rauch Foundation, the Advisory Board of the Energeia Partnership, and many other organizations. In addition, Ms. Gross is a published author of numerous related articles.

The next SSD Board meeting is this afternoon at SCLS.

YASD:  Casey Fehn reported.

On Saturday, April 22, SCLS will be hosting the 6th annual Authors Unlimited Event at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue.  This all day event consists of an author panel, author break-out sessions, and also author signings at the end of the day.  This year, the YASD has taken over the activities portion of the event.  In the morning during the time between registration and the beginning of the author panel there is an activities area to keep people entertained.  The YASD will have various short games for people to enjoy along with button making.

The Nassau YASD is in charge of the Young Adult speaker for the Long Island Conference this year and they will be having YA author Lauren Oliver host a discussion about her new book.  Suffolk YASD will have a booth set up with membership information, a giveaway, and a raffle.

On Thursday, June 9, the YASD will be hosting a Battle of the Books Panel at SCLS.  Four to six YA librarians who have had Battle of the Books coaching experience will share what they have found to be the best methods for building a great team, running practices, and having Battle of the Books be an all-around success.  After the panel people who attend will be encouraged to share their experiences as well.


ANNUAL DINNER: Lissetty Thomas reported.

Lissetty has talked to three catering halls about holding our annual dinner.  The Mediterranean Manor can give us Thursday, November 9 at $48 per person with a minimum of 100 guests.  The Brentwood Country Club would charge $35.95 per person but they will also charge a 20% administrative charge.  The Meadow Club offered to match what they gave us last year which was $42 per person.  Lissetty will find out more information about the Brentwood Country Club.

ARCHIVES: No report.

CIVIL SERVICE:   No report.


CONTINUING EDUCATION: Teri Hatred reported.

Teri Hatred reminded the SCLA board that since SCLA is accredited, CEU credits can be awarded for participation in programs.

ELSA: Kate Regina reported.

The ELSA nomination form has been updated and is available on the SCLA website.  Forms were also sent to member libraries.  The ELSA committee is ready for review of nominations.


The committee is having its big event, Long Island Geek Convention tomorrow.  There was an article in Newsday about fandom for kids.  There will be many panel presentations, games, crafts.  A large turnout is expected.  This is a great way to help libraries get patrons through fandom also.


LDA AWARD:  Paula Bornstein reported.

Distributed nominee information packets and ballots to the three SCLA and three NCLA LDA Library Award committee members. Have received five of the six ballots back. Once this last one is received, Paula will contact the sponsor of the winning nominee, order the plaque, send information about the winner to Art Friedman for his presentation, and notify Andrew Ippolito form LDA publisher.

The LDA Library Award will be presented on May 4, 2017 at the Long Island Library Conference.

LEGISLATIVE: Samantha Alberts reported by email:

Advocacy efforts on the New York State budget by the library community from this point on are in a holding pattern at least through the end of April.  Mike Neppl (NYLA) will reassess the situation after the legislators return from their break at the end of April.

In regard to the proposed federal cuts to Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA)/Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), it is recommended that we follow the American Library Association’s advocacy strategy on this front.  Advocacy efforts are likely to pick up in early May:

  • Senate appropriate letters will need signatures
  • National Legislative Day in Washington DC on May 1-2
  • Virtual National Legislative Day on May 2

Jeremy Johannsen (NYLA) and Mike Neppl (NYLA) are working on a message to the library community to explain where we are with the budget given the confusion over the extender bill and rumors that budget bills are coming out this week or not until the end of May.

Please enroll as a Library Advocate to receive “Advocacy Alerts.” Visit NYLA.org and select the Advocacy tab and Advocacy Tools.


The conference grows nearer and nearer.

We have over 500 attendees registered, with people registering every day.

Online registration ends on Friday April 28th. After that day all last minute registrations must be at the conference and are considered “day of” at the rate of $80.

We are having a problem with people registering under the assumption that they are members. Once they have registered online, it is an issue having their card recharged for the difference, or, if a library has been billed, to go back and make them change. We certainly don’t want to alienate people and libraries. Possible solutions need to be discussed after the conference.

We still have a few vendor booths available; we hope to get a few last minute vendors.

We also have quite a number of ad space sold; we also have 2 (possibly 3) corporate sponsors.


Brian Adams suggested that long range planning should be a collaborative effort of past SCLA presidents. Jose Hernandez made a motion to have past presidents meet once a year for long range planning.  Lauren Bernat seconded this motion.

MEMBERSHIP: Myrna Velez reported. As of end of March 2017, SCLA has 433.  Myrna has been sending reminders to members whose memberships have lapsed.  Myrna has contacted those who as of February have expired memberships.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported.  Jennifer would like to have all newsletter submissions by May 1.

NOMINATING: Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.

Kristen has received one person for each election position.  All candidates are running unopposed right now.  Kristen will send out one more email calling for additional candidates.  She would like to have everything in by April 30 so that it can be prepared to send to NYLA by May 15.


Kristen Todd-Wurm welcomed Ally Mercado who will take over the Scholarship Committee. Jose Hernandez and Teri Hatred will fill Ally in on responsibilities.




WEB PAGE:   Stephen Ingram reported.

Stephen began work on the new SCLA WordPress installation at SCLS. He has transferred all files to the new location and created the basic structure of the site. He is currently formatting and updating links, creating menu items and updating content.

Stephen continued updating the NLYA site.

Stephen continues to email listserv and updates the SCLA calendar page. Please submit new programs or meetings to include on the monthly post of programs to Stephen.


CLASC: No report.

LILRC: Min Liu reported.

Virginia Antonucci will be retiring as of May 5.  Nicole Menchise is the Regional Archivist and she and Virginia will have a month to work together.

The LILRC Annual Membership Meeting will be held on June 20, 2017 at Farmingdale Public Library.  The business meeting will be followed by a keynote speaker, Rebecca Miller, Editorial Director of Library Journal and School Library Journal. A Lightening Round session with various library innovators will also take place.  This is a free event and you do not have to be a LILRC member to attend.

Next Thursday, April 27, 2017,  LILRC will present at the Merrick Library a workshop called, “How to Handle Conflict.”

On May 19, 2017, LILRC will present Part 2 of “A Manager’s Guide to Employment Discrimination Laws and Practices.”

NCLA:  No report.

PLDA:  Sue Goldberg shared the results of a Directors’survey.  It covered such questions as:

  • Paying for staff’s professional association memberships
  • Approval of staff to participate in organization meetings
  • Staff requirement for participation with organizations
  • Payment for conferences

Results of survey are attached.

Sue Goldberg shared information about a Nassau County Library Association class called, “Civil Service Basics 101.”  She passed this on to Kristen Todd-Wurm to review for ways that it might be used in the course given by SCLA.

Sue Goldberg reported that there is no update as of yet to the Librarian I/II test proposal.

SCLS:  No report.

NYLA: Todd Schlitt reported.

Todd Schlitt shared NYLA’s Fiscal Year 2017-2018 proposed budget (attached).  This will be reviewed by the Council members and voted on in the next council meeting in May.  Todd will have more information after that meeting.


Lissetty Thomas reported.

Lissetty posted trivia questions on SCLA’s Facebook page to commemorate National Library Week.  There were five winners who will receive gift cards.

Lissetty and Emily Warren have sign in sheets for volunteers to sell raffle tickets at the Long Island Library Conference.

Sara Fade Kristen Todd-Wurm reported that Sara Fade will be out for 6-8 weeks.  Sara will send her what she has done so far for the networking event.

Steve Alcalde reported.  SCLA will sponsor three programs at NYLA.  These are:

  • Librarians Mending Fences in a Divided Country

Friday, November 10, 2017, 3:00-4:00 pm

Description: Through discussion of different services and programs, and without specific political slant, presenters will highlight how librarians are successfully addressing the pressing issues popping up more and more within our communities since Election Day.

Speakers:      Alex Andrasik, Penn Yan Public Library

Amanda Lowe, University at Albany

  • Podcasting Without Breaking the Budget

Thursday, November 9, 2017, 11:30-12:30 pm

Description: Podcasting is a fun way to educate and inform, but it can also be very daunting, especially for beginners. This program will not only walk you through the entire podcasting process from beginning to end, but will also suggest very affordable and serviceable equipment.

Speakers:       Chris DeCristofaro, Sachem Public Library

Robert Johnson, Emma S. Clark Memorial Library

  • Academic Libraries & Pop Culture

Friday, November 10, 21017, 4:15-5:15 pm

Description: A panel of experts will discuss the role of pop culture in academic libraries, touching upon developing graphic novel collections, issues with censorship, developing outreach initiatives, and more.

Speakers:      Claudia McGivney, Stony Brook University Libraries

Laura Costello, Stony Brook University Libraries

Steve Alcalde suggested that the SCLA dinner may need to be changed since it coincides with the NYLA conference.

Emily Warren reported by email. (see below)

  • Fundraising for SCLA:
    • Lissetty and I have been considering fundraising for SCLA. We are working on putting together a 5k run with the parks department.
    • We also want to pose the idea of Library co-ed sports teams with the board. We could charge a sign-up fee, which can be paid either by the Library or the individual. We can decide which sports teams might be most popular, such as Softball and Volleyball, and offer each Suffolk County Library the opportunity to join as a team to represent their Library outside of the normal work environment. In addition to adding a little bit to our SCLA funds, it might be an opportunity for libraries to create inter-department connections and offer a cheap employment benefit.
  • Part-Timer Survey:
    • I’ve been working with Peter Ward to create a Part-timer survey, which we believe is ready to be looked over by the Board. Peter created a survey for the Directors and I created one for the part-time librarians. I would like to ask the board if they would consider putting the survey for part-time librarians on the SCLA website so that it may be easily accessed by everyone.
  • SCLA Program:
    • I’d like to pose the idea of holding an “Interview Night” geared toward part-timers or librarians who would like to brush up on their interviewing skills. I would be willing to host this program and would also be very open to having someone else co-host. My idea is to reach out to the Department Heads and possibly Directors, asking for their most significant interview questions. We can set it up in a speed-dating style of mock interview, a lecture, or, my preference, a hybrid of the two. We would be discussing tips on interviewing and tips on stepping up to the competition, while also giving an opportunity to practice. I think there’s a chance that programs like this might motivate part-time librarians to consider joining SCLA.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Justine Berretta reported by e-mail.

The SCLA closing balance as of March 31, 2017 was $47,840.85. There is $546.16 in pending reimbursement requests as of April 15 for:

Date Group Responsible for Expense Submitted By Description Amount


3/21/2017 Long Island Library Conference Nancy Elliott Refreshments for LILC Board Meeting $13.77
4/1/2017 Long Island Library Conference Brian Adams Transportation Reimbursement for Kimberly-Celeste Boyd $432.39
4/4/2017 Long Island Library Conference Brian Adams Conference Fee Payable to Stony Brook University $100.00

(Please note that there is an update to the LILC Trade Show income spreadsheet, page 5 in the packet, – the Oxford University Press has cancelled and been issued a refund in the amount of $550, making the Ending Balance: ​$31,699.00.)

Accounting for the pending reimbursements and refund to the Oxford University Press the current SCLA balance as of April 15 is $46,744.69.



NEW BUSINESS:  Steve Alcalde will take over as the new Membership Committee Chair.

Meeting adjourned at 12:26 pm.