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Corrected and Approved
SCLA Minutes
Friday, January 19, 2018 SCLS

IN ATTENDANCE: Brian Adams, Samantha Alberts, Stephen Burg, Mike Firestone, Stefanie Gangone, Rebecca Goldstein, Emily Guerrero, Candace Hope, Stephen Ingram, Alexandra Mercado,  Mark Navins, Elaine Perez, Brian Schwartz, Lissetty Thomas, Joyce Thompson-Haas, Kristen Todd-Wurm, Celia Vollmer

CALL TO ORDER:   Brian Schwartz called the meeting to order at 10:02 am.  The December 2017 minutes were reviewed and corrected.  Brian Schwartz moved to accept the minutes as corrected.  Alexandra Mercado seconded this motion.  None were opposed.  Motion passed.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.

Kristen said that we are getting more renewals for membership.  We will revisit the statistics in July 2018.  We are hoping to come up with an idea to help with the dues.

Kristen discussed a motion to NYLA about division checks.  There are still issues involved with checks and how we are getting reimbursed.  We will proceed with the new motion in favor for a few months and try to see if it works.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Elaine Perez reported.

The SCLA revenue as of December 31, 2017 was $16,621.20.  The total expenses as of December 31, 2017 were $11,321.59.  The closing balance for SCLA as of December 31, 2017 is $17,685.28.

Please give your reimbursement requests in for the NYLA trip on February 28.


DASL: No report.

RASD: Candace Hope reported.

The CARE Committee’s next meeting will include a working lunch where core committee members will go over the handbook and update their blog.

The Health Concerns Committee is partnering with Health Science Librarians at Stony Brook University. What the Health?, consisting of three training workshops in January, February and March, are being scheduled at SCLS to provide instruction on consumer health resources for the public librarians and library school students of Suffolk County. Funding was awarded through the Health Information Awareness Award by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

The Long Island History Committee will host their annual showcase on April 19 at SCLS and they plan on having at least 7-8 programmers. They are also planning a trip to the Three Village Historical Society in June.

MOSAIC’s annual breakfast will be held on June 12 at MCPL. They are also planning a trip to the Tenement Museum in March as a professional networking opportunity.

OARS is in the process of updating previously published works and have plans to work on an informational booklet for seniors.

RASD, and our committees, are looking forward to presenting at the Long Island Library Conference.

We have 3 members at large this year, and have divided up their duties as needed with one member concentrating on our annual lunch, one focusing on the annual breakfast with the Health Concerns Committee, and the other in charge of raffles and giveaways at the Long Island Library Conference.

We are also looking into having a Reader’s Advisory Unconference in Suffolk this year with PR and Marketing co-sponsoring if possible. Lauren attended the Unconference by NCLA’s RASD division and says they seem willing to help us bring it to Suffolk librarians.

CATS:  Stephen Burg reported.

The board meeting was held on January 10, 2018.  CATS is hoping to setup a tour of the Stonybrook Makerspace.

SSD:  Celia Vollmer reported.

Celia noted that they will be having a meeting about social media platforms. There will be a roundtable meeting in March right after the SCLA meeting.  Keep an eye out for save the dates postcards.  

YASD: Rebecca Goldstein reported.

In December, YASD hosted their Annual Luncheon with guest speaker Gae Polisner. They also presented our annual Teen Librarian Awards. Erick Gordy of the Hampton Bays Public Library received the award for Most Successful Program, and Khan DeRenzo of the Port Jefferson Library received the award for Most Creative Program.

Looking forward, Nassau YASD will be hosting their Annual Joint Meeting on Thursday, February 8 at the Freeport Memorial Library featuring guest speaker Heather Demetrios. Heather is a YA author and writing coach, and will highlight Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month with a discussion of her newest novel, Bad Romance. This will be YASD’s first meeting of the year.


ANNUAL DINNER: Emily Guerrero reported.

Emily reported that they are working on the next dinner and she spoke about possible dates.

ARCHIVES: No report.

CIVIL SERVICE:   Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.

Kristen noted that on February 1 there will be a workshop at Sachem Library about the upper level civil service exam. SCLA is partnering with CLASC for this.

Kristen also discussed about changing the Librarian 2 exam back to library experience, instead of a multiple choice exam.



ELSA:  No report.

FANDOM OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Stefanie Gangone reported.

On August 11-12, the Long Island Retro Gaming Convention will be held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum that will consist of coding and robotics, just to name a few.

There will be a meeting on February 18 at 6 pm. It will be located at Panera in Bohemia.


LDA AWARD:  Paula Bornstein reported.

Paula spoke with Marcia Olsen, the NCLA LDA Committee chairperson.  She is making arrangements to revise the brochure with application and have 2000 copies printed by February 1st.  NCLA pays the printing fee for this year.

Brochures are to be sent out shortly thereafter.  Paula will need a complete set of mailing labels by February 1st.  Nominations for the award are due back to Marcia by March 26th.  Nomination packets will be sent to SCLA and NCLA committee members; ballots are due back to Marcia by April 13th.

LEGISLATIVE: Samantha Alberts reported.

In the Executive Budget released yesterday, the Governor has proposed eliminating the legislation “adds” of the last two State budgets for libraries and reducing State construction aid for libraries by $10 million.

General Aid is $91.6 million Statewide (it was $91.6 million in 2016 and $95.6 million is 2017).

This would mean a reduction of about $302,000 per year to Suffolk’s libraries for cooperative projects and for local library aid.

Construction Aid is $14 million Statewide (it was $19 million in 2016 and $24 million in 2017).

This would mean a reeducation of about $600,000 per year to Suffolk’s libraries for construction aid.

We strongly urge everyone to sign up for the New York Library Association’s Online Advocacy Center.  Please consider participating on Advocacy Day.  There is still space on the buses.

There was a motion for $150 for hospitality for the NYLA trip.  Stephen Burg accepted the motion.


The committee met on January 9 at the Marriott.  They did a walkthrough of the place.  This year, the Committee Chair Person is from Nassau County.  Her name is Stacy Metcher, from the Syosset Library.

Early registration has started for the conference and will end on March 2.  Flyers have been sent, it’s been promoted on social media and also on listservs.  39 booths out of 65 have been sold so far.  Trying to get corporate sponsorships has been very important.  The committee is sending out emails to get money from them. Some companies include Janway, Webair, H2M and Sandpebble.

There will now be a membership warning when people register for the conference to make sure they are paying for the correct one.

Association tables may have to be shared this year. Space is very limited. The association tables may be relocated by the pool area or throughout the hall.

The program deadline has been extended to January 31. Programs that have speakers have to be sponsored by a division and/or committee.  21 out of 24 program spots have been filled.

Please encourage attendance and spread the word about the conference. The committee will also be fundraising for the scholarship fund.


MEMBERSHIP Steve Alcalde reported via Emily Guerrero.

Steve is keeping up with membership and will be going to NYLA in March for the curators meeting.

NEWSLETTER:  Jennifer Rocco reported by email.

A huge thank you to everyone for such great cooperation on newsletter submissions this month! The newsletter will go out the first week in February.

NOMINATING: Brian Schwartz reported.

The committee will be starting in the middle of February.

SCHOLARSHIP:  Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.

Martha Mikkleson has volunteered to head the committee.  She will be reaching out to past winners.


STUDENT OUTREACH: Mark Navins reported.

Mark has been working with library colleges to get a relationship going and to start attending student events.


WEB PAGE:   Stephen Ingram reported.

All wordpress sites have been updated with the latest security updates.

Stephen posted early bird registration for the SCLA/NCLA Conference to listservs, the website and Facebook page.

He will be posting new materials to the SCLA website and Facebook page.

The SCLA event calendar will be updated and he will be asking division presidents to update any program information for the new year.

The SCLA Facebook page has 610 likes.  The SCLA website in December 2017 had 442 page views (the website was down for a bit).


CLASC: Kristen Todd-Wurm reported.

CLASC is co-sponsoring the Civil Service Workshop with SCLA as mentioned earlier.

LILRC: Mike Navins reported.

If you have any ideas for libraries to host an event, please let him know.

NCLA:  No report.

PLDA:  Mike Firestone reported.

Mike spoke about Lobby Day.  Please push and encourage staff to attend.  If you can’t attend, you can send out forms and letters to your local legislator.

SCLS:  Samantha Alberts reported.

SCLS has been promoting Advocacy Day.

A table has been put up in the demo lab at SCLS.

NYLA:  No report.


Steve Alcalde: No report.

Alexandra Mercado:  No report.

Emily Guerrero: No report.

Lissetty Thomas: She mentioned they are working on a networking night in either May or June.


Brian Adams reported that there will be a SCLA tablecloth or banner for the table at the conference.  You can reserve this through the Lending Library. He is also looking into hanging banners at the conference.

Kristen Todd-Wurm is trying to have someone from the SCLA board at the LILC committee meetings to represent.  She will be sending out dates for those meetings. Kristen is also looking for help the day of the LILC to help at the table.


Lissetty Thomas:  She is trying to decide on giveaways from SCLA for LILC.

Brian Schwartz adjourned the meeting at 11:23 am.