Suffolk Library Marketing Award

The SLMA Award During COVID

The SLMA Award will be awarded in 2020. Don’t hesitate to apply.

The Suffolk Library Marketing Award recognizes the Best Public Relations
Marketing Campaign by a Public or Academic Library in Suffolk County, a
commission of the Public Relations and Marketing Committee of the Reference
and Adult Services Division of the Suffolk County Library Association,
a Regional Chapter of the New York Library Association.

 We want to hear about the marketing and publicity campaigns libraries engaged in pre-pandemic and during the lock down. We suspect that Suffolk libraries showed amazing creativity during the lock down and reopening of their buildings. Let us know what you did!

The normal deadline for the award was 9/15/20, but as we will not be structured by the date of the SCLA Dinner, as usual, the deadline has been extended until 10/15/20. The award ceremony will take place virtually at the December 1st RASD Board Meeting.


Jo-Ann Carhart, MLS
Librarian III

Co-Chair of the R
SD PR & Marketing Committee