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2009 Annual Meeting and Program

This year’s Computer and Technical Services Division will take place on December 9, 2009 at the Brentwood Public Library, followed by a program on:

Computing in the Cloud

Cloud Computing is having a profound impact on how businesses and people buy, use and manage software and hardware.  It represents an enormous shift in both business and personal computing, allowing organizations and individuals to access hardware and applications through subscription, via the Internet, rather than upfront purchases. Please join us and our panel of Long Island based Cloud-Computing companies in a lively conversation about this emerging trend.


Raj Sethi, CEO & founder, Ekartha Inc.

Gurpreet Singh, VP of Product Development & Marketing, Ekartha Inc.

Tom McCormack, VP of Managed Hosting,  Mindshift

Wednesday, December 9th

9:30 (sharp) coffee

9:45 short annual meeting

10:00 presentation
Brentwood Public Library

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