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October’s TIF meeting,Thursday October 4, 2018, East Islip Public Library

October’s TIF meeting will take place Thursday October 4th (9:30 for refreshments and 10am for the meeting) at the East Islip Public Library.

This month we will hold a general discussion “round table”.  Bring your challenges, victories and questions!  There is always an answer when you put enough minds in the room.  Remember, if you can’t make the meeting, we will be streaming on the TIF Facebook page.   Did you miss a meeting, check out our past meeting videos on the TIF Facebook page as well!!  Hope to see you all there!!

Date: Thursday October 4th
Time: 9:30 refreshments, 10am meeting
Place: East Islip Public Library: directions
Topic: Round Table Discussion

September 6,2018 – TIF JOINT NASSAU/SUFFOLK MEETING at Sachem Public Library

We hope that your are enjoying your summer!  We wanted to let everyone know the next TIF meeting will be on September 6th (9:30 for coffee and goodies and 10am for the meeting) at the Sachem Public Library in Holbrook NY.  As we usually do, we will have an open forum to ask questions, share victories and setbacks and if you have any cool “toys”, bring them along. If there is any accommodations that are needed, please let us know.  For any interested participants, after the meeting there will be tours of Sachem’s Studio makerspaces.

June TIF Meeting – Connetquot Public Library

The June 7th TIF meeting will take place at the Connetquot Public Library in Bohemia.  This month, Jesse Reinard will demonstrate the effective use of Apple’s software to effectively lock down iPads.  We will also have our round table discussion, so bring your questions and concerns.  Nassau friends, you are always welcome at the meetings as well.  Can’t make the meeting?  No problem.  Just join the Facebook Stream from the TIF Facebook page.

After the June meeting we will take the summer off, but will return on September 6th at the Sachem Public Library in Holbrook.  This meeting will be the second of our bi-annual joint Nassau/Suffolk Tech meetings.  So make your plans now!!

Directions to the Connetquot Public Library.


TIF Meeting – May 10, 2018 – Quogue Library

There will be a TIF meeting on Thursday, May 10th, at the Quogue Library (9:30 for coffee and 10am for the meeting).

This month, since there has been a good amount of questions hitting our Google Group (and if you are not a member please email me:

Chris DeCristofaro,

and I will add you to the list) we can have a general round table discussion.  There is no particular subject this month.  Please consider joining us and if you can’t make the trip out to Quogue, you can always join us on the Facebook Live Stream where you can ask questions as we go along.

Directions to the Quogue Library

Joint Nassau Suffolk TIF/NCLA Meeting at Merrick Library – April 5, 2018

April’s TIF meeting will be a joint meeting with our counterparts from NCLA. This is turning into a bi-annual event because we all have the same goals and issues, so why not share! These joint meetings have been a terrific way for us to share knowledge across county borders… Don’t miss out!  Bring your questions, stories and technology victories!
Joint NCLA/SCLA CATSTIF Technology Meeting taking place at the Merrick Library on Thursday, April 5th at 10am.
Some potential discussion items include:
·         Using Software to track patron queries at service desks for state report stats (
·         Wifi-based patron counters for attendance tracking
·         Use of tablets for ready reference and the demoing of apps like Hoopla, Flipster, Libby, etc.
·         Net Neutrality status
·         Current “flavor of the month” for secure cloud backup of confidential files
·         PLA Conference 2018 Recap – any cool tech stuff mentioned at PLA 2018?
·         Windows 10 and Innovative Interfaces Sierra woes
·         The creation of formal library “Technology Plans”

Directions to The Merrick Library.

 If you can’t make this joint meeting, our next will be in September at the Sachem Public Library.

TIF Meeting – March 1st – Longwood Public Library

The next TIF meeting will be held at the Longwood Public Library in Middle Island.  This month Aurora from SCLS will give a live demo of Google Expedition which is a way to teach classes with virtual reality.  This new tool is available through SCLS’s Lending Library.    We will also have our round table discussion after the presentation, so bring your questions to pose to the group.  If you can’t make the meeting, you can still attend virtually because we use Facebook Live to stream the meeting.  And this, along with just about a year’s worth of meetings is available from the TIF page on Facebook.

Location:  Longwood Public Library

Day: Thursday March 1st

Time: 9:30AM refreshments & 10AM meeting

Topic: Google Expeditions

TIF Meeting – February 1, 2018 – Patchogue-Medford Carnegie Building

On February 1st (9:30 for coffee and 10am for meeting), we will be having our TIF meeting at the Patchogue-Medford Carnegie Building.  This month Anthony Bliss from the Sachem Public Library will be discussing drones at the library and demonstrating the innovative way he allows children and teens to fly drones in the library!  We will also have our round table discussion, so bring your victories, defeats and share your knowledge with the group!


Click here, for directions to the Carnegie Library in Patchogue.

Hope to see you there!

CANCELLED – TIF Meeting – Islip Public Library, January 4th, 2018

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  Believe it or not it is time to talk about our January TIF meeting!  We will be meeting at the Islip Public Library on Thursday January 4th 9:30 for coffee and refreshments and 10am for the meeting.  As we usually do for January is to start fresh and have an open round table discussion.  So bring your victories, setbacks and questions for the group.  We all learn so much from these discussions.

Directions to the Islip Public Library.



September TIF Meeting – Sachem Public Library

Our next TIF meeting will be Thursday September 7th, 2017 at  9:30 for coffee and refreshments and 10am for the meeting.  This month, Ruth Westfall from SCLS will join us to talk about The System’s efforts to protect patron privacy.  She will speak about what we can all do as Information Professionals to ensure that patron information is secure.  After a short break, we will then have a round table discussion, so bring your problems, questions, failures and successes to share with the group.

Sachem Public Library
150 Holbrook Rd
Holbrook, NY 11716

RASD/TIF Meeting: September 8 at the Islip Library (9:30am coffee, 10am meeting)

Librarians and IT staff understand the importance of working together.  With our shared knowledge and experience, we can make our libraries an extraordinary place for our patrons.  The CATS TIF committee and the RASD Electronic Resources committee have come together to present a fun program on Thursday September 8 at the Islip Library (9:30am coffee, 10am meeting).  No registration necessary.
Librarian Chris DeCristofaro from the Sachem Library will be demonstrating their new 3D scanner – a top recommended brand different from the ones we’ve seen from Makerbot.  You will see incredible results!  Chris has also arranged for a Skype session with Form Labs, a 3D printer company doing very interesting work.
There will be a discussion on cloud storage – have any libraries gone all cloud?
We will finish with a round-table focusing on our commonalities and shared expectations. Bring your ideas for future programs, ideas for children, teens, and inter-generational activities, and how we can encourage and inspire each other.