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CATS Program: IT vs Librarians

Cats-ITvsLibrarianThe Computer and Technical Services division of SCLA/NYLA will present

IT vs Librarians

At the Brentwood Public Library
December 10th 2013

10 am to 12 pm

Coffee and refreshments will be served at 9:30 am

All are welcome

There is a longstanding belief that IT staff and Librarians are two departments separated by a different language. Join us for the CATS annual meeting to help determine where these two departments are heading, and if they can head there together.

Presenters Elled Druda (Internet Service Librarian), Bob Johnson (Manager of Information and Technology Services) and Stephen Ingram (Computer Librarian) will lead a presentation and panel discussion.



CATS Board 2014

Executive Board 2014

James Matias

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Xibe Solis

Eileen DeSimone

Kelly Harris

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Stephen Ingram

Members at Large (8)

Bob Johnson

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