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Cataloging Roundtable Discussion Results from March 29th Meeting

Among the topics discussed were:

Correct way to catalog two novels in one volume, e.g., A Temporary Wife, A Promise of Spring?

How to assign Place of Publication for self-published CDs (e.g.,Panic of Girls)?

Correct way to assign pagination in the the 300 field?

How do we type symbols over foreign names?

How do we catalog games (e.g., Deluxe Wooden Chess Set)

What do you do if a title has a word crossed out as a joke (e.g., The diva code : Miss Piggy on life, love, and the 10,000 idiotic things

men frogs do).

The Roundtable is intended as a free and open exchange of ideas on best practices in cataloging. We do not make cataloging policy for PALS, SCLA, or any other library or consortium, what we do is solve cataloging problems we encounter in our day-to-day endeavors through application of AACR2, the fledgling RDA, MARC, and other cataloging standards. We’ve been holding forth since 2005.

Our next meeting takes place on Tuesday, October 30th.

Fog links from April 5th TIF meeting

Here are some Fog links and links  I found helpful

to create hardware independent Windows 7 Images.

– Evan

Fog Project


DHCP settings to work with Fog

The Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7

Sysprep Windows 7 Machine Start to Finish downloads

Windows 7 Deployment FOG- SAD2 Driver tool


April 2012 TIF Meeting

It’s time for the April TIF Meeting!!!

What: April 2012 TIF Meeting Where: Patchogue Medord Public Library


When: Thursday, April 5, 2012 Time: 9:30 coffee 10 am meeting

Hosts: Evan Gape Topics up for discussion: Imaging Software (Evan will be demonstrating Fog Imaging software). We may also go over some virtualization solutions that are offered through VMWare.

Open Discussion – Roundtable See you there!!! Bob J.